Gifted Children and Adults: Finding a Community discussion

Gifted Parenting Retreat questionnaire

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message 1: by Suki (new)

Suki Wessling (sukiwessling) | 13 comments Hi everyone, Three of us in the gifted community are working on putting together a gifted parenting retreat. We would love your feedback. Please visit to take the survey.
Retreat description: Experience community with other parents of gifted children. In a relaxing, supportive environment, we will explore topics common to gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) families, such as gifted traits, communication, self-care, emotional intensity, discipline, peer relationships, education, and healthy co-parenting. Activities will include group workshops and discussions, creative exploration, and time to relax and socialize. Come away feeling more confident, better informed, connected, relaxed, and energized in your parenting journey.

message 2: by Terry (new)

Terry Filipowicz | 33 comments Mod
Wonderful! I took the survey. I can't wait to hear what happens next regarding plans for a gifted retreat.

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