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Did they get together or something?

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Alaska Young Libby and that gut i forgot his name but he was at her house at the end

Hollie Konold Lyle. No, I don't think they got together. I never really picked up a romantic vibe between he and Libby.

Amber I got the impression they were comfortable and attached to one another's company in the end.

M.R. I think the author deliberately left it open. Libby is quite a bit older than Lyle and she's not really had any close relationships with others. For her to suddenly jump into something with Lyle would be out of character. I think the ending indicates they are at least going to stay friends.

Corbin Richards I think he became sort of a little brother to her.

Alaska Young ohh okay

Alex I think it was left open because Libby was so awkward with people in general, they could have gotten together, but not in the traditional way we think.

But I will agree that I believe he became just another family member to her. Almost someone to lean on.

Mariah Yeah I don't see them developing a romantic relationship.. I think if anything they enjoyed the company that they show each other.

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