The Vault of Dreamers (The Vault of Dreamers, #1) The Vault of Dreamers question

Kayla Kayla Jan 25, 2015 10:06PM
How did you guys feel about the ending? I thought the ending was a little unfair! I thought this was supposed to be a standalone book.

I didn't even understand the ending!
So who was the voice in her head?
And how did Rosie "leave"?

Susan Reeves deMasi LOL, somebody needs to ask the author to explain the ending to us! ;-)
Feb 14, 2015 03:11PM
Kayla LOL! I hope the sequel comes out soon! Gotta know what happened!
Feb 18, 2015 02:48PM

The ending was abrupt, and dark. I'm gathering that originally, the sequel wasn't a given. So it looks like the author went for a "stand-alone open ending." Something that could both stand on its own, and lead to more, if that should happen. Which, thankfully, it is, since not only is the ending abrupt, but there are a lot of developed yet unused characters, and more than a few questions left.

As for what happened at the end, I took it to mean she was going to go into a permanent coma, where she would escape their probes. I think the second voice was all her--you note that one of the side-effects experience by the alumni who killed themselves was hearing voices. Then there was the fact she doubled-down on that antidote pill, the one that Burnham stressed twice would “fry her brain.”

I would not be surprised if the next novel is narrated by a different character--maybe Linus, maybe Burnham--as they try to get her to come back to consciousness.

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