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Kathleen | 2 comments I probably read this book around 2005 or so and I don't remember the author or really anything notable in the name department. It didn't seem like young adult (though I was one, so who knows) and there were no illustrations.

The setting: Earth like city ruled by large, warring noble families. The families are not allowed to use arcane, sacrificial-type magic but most do. The magic has a backlash that turns the target into random, monstrous forms. Experienced wielders can redirect this backlash, others can't and suffer. The families have some sort of restrictions that require them to co-exist peacefully but trouble is brewing.

Main characters: Noble born werewolf-in-secret (Noble Protagonist Girl), Noble Cousin, Magic Wielding Commoner

General plot: Noble Protagonist Girl is a member of one of the ruling families and also secretly a werewolf type creature. The book starts with her running through the streets as a wolf, which is strictly forbidden. This ties in with the families not being allowed to use magic, as the wolf form is somehow related (a side effect of using magic that happens to some members of the family, I think?) She meets up with another wolf, who she can tell is a male human and probably from a dangerous noble family. They run around and then part ways, Noble Protagonist Girl thinking he's bad news but still kinda attracted. Because of her transformations, Noble Protagonist Girl has to eat a lot (burns a lot of energy) but has to hide her extra consumption from most of her family, who don't know her secret. Some do, and some use magic to help the family. She later attends a party where she meets Magic Wielding Commoner and discovers he has some sort of peaceful bubble around him that excludes the magical "noise" that has been bothering her. Unexpected disaster strikes later, and Noble Protagonist Girl ends up fleeing on a ship that happens to hold Magic Wielding Commoner. The last line of the book is something like "Night has fallen and the hunter is coming."

I'm including these because I remember them the most and they really define the plot of the story.
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Raz | 87 comments Sounds like Diplomacy of Wolves by Holly Lisle


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Kathleen | 2 comments Raz wrote: "Sounds like Diplomacy of Wolves by Holly Lisle


That's it! Thank you :)

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