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Hi so any ideas?

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Hi so any ideas?

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Ummmm I'm not too sure at the moment..:/

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Sure like werewolves, vampires, witches..etc?

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Which one?

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Just jump in:) you first? Oh and can I be female?

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Evangeline walked down the dark alley looking for something to eat. It was all she really had now, mice and whatever was thrown away in the trash....she hissed and growled as she smelled a wizard coming her way.she shifted quickly and watch him with her dark blue eyes, her fur was black as a Ravens feather. She growled at the stranger.

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Eva jumped slightly and hissed at the exploding trash can. Suddenly she shifted back into her human form and was completely naked. "Oh god!" She gasped.

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Eva tried to grab something to cover herself by fails to do so in the process. She growled and switched back to her wolf form. 'What are you doing out here so late?!' She demanded in his mind.

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Eva jumps and growls before running towards him and pinning him down.

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Eva races after him into the street. She was so close to him when suddenly she was hit by a car. She cries out in pain and whimpers as the car speeds of over her.

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Eva gasped and shook in pain before turning back into a human. She groaned gently and sighed. "You saved me..." She said to him.

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Eva gasped and shifted back she nuzzled against him and licked his cheek...'Thank you.."

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Eva barked happily and licked his cheek again her tail wagging happily

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Eva looked at him. 'Wait.....could I stay with you for the night?...I have no home..."

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Eva growled gently and sighed. "Thank you."

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Eva leans into his hand as he pets her and nods softly. She whimpered softly and sniffed his shoes.

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Eva shook her head and gave a low growl that sounded a bit like a chuckle. 'No you actually smell nice.' She said in his mind.

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Eva nods and sits outside. She whimpered softly. 'Please hurry.' She said in his mind.

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Eva nods and follows him quickly.

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Eva follows him quickly sniffing around as she does planning an escape route just incase anything goes wrong.

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Eva nods and hurried into the bathroom. Shutting the door with her snout and shifting back into her human form before changing and walking out.

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Eva ran a hand through her black hair and sat in a chair to the far left of the room. Trying to be polite and stayed quiet.

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Eva sighed and closed her eyes as well.

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Eva jumped up and groaned.

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