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MysticMemories A teenage angel (Girl A) is almost ready to become a full fledged guardian angel. The only thing that she has to do now, is to to a human high school and interact with them for a while, trying to learn and understand humans better.

She's excited and a bit nervous, knowing that this is the last step. All she has to do is be friendly and not make too many enemies. She's supposed to become friends with some, but not become popular. And of course, no one can learn that she's an angel.

And for a while, her plan works. She becomes friends with some humans, but not super popular. But one day, the bad boy of the school suddenly takes interest in her. He flirts with her constantly. He starts making moves on her, offering to take her out on dates.

What happens next?
Well, here are some plot twists ;)

What if...the bad boy wasn't just a bad boy?
What if he was...the Devil's son?

But there's one important question to be answered.

Does he know that she's an angel?

If so, does he try and influence her to become evil?

Does he possibly try to win her heart just so that she will lose her angel status?

Does he kidnap her and take her into hell?
^^love that idea!!!

Or does he not know that she's an angel?

~I am the girl
~One paragraph minimum
~Decent Grammar

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MysticMemories Hello! Okay, so there are a couple of different ways that the RP can go, based on the question...

Does he know that she's an angel?

If so, does he try and influence her to become evil?

Does he possibly try to win her heart just so that she will lose her angel status?

Does he kidnap her and take her into hell?
^^love that idea!!!

Or does he not know that she's an angel?
So, which would you like to do? :)

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MysticMemories Yay, that is my favorite as well! :D
Okay, so just to clarify, we are going to go under the assumption that your character knows that my character is an angel, and kidnaps her and takes her to hell, right?

I am so excited for this one. Also, how do you want the ages to play out? I am thinking they should either be the same age, or the guy should be one year older (but in the same grade).

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MysticMemories Sounds good to me! Are you okay with them being in the same grade, or do you want him to be one year older + one grade above?

Also, do you have any questions for me and/or preferences that I should know?

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MysticMemories Okay, sounds great. Do you want them to be seniors or juniors?

I do pretty detailed replies as well- I tend to try and match whoever I'm RPing with, so that shouldn't be a problem. :)

How detailed do you want to make the characters?

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MysticMemories Sounds good to me! Do you have any preference for Face Claims? I prefer realistic pictures, not anime if possible.

I can't wait to get started. :)

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MysticMemories Name: Bella Luna Whisper
Nickname: Belle, Bella, Lulu, Lu
Age: 17
Species: Guardian Angel in training

Hair Color: Light blonde
Eye Color:Blue
Height: 5ft 7
Body Type: Stick thin

Bella is a guardian angel. Being as such, she's extremely sweet, caring, gentle, and empathetic. She is always in tune with other angel's and human's feelings. She is serious about her job, seeing as she wants to become a full fledged guardian angel. She has been waiting for the opportunity to come to earth for a long time, so she's extremely excited to finally come.

Her whole life has been training and training to become a guardian angel. To do this, she had to learn lots of information, on many different topics. She has always loved learning though, so her childhood was very enjoyable. Of course, compared to a human, Bella didn't really have a childhood, seeing as it was all work. Bella just hopes that all of her work in the past will help her in the future.

~Charitable deeds
~Helping Others
~Can see auras (meaning that she can tell what emotions people are feeling)


~Very empathetic
~Can heal humans (but only to a certain point)
~Can fly

~She is extremely trusting

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MysticMemories ((I love him! I hope she is okay- let me know if I need to change anything. Also, would you like to start?))

message 9: by MysticMemories (last edited Jan 26, 2015 05:42PM) (new)

MysticMemories Oh good, I'm glad. And sure! I'll start writing it up soon- I just have to do something really quick.

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MysticMemories Bella walked into school, smiling at the kids in the hallway, and walking towards her locker. She couldn't believe that she had been on Earth for two months already, and her final assignment had been going great. She had worked her entire life to become a guardian angel, and she was finally at the last step. She had to admit- blending in with the humans was a bit difficult at first, but at this point, she had the hang of it. It also helped that she was able to sense people's auras, which allowed her to immediately figure out who she could befriend and who to stay away from.

As she opened her locker, she started thinking about her future, and what life would be like once she became an official guardian angel. I wonder if I'm going to be protecting one of my friends here! Or maybe I'll get a little child. Either way, it's going to be amazing. She then shook her head, realizing that she was probably spacing out. After checking the mirror one last time to make sure that she looked normal, she started walking towards her class.

((I hope this is okay! I can definitely go longer, but I wanted to start out posting less and expand from there. :) ))

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MysticMemories ((Sorry, I'm a bit confused. Did he enter the school, or is he just standing in the alleyway? Also, is he transferring in now, meaning that today is his first day?
Sorry for the questions- I'm just trying to figure out how they will meet.))

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