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SO, I'm on Crossed at the moment, and I really want to talk about this series. Have fun, and please no swearing or spamming.

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I loved Matched, but I hated Crossed (basically had no useful plot). Released is a bit better, but Matched is still the best in my opinion.

Ilana i'm in agreement here. i think that Matched kicked off the series in a great way and then Crossed kind of 'lost the plot' a bit. i think that i was on the fence about continuing on a bit when i got through book 2 the first time but to be honest, once i picked it up again to rehash it out before Reached came out, i found that it wasn't so bad and then i enjoyed Reached. The downfall that i had with it is that while id on't like to draw comparisons between series, i felt like there were a few similarities to Reached and THG (MJ to be specific) but don't let that sway you.

All in all - it was a great series and i can't wait for Atlantia and whatever's next from Ms. Condie

Llama Senpai No offense but I thought Matched was really good the 2nd book was okay but the last was ........... seriously ridiculously boring.

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don't be mad ya'll. I just wasn't feeling this series :( I thought it was just kind of droll and boring. I wanted to like it, but just couldn't get into it. I much prefer Delirium! And I must admit I didn't even buy the third. I couldn't bring myself to do it. Does anything major happen? Do they rage against the society lol? I'm guessing they do. I do wish the Delirium series could have ended in a more sound way instead of leaving it up to the readers imagination. Have any of you all read the Delirium series? I suggest you check it out if not!

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