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mels (padmeskywalkers) Situated on the fourth floor of the Animus dorm building. There are two beds, two nightstands, two desks, two bookcases, two closets and two dressers, one on each side of the room. There is a small bathroom for both to share.

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mels (padmeskywalkers)
Elle was lying on her bed, reading the assigned book for English. She wasn't particularly interested in it at the moment, but there wasn't much else to do. And maybe actually reading it would help her in getting on the teacher's good side. (Though with as many tardies as she had, that wasn't very likely).

She was wearing a comfy loose fitting sweater and leggings, rare for her. She usually wore her uniform or tight fitting tops, skirts, and dresses. It wasn't like she wasn't still gorgeous, however. It was just a different kind.

Nymph was out somewhere with Sean. Elle hadn't gone with them. She hadn't been invited, in any case. She'd been getting some severe readings of being pissed off from the both of them the past couple days. From Sean, she'd expected it. He was usually mad at her, and she'd pushed him over the edge the other day. But Nymph? She was drawing a blank on what she'd done to upset her.

They were planning something. She could tell that from the thoughts she'd managed to gather. But what they were planning and why they were so pissed? That was blocked from her.

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Nymph walked in without a word.

This wasn't unusual of course, especially not of late. She had been, well, avoiding her roommate since Sean and herself had finished their plan. With that and her own privacy issues, she really didn't want to be around the telepath. Sure, she knew she was going to have to say something at somepoint, but giving the cold shoulder was one of her specialties.

Not even sparing Giselle a glance, Nymph walked to her side of the room and pulled a flower-patterned divider in front of herself. She grabbed the casual clothes she had left on the bed that morning and quickly began changing out of her uniform. When she was in the new outfit (tight turquoise jeans, sparkly black top, black boots), she walked towards the bathroom to redo her hair and makeup.

After brushing her hair and touching up her mascara and lip gloss, Nymph pulled some bangles over her wrists and sat down on her bed. She picked up a book and tried to read it, although it was more for show than anything else; she wasn't interested in the plot, but refused to simply sit in silence, at least by appearance. So, her eyes skimmed the text, not really actually absorbing any of the information.

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mels (padmeskywalkers)
She turned a page in her book, seemingly unconcerned by the entrance. Well, if Nymph was going to ignore her, then she'd just ignore Nymph back. At any rate, the cold shoulder was probably better than whatever her and Sean were planning.

She kept reading her book, turning the page every so often, trying to ignore the girl seated on the bed next to her. It was pretty difficult considering how boring her novel was getting (the protagonist had just began a monologue on trees), and how noticeable Nymph's outfit was, what with all the sparkles.

Eventually she closed her book with a snap. "You know it's no use pretending to read when I can hear your thoughts, right?"

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"Well what else would I do, given I don't want to talk to you?" Nymph asked, not looking up from the novel. It was just to annoy Elle, just to make her feel insignificant, but it also made Nymph feel slightly better. People often said that the eyes were the windows to the soul, and for some reason Nymph felt like it would be easier for Elle to know what she was thinking if she looked directly at her. So, her dismissive attitude served a dual purpose.

"You also can't expect me to avoid my own room forever." She said this second part before her roommate could even get a word in, rudely making it clear that she didn't overly care what she had to say. Putting the novel down, Nymph still didn't look at Elle, instead pulling out a compact mirror to examine her face. There was nothing to look at, no makeup that needed touching up, but she did it anyways, just to look like she was doing something.

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mels (padmeskywalkers)
She sighed, walking over to the shelf to slide the book in. She was done reading. The book was boring, in any case, and she really didn't want to be in this room anymore.

She was hurt. She'd never been the best of friends with Nymph, not like she'd been with Zane when they were younger, but they had been friends. They had had parties together and done each other's makeup and hair and laughed at the other students together, even engaging in the occasional pillow fight. She'd thought that had meant something more to Nymph than this.

"Why?" She burst out, her hand on the doorknob. "Don't I at least deserve to know why? Sean, Sean I can understand, but you? Why, all of a sudden, is all I'm getting from you aggression? What did I do?"

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"You didn't...you didn't do anything." Nymph said quietly, the briefest look of guilt crossing her face before her usual cool facade took over. "Sean has always been a better friend than you. So, since he's decided that he doesn't want to put up with you anymore, I've decided to agree. If you want to request a different roommate, feel free."

Her voice was cold, her face unreadable. Even Elle, with her telepathy, shouldn't have been able to know what was going on in Nymph's head. But, of course, that was the problem: no matter what she did, there was the possibility that Giselle could know.

And Nymph, the girl with too many secrets to start telling the truth, had struggled with that for too long.

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mels (padmeskywalkers)
She stared at her for a moment, her hand on the door handle. She felt guilty. She could see it in her face, hear it in her thoughts for the briefest of moments before she was shut out completely. But that, knowing Nymph, would just make it worse.

"So you've chosen him, then?" She asked, beginning to turn the door handle. That one day in English class. That was what had pushed him over the edge. She'd lashed out. Not that hard, but it had been enough for Sean. No matter what he did, whenever she did something, well, then it was a problem. Of course.

"If you want a new roommate, feel free to request one yourself," she replied. "I don't want to take the trouble of moving my things." And, she'd requested a new roommate years ago. Her request hadn't been put through. She doubted asking now would change anything.

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