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Guardians of the Singreale (Singreale Chronicles #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Scifi fantasy book trilogy that coined the term "de-foot-ilated"? [s]

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MaryAngel Norman (truthsdeceit) | 3 comments I'm trying to find a sci-fi fantasy book trilogy, I can't remember the author or any of the titles (though one of them is "star"-something). It's older, I read them in highschool (2004) but remember them being old even then, so reach back in your memory for pre 90's books, they may be as old as the 1940's.
The details that stick with me are that the hero's race are tiny "squirrel like people" who evolved in a sheltered country, but they end up having to fight a war in the mountains with a tall carnivorous enemy. Because of the hero's tiny stature they can only reach the enemy's ankles and the term "de-footilated" is coined, to describe how they incapacitate the enemy. I believe the heros are helped by human-like aliens who crash land just before the war starts but I could be remembering that wrong.
Anyway, I use the term defootilated fairly often, but not knowing exactly where it came from is driving me nuts.

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MaryAngel Norman (truthsdeceit) | 3 comments I wanna say I'm 90% sure the author was male (or at least the nom de plume was). The main tiny hero was also male, I'm sure the author described them as "squirrel like people" but I definitely got a hobbit type feel from the way they lived simply and were isolated from the rest of the world.

The opening scene in book one described the valley they lived in, the main characters tiny home, and how he climbed trees for food. Then something bad happened that changed his idyllic life.

The title that started with the word "Star"-something was not the first book in the trilogy. (pretty sure it's a trilogy)

And they were out of print (when I read them in 2004), I had to buy used copies on amazon (my local library didn't have them either). I ended up gifting them to the friend who had suggested I read them but he's not around to ask anymore. They were favorite books of his when he was a tween, we were born in 88, but they could be older than the 90's.

I don't think they would be categorized as young adult just light scifi fantasy. They definitely had a whimsical feel, but also the war description were dark and gory.

Slim books, I wanna say less than 200 pages each.

Oh, and the carnivorous enemy, ate the "squirrel like people" when they were caught in battle. Both races were bi-pedal, it's NOT a book about talking animals just an alien planet, were the denizens don't think of themselves as alien.

MaryAngel Norman (truthsdeceit) | 3 comments I posted on Yahoo Answers and got the following (TOTALLY CORRECT!!) answer. So Stoked!!

The series was called the Singreale Chronicles, by Calvin Miller.

#1 - Guardians of the Singreale.
#2 - Star Riders of Ren.
#3 - War of the Moonrhymes (and it appears to be this one where "defootilated" comes from. The blurb:

The Moonrhymes, an innocent, cave-dwelling tribe of Graygills who live in the northern strongholds of snow and ice, are invaded from the underworld by Drog soldiers who have escaped from the Kingdom of Ren. For the first time in their existence, the peaceful Moonrhymes must learn the arts of war.

This thread can be moved to solved, Thanks!

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Abby | 214 comments Congrats on finding your book!

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