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What is your favourite Fitzgerald book?

And, for some fun, read The Pat Hobby Stories.

Incidentally, his short story, "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz," simply is GREAT. In some way, it represents more of an indictment against American culture than Gatsby.

Martin Genet The Pat Hobby Stories
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I have read every Fitzgerald novel and most of the short stories. I think he would be on anyone's shortlist for best writer of all time.

Karen gave you the consensus answer; it's the one that anyone who knows anything will give you. (This is why I read Karen's reviews.)

I'll give you a different answer though, Tender Is the Night. It is all about characterization (taken from a married couple Fitzgerald knew personally). The characters epitomize the Lost Generation. The setting is the French Riviera and all its glitter. There is a mystery and at the bottom of that mystery is character. All the elements go together so wonderfully well. And thematically, it is Scott and Zelda one more time.

I like the best known books by Fitzgerald:
-The Great Gatsby.
-Tender Is The Night.
-The Side of Paradise.
-The Beautiful and Damned.

The great Gatsby

This Side of Paradise might be my favourite novel. Definitely one of my desert island books (if there is such a thing).

Even though the writing is not the best, this was his first novel, there is a kind of exuberance that is endearing and fits the characters.

Although from a literary perspective The Beautiful and Damned is a better novel, I found it required a lot of patience to deal with the sometimes dallying story line and the oftentimes exasperating characters. This is why I would recommend This Side of Paradise ahead of it.

I haven't yet read Tender is the Night.

Karen Good points
Jan 27, 2015 03:35PM

"Tender is the night" is my favorite Fitzgerald book, and one of my favorite books ever. I started reading it by chance, and got "trapped" from the story almost immediately.
A wonderful wonderful reading!

The Beautiful And Damned

I liked this better than Tender Is The Night.
You could also read This Side Of Paradise, his first novel.
The Great Gatsby is by far Fitzgerald's best.

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