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message 1: by Autumn (last edited Feb 25, 2015 03:57PM) (new)

Autumn (autumnmemory80) Hi, Everyone! IT'S Book Pal SIGN UP TIME!

Ever feel like your To Be Read shelf is overwhelming? Now is the time to sign up with a partner to take down that list! This will be the opportunity to be randomly paired with another member from A Good Thriller group and read one book from the ever growing list of TBR.

If you are interested, sign up for Book Pals during the month of February. You will be randomly paired with another member, and you will each select a book from your partner's TBR list that you have read and would suggest for them to read. You can then chat through PM (personal message) about the books you have each selected for the other to read. After both of you are finished, please post a summary of the book the you chose to read and what you both thought of the book.
If you are like me, I do not always post a summary, but mainly what I thought about the book.

If you would like to participate, please sign up by February 23rd. Pairings will be announced in this thread before March 1st.

~ Make sure your profile is set to Public, or at least allow non-friends to Private Message you.
~ Have a specific shelf you'd like your partner to choose from? Post a link when signing up.
~ Consider adding more books to your "To-Read" shelf so it's easier for your partner to choose.
~ Only sign up if you are committed to participating.
~ Remember to check back on between the 24th - 28th to see who you've been paired with.
~ Have fun!

message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura Poppins Sign me up please

message 3: by Juliana (new)

Juliana | 340 comments Sign me in please

message 4: by Deborah (new)

Deborah Me again x

message 5: by Sean, Moderator (new)

Sean Peters | 9319 comments Mod
I'm In as always

message 6: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 2 comments sign me up please. could i also know what happened to the February book pals? I didn't get a message or notification?

message 7: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Richards (lisadawnrichards) | 70 comments I am in as always! Love Book Pal!!!!

message 8: by Ray (new)

Ray Palen (rpalen) | 85 comments I'm in!

message 9: by Daisy (new)

Daisy | 328 comments I'm in!

message 10: by Sean, Moderator (new)

Sean Peters | 9319 comments Mod

Check February Post yout thoughts, where you will see who your partner is..

message 11: by Faouzia (new)

Faouzia | 288 comments Sign me in please :)

message 12: by Brenda (new)

Brenda | 3213 comments I'm in again!

message 13: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) | 7981 comments Sign me up!

message 14: by Freda (new)

Freda Malone | 421 comments Me too, me too! :D

message 15: by Gopal (new)

Gopal (gopaliyer) | 521 comments Hey don't forget me!!! I'm here too...

message 16: by Galadrial (new)

Galadrial (galadrial59) | 6 comments Sign me up please!

message 17: by Anne (Booklady) (new)

Anne  (Booklady) Molinarolo (wwwgoodreadscomAnneMolinarolo) | 240 comments Me again!

message 18: by Maryann (new)

Maryann Bosah | 13 comments Hi Please sign me up

message 19: by E. (new)

E. | 693 comments I'm in

message 20: by Kelly (new)

Kelly | 359 comments Me too please

Tim The Enchanter | 511 comments I'm in

message 22: by Marty (new)

Marty Murphy | 28 comments I'm in

message 23: by Shivam (new)

Shivam (shivam21) | 57 comments I would like to try this.

message 24: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) | 7981 comments It's a lot of fun, Shivam!

message 25: by Perri (new)

Perri In again

message 26: by Shivam (new)

Shivam (shivam21) | 57 comments Kirsten wrote: "It's a lot of fun, Shivam!"

I haven't read many books so I guess it will be tough for me to find a book which I hv read in my partner's TBR list.

message 27: by Janet , Moderator (new)

Janet  | 5714 comments Mod
Just pick something that you may be interested in too. You don't have to have read it yourself. Book Pals is a good way of getting to know other members. Hope you enjoy it! :-)

message 28: by Claire (new)

Claire | 13 comments I'm in :)

message 29: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 7 comments Sign me up! :)

message 30: by Bill (new)

Bill Kupersmith | 32 comments Yes please tho' still on January's book as well as February's.

message 31: by Mia (last edited Feb 03, 2015 11:49AM) (new)

Mia (geminiwolf) | 4 comments Sign me up, I really enjoy this.

message 32: by Jenifer (new)

Jenifer (jensamaha) | 28 comments I'm in!

message 33: by Denise (new)

Denise Cowling | 28 comments I'm in again! Love Book Pals!

message 34: by Katy (new)

Katy  (kittybimble) I'd like to give this a go as well

message 35: by Dominique (new)

Dominique (authordominiquelwatson) | 24 comments Sign me up!

message 36: by La Tonya (new)

La Tonya  Jordan | 53 comments I would like to try this.

Tim The Enchanter | 511 comments I'm in again

message 38: by Malia (new)

Malia (calypso007) | 27 comments Me too, please:-)

message 39: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Wiggins | 360 comments I'm in again, too, please.

message 40: by Kelly (new)

Kelly | 18 comments I'm in again. Love book pals!

message 41: by Gerard (new)

Gerard Oconnell | 33 comments i'm in again

message 42: by Holly (new)

Holly | 394 comments I'm in!

message 43: by Diane S ☔ (new)

Diane S ☔ | 2470 comments Would like to join in.

message 44: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Moretimer (TMoretimer) | 71 comments I'm in. Had a great time with my partner this month. Enjoyed every bit of it :) Thank you E.

message 45: by Devi (new)

Devi Nair (views_she_writes) | 165 comments I am in... Just got the message from Autumn. I hope m not late :(

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