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Honor Among Orcs (Orc Saga, #1)
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. Week 7: Nonhuman Characters > Honor Among Orcs by Amalia Dillin

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Lora (misplacedselchie) | 347 comments So I have had this book on my to-read list for quite awhile and this seemed like the perfect excuse to read it because, you know....orcs are nonhuman and all. (According to some, they are actually come from elves ;) )

So Honor Among Orcs follows Arianna, an Orc Princess who is mistreated by her father, the King. Wanting out of the inevitable arranged marriage and continued spying, she comes across a magic mirror that is holding Bolthorn (all we know is that he was left there to die.). Helping him escape, she reasons will be her ticket to freedom (and frankly he thinks so too.)

It is maybe not a lot to go on but it sounds intriguing and it has been awhile since I read a good orc book so I am rather excited for this one.

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Sounds fun!

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Lora (misplacedselchie) | 347 comments It has been pretty interesting so far (I started it early because I'm still waiting for my book for the current week)

I have to amend something though. The princess, Arianna, is NOT an Orc. I guess I read the description wrong and assumed everyone was, oops! This book also has elves and dragons (at least they keep getting mentioned).

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Lora (misplacedselchie) | 347 comments This was an awesome book, that was hard to put down. Great world-creating, multidimensional characters, good plot. Worth the read!

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Zaz | 1387 comments Mod
One more for my to-read ;)

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