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dyanne A typical classroom with motivational posters galore, a white board on one side of the room and a promethean board on the other, desks arranged in "pods" of four, and bookshelves on either wall arranged with hundreds of books organized alphabetically. The bookshelves are floor to ceiling, and there are no windows to be found, but due to the size and the ambience of the classroom, it never really feels too stuffy.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) Elle ran down the hallway (somewhat awkwardly in her six inch heels) toward English class, cursing herself. She wouldn't have missed the entire class (hopefully), so there wouldn't be a trip to the Dean's office, but she would inevitably have to sit through a very very long lecture about tardiness, while the other students laughed behind their sleeves at stupid Elle Britton, who was always late to class.

Unless Nymph and Sean had covered for her. Nymph might have. Though Sean would probably just as soon tattle on her then cover for her. She paused at the door, trying to find the group of desks where Nymph and Sean were sitting, trying to see if she would be able to make it from the door before the teacher noticed.

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Emma | 106 comments ((Do you want Nymph to have covered or not?))

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((Whatever you want :)))

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Emma | 106 comments Nymph had been keeping up the illusion of Elle next to her for almost a half hour now. It was difficult, not for having to fool many people (she only had to fool the professor, of course), but she didn't know whether or not Elle would actually show up at this point. It would get complicated if she did, just in making the transition from illusion-Elle to real-Elle seamless. Ugh. The things she did for her roommate. Sure, it made her life easier to have a group of friends, and it was nice to not have to hate her roommate. But still, just because you were friends with the best illusionist in the school didn't mean that the rules didn't apply to you. Especially since Nymph herself had to attend these stupid classes. What was english class even for? It wasn't like discussing the hidden metaphors behind whatever poem was actually going to be useful to her in life.

Nypmh stared across the room, tapping her pen against the side of her face. A moment later, her roommate walked in. Well, wasn't that a surprise. Nymph would have almost preferred for the other girl to simply not show up, at that point. She sighed lightly and diverted her focus to making sure that people didn't see Giselle as she walked in--it was a different student that could have been returning from the bathroom, maybe, or simply nothing at all, and waiting until Elle got to her seat before letting both illusions drop. As the other girl sat down, Nymph raised an eyebrow at her and said simply, "You're welcome."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((Abbs, should I go or you first?))

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Emma | 106 comments ((It's all good I've been doing some other stuff myself :) ))

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "You did it, then?" She asked Nymph. "I wasn't sure you would. Thanks. I really can't afford another tardy in this class... He'd really chew me out this time." She made a face at Sean across the table, and returned her attention to her roommate. "It wasn't even my fault, this time. That stupid immune Prodigalis new kid held me up in the courtyard."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((It's cool, Abbs. Did you have a game today, or just practice?))

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Emma | 106 comments Nymph rolled her eyes, ignoring that the expression was exactly what Sean had done all of five seconds ago. While it was...annoying...to have someone unaffected by her powers, well, in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't worth her time. One lonely rich boy, annoying as he may be, wasn't worth any of their time--they were simply above him. "I don't even know why you bother. Just ignore him, it's not worth your time."

Although the statement went against her usual idea of being in control of any situation, well, she could always control everyone else around him, and if he got on her nerves too much, that was almost better. The whole ignoring game was just so much better when people actually didn't know there was anyone there. Personal realities were always affected by how the people around them acted, of course, and when almost anyone's perception of reality could be so easily altered...Nymph would never admit it, but sometimes the extent of her power actually scared her.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) She glanced down at her nails, reminding herself to file them later. They were getting a little ragged on the edges. "Wasn't my idea to talk to him. Brat wouldn't get out of my way."

To Sean she smiled brightly. "You know, you really don't have to talk. I can hear you thinking you're funny from here."

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Emma | 106 comments Nymph sat back in her chair, effectively removing herself from the bickering she knew was going to start up between her roommate and her best friend. While if things got to bad, or she simply no longer found the argument entertaining, she would side with Sean, of course, and end the whole thing, but for now, she could just enjoy the show. God knew it might be the only entertaining thing in the whole class.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "At least I can get a date. Only one you've ever gotten is on a calendar," she replied snidely, though quite honestly she was a little hurt. It was just his sort of insult. She could hear Nymph's thoughts about eventually siding with Sean, and privately sighed. She always did, in the end.

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Emma | 106 comments Nymph rolled her eyes as the insults turned to boyfriends and girlfriends or lack thereof. People were so insecure about that kind of thing, Elle especially, and frankly, it started getting on Nymph's nerves every once in a while. Why couldn't anybody realize that they didn't--or at least shouldn't--need anybody? To her, boyfriends would be more accessories than anything else--although she hadn't actually had any. There was simply no one at the school worth wasting her time or energy for. The school was a small place, in reality, and in just another year, she'd have her pick of accessories--sorry, boys.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) She rolled her eyes, pushing a leg of his chair with her foot, hoping it would tip. He could make it so no one else saw, of course, but she would probably be able to. And it would be funny.

message 16: by Emma (new)

Emma | 106 comments "Amen to that. Relationships are complicated." Nymph interjected, as...what? Proof that she was paying attention? She didn't need to prove anything. Because she knew that in a second, her thoughts would drift off to her family, and she really didn't want to be wondering about what her parents were up to these days, whether or not they had another replacement child that was better than her--and there she was. Doing it. That was why she had started talking--hopefully Elle hadn't been paying attention to her.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) She chuckled to herself as she turned her attention to the teacher for once, opening her notebook. She blinked, glancing at Nymph hearing her thoughts, and wondering about them.

message 18: by Emma (new)

Emma | 106 comments Nymph didn't let herself look at Elle, even when she felt the girl's gaze on her. She needed to be more vigilant, but being careful about your thoughts, well, it was like trying to not think of a pink elephant. Unfortunately, it was hard to change your roommate, so whether or not she let Elle hang around her didn't really change things. Sighing under her breath, she leaned towards Sean and asked quietly: "If I ditch right now, will you cover for me?"

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Emma | 106 comments "Thanks. I'll cover for you next time, okay? Whole day if you want." Nymph told him, smiling and standing up just after he said he was ready. She'd meet up with him later, maybe explain, but at the moment just wanted some time to clear her head without anyone around--especially telepaths. It felt like the only time she had to herself was if she skipped class. Sure she was kind of friends with Elle, but Nymph didn't want the other girl knowing certain things about her, and knowing that she couldn't count on Elle trying to block her thoughts out, well...it was an interesting exercise in control for Nymph. One that only usually worked when she could keep her mind full, which, of course, because of the dull lesson and dull professor--and the fact that she was kind of tired, her mind felt free to wander. Which was entirely unacceptable.

((aka me leaving the scene because I need to work on characters))

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Emma | 106 comments Abbster wrote: "((Sorry that I'm so late posting!))"

((You're fine don't worry about it))

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Oh come on, Sean, don't pretend. I can hear your inner thoughts, remember," she fluttered her eyelashes at him. Of course his inner thoughts weren't exactly pleasant at the moment. And she didn't really like the idea of being alone for twenty minutes with a very pissed off Sean. She'd counted on Nymph being here when she'd pushed his chair. She would usually stop him from getting too angry.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) She winced. She actually winced, her face turning a little paler. She hadn't thought he'd... That much. She kept her eyes on the board, pretending she hadn't heard, though she knew he'd have seen the wince.

message 23: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) She kept her eyes on the teacher, not looking at him and not replying. She could get him back later, for that. Maybe. She actually tried to pay attention to the teacher for once, scribbling things down in her notebook pretending she hadn't heard Sean, and distracting her. He was still pretty angry, she decided. Fighting back now would only make him more angry. And without Nymph in the room... Well, she really didn't want him angry.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) When the bell rang, she carefully picked up her stuff, purposefully knocking fake Nymph's pencil case off her desk so that Sean would have to make fake Nymph pick it up, and began walking out of the classroom quickly.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) She turned her head, still walking. "I have to say I don't know what you're talking about. At all." That had been a bad idea. A really bad idea. She'd already pushed him too far this block, and Nymph wasn't here... Nor was there a teacher. She should've just taken the name calling (no matter how rude), and gotten him back much much later.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) She sucked in a breath through her teeth, watching his retreating back warily, clutching the books in her hand. God, she was screwed. She'd pushed too hard. Way too hard. And now he was going to get her back. And that was bad. Very very bad.

Sure she'd pushed the binder on floor, and tipped the chair, but he'd done worse. And he still felt the need for revenge. And she had no clue, no clue when it was coming except that it was going to be horribly bad, knowing Sean.

She felt the sudden need to go to he bathroom, lock herself in a stall and just cry for a good long while. But she couldn't do that. She had math. Three tardies. She had to go to math.

She let out the deep breath, and started walking. Scared. Very, very scared.

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