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Am I the only one who thinks Brenda is suspicious?

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Alex Whelan At the end of the book Brenda seems so suspicious to me. Am I the only one?

Ilana nope - i'm with you - i don't know for sure what her motivation is at this point and who's side she's on. it's suspicious since she seems to want Thomas (romantically) even knowing that theresa is in the mix. (or is she?)

Kelly Brigid ♡ I don't find her suspicious. It was clear since the beginning of the Death Cure that she was on Thomas, Newt, and Minho's side. Unlike a certain other female character...

Melisa Mantilla I never trusted her. I'm still waiting for her to betray them (even though is over). Never liked her character and the "romance" felt forced.

Nathan I wish that she died instead of Teresa.

Meriska Mutiara Although there's still so much mystery on Brenda's character, she suddenly came out of nowhere, with no clear background story, but I like her more than Teresa. She's indeed kinda suspicious, I agree.

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