The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, #2) The Well of Ascension question

Straff/Elend negotiations... what if Vin walked?
Jeff Jeff Jan 26, 2015 09:43AM
I just completed reading through Elend and Vin's initial trip to Straff's camp. Vin's thoughts on the ride back had me wondering, "what if Vin just up and left?"

The exchange Elend has with the group on their return felt so insignificant, or rather, as if their excitement and hope was so distant from what Vin (and myself) felt from her perspective. All of it could be crushed if she were simply to leave the life "of being the knife," as Zane mentions.

Regardless, does anyone know of any novels that actually follow this "what if?" Any where the lynchpin character simply gives up, or sees themselves as being above these conflicts?

lmao the book would end.

"Hey vin wanna stop doing this?"

"yeah, sure sounds good"

*cut to credits*

Try "song of fire and ice" it surprise you on every book even main characters die...

Almost any fantasy novel I can remember right now keeps the players in the game at the end, so to speak. I suppose it's what makes the story keep going. I have read a couple where at the end of the first or second book (speaking of trilogies) the character will attempt to do that, but invariably in the next book he gets pulled back one way or another. I'd also love to see a story that evolves like you describe, but can't help you, let me know if you find one tho :P

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