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Kassandra Patti Hey:) got any ideas for the rp?

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hmmm... not really haha. I like fantasy and action though haha :)

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Kassandra Patti why dont we mix the two together?:P

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yeah, of course! haha, any plot ideas?

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Kassandra Patti Lol um not really :p

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Kassandra Patti This could be a problem lol

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Just slightly. Let me look at my orlther ros and I'll tell you haha.

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Kassandra Patti Haha alright:)

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Ooh what about a Harry Potter rp?

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Kassandra Patti I haven't read or seen any Harry potter things lol

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haha ok, thats fine :)

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Kassandra Patti Haha sorry!

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what other books have you read?

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Kassandra Patti Um I've read Percy Jackson, the uglies, mortal instruments, it girl, ghost stories lol ummm and pretty much a lot more to name :p

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i love percy jackson haha!

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Kassandra Patti Wanna do a Percy Jackson on then??:)

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Kassandra Patti Awesome! Wanna do like a camp half blood with new characters? Like we make em instead of taking from the books?

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yeah sure! whats the plot line gonna be?

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Kassandra Patti Good question lol

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haha.. hmm...

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Kassandra Patti Okay so maybe, they could've been there all their lives and had trained and all that stuff and then it goes bazerk and they need to save the camp or something like that? going on a big adventure.

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yeah! cool!

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Kassandra Patti Awesome! Wanna do like their name, house, and picture then we start?

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i like to get a bit discriptive haha, how about name, age, picture, parent and a little personality list?

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and could we do doubles?

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Kassandra Patti Ya sure thing for both :p

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sweet! so boy and girl each?

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[Nᴀᴍᴇ] Chad Briggens
[Aɢᴇ] 17

☼ Hand to hand combat
☼ sword



{Into the Mind}

- loves music and reading
- likes to sit in the sun, or sit inside during the rain and read
- shy, secretive, strong, funny
- hates people who make fun of his sister
- hates being called weak or weird




[Nᴀᴍᴇ] Bay Briggens
[Aɢᴇ] 17

☼ Bow and arrow
☼ sword



{Into the Mind}

- loves music, painting, dance
- prefers sunshiny days
- kind, sweet, sometimes sassy, sarcastic
- hates people who make fun of her or others.
- hates being told she cant do something, or being called weak


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Kassandra Patti Name:Caspian Roseli
Weapons: -Axe
-Hand to hand




-Doesn't really like helping anyone that's out of his family/house
-He loves sparring
-He likes swimming


Name: Kyza Roseli
Age: 17
Weapons: Sword, spear




-She can be sort of a bully seeing as shes the daughter of Ares
-She can be nice but that always depends on her mood
-She doesn't take defeat as an answer
-Extremely competitive


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Kassandra Patti You wanna start?:)

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Yeah sure, hold on.

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Wait- where are we starting? Like what's supposed to be happening?

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Kassandra Patti Um where ever works for me.

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how about we start off slow, like they are training? and one of each of our characters run into each other?

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Kassandra Patti That sounds good to me:)

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The frustrated yells of other campers as they fought one another resounded around Bay as she ascended the wooden ladder to the ropes course. Her twin brother, Chad, was already up there offering his hand. She climbed up a few more rungs and grabbed it.

Chad pulled her up quickly and stepped aside to let her on. "Ready?" he asked gesturing for her to go first. "Sure... I guess." Bay walked forward and made it a point not to look down at the campers below.


His sister was at the entrance to the ropes course, looking slightly on edge. He put his hand on her shoulder. "Hey, you cant do this. We've done this before, we just have to do it within two minuets now." he whispered, hoping to encourage her.

"Yeah, no biggie...." she said with a slight huff. She turned and gave Chad a nod before leaping into the net a few feet down.

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Kassandra Patti Kyza growled with pleasure as she heard the shouts and yells from her fellow campers. She was trying to fight her way through the mass of people, shoving and occasionally punching or elbowing them to get past. She wanted to win this contest and she wanted to win badly.

Caspian looked over at his sister jogging to her side they fought together shoving and punching their way through the crowd "you need to get them down before you can win this thing!" He shouted over war cries from campers surrounding them.

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Chad watched as his twin landed into a graceful roll inside the cargo net. He beamed and gave her a friendly wave. "Alright, crawl out a ways and I'll be down in a jiff." She gave a nod and began climbing through the net, which was hovering 20 feet above the ground.


"Well they do like to make things difficult." Bay muttered as her hands and feet started to feel a bit achey. She shrugged it off and climbed to the end, near a platform that she would need her brother to boost her up. She held onto the ropes tightly and waited for her brother to fall in as well.

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Kassandra Patti Caspian looked down at the two that had already gotten ahead of everyone. "Kyza hurry up! If you want to win you can't be slow." He growled climbing up to the base where they'd need to jump into the rope jungle they'd built.

She trudged through another camper, knocking her over with her elbow. "Cas, if you're going to rush me I will I'll push you off the course." She threatened finally getting up and dusting her hands off.

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Chad nodded to his sister and pushed her up onto the ledge above. She huffed and reached down to him. Chad gripped her hands and heaved himself up onto the ledge beside her. He stood alongside Bay and gave her a highfive. "New top time sis! Our team is totaly gonna cream the "red's" next go-around."


Bay rolled her eyes and gave her brother a grin. "uh-huh, but we cant get ahead of ourselves." she warned shaking her finger at him. Chad gave her a brotherly shove and the two started jogging to the end of the course.

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Kassandra Patti "We just lost," she snarled "how could you have let that happen Cas!" She couldn't believe her and her brother hadn't been the first. They still had a chance to get there but it was a slim chance that they would.


"If you would stop trying to knock everyone out down there we would've been there." He countered not letting her see his disappointment. Their team always won these courses but they were slacking.

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The twins smiled and finished up their run. Their team cheered and gave them a round of high-fives. The twins were probably the most loved people on the blue team, everyone appreciated their sunny outlook and funny personality. Chad and Bay never really ventured out of their small circle though, they only knew a few campers that had been there since day one with them, and didn't want to get hurt by the 'others.'


Bay grinned and flipped her hair over her shoulder. "Thanks guys. Chad and I are gonna go freshen up before the bonfire though. See ya!" she said taking Chad's hand and leading him off.


Bay had always been the more guarded one of the twins. Chad would of rather stayed and talked with the guys but, he knew he should help Bay out. She said that Dionysus had wanted to see her before the bonfire.

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Kassandra Patti Crossing the finish line in second place wasn't on in the plan for their team but they cheered anyway. Kyza left in a huff going back to the Ares cabin while Caspian stayed behind.


"We'll crush 'em next time!" One of the guys on their team had screamed while the others gave victorious cheers. "Next time make sure Kyza doesn't mess it up!" Another one yelled making Caspian uncomfortable but he couldn't help but agree with them.

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Bay and Chad slipped silently into the cabin, which had no one else in it yet, thankfully. "So... what do you think Dionysus is gonna say to you?" Chad asked setting his bag down by the door to the boys side of the cabin as Bay set her's on the opposite side. "No idea Chad..." Bay said shaking her head.


Chad just shrugged. "It'll be fine, he's a pretty cool guy. Who knows maybe he's sending you on a quest." He laughed making his voice sound deep and mystical.


Bay's heart fluttered a bit. She freaked out by the Oracle, but she had always wanted to get out of Camp Half Blood, but she knew she wouldn't go without her brother. They did everything together and living for one day with out his seemed impossible.

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Kassandra Patti Kyza threw herself onto her bunk, she was definitely going to confront the twins. They knew that humiliation was brought upon her when she lost that obstacle.


Caspian laughed with the others before clapping them on the back and going to his own cabin where he assumed Kyza had gone. He didn't know what else he was going to do about her, she was way too competitive for her own good.

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