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Should I read Lauren Oliver's other books?

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I recently read Panic, and I was pretty disappointed. Besides just the storyline, the characters all seemed pretty flat to me. And I hated the ending. Anyways, I have heard good things about her other books, and I was wondering how similar and different they are from Panic. If I didn't like Panic, will I like her other books?

Robin i liked SOME of her other books but with most of her books certain things are left unresolved or open for your own interpretation, leaving me unfulfilled. i liked the delirium series and before i fall but i didnt really care for rooms or panic as much.

Lesley Book Lover I didn't enjoy reading Lauren Olivers 'Panic' either, I was really disappointed in it after reading her Delirium series, which I really enjoyed.

Deanna (A Novel Glimpse) I read Panic and Rooms. I liked Rooms better, but it's adult fiction. It's darker and I know a lot people don't like how it was written.

Kirsten I read the Delirium series before I read Panic and I personally liked Delirium a lot better. I would definitely recommend Delirium.

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Grace wrote: "I read the Delirium series before any others and while they were better, they weren't much better. I really don't enjoy reading her books. They are all pretty meh.
The best ones I read were Rooms ..."

Okay, I think I might read Before I Fall.

Elizabeth Panic is my least favorite of her books. I didn't like it at all. Before I Fall was my favorite. It is excellent. Rooms was very good and I just started the Delirium series, which is also very good.

Elisa The-Bookie-Monster I really liked Delirium and Before I Fall, and I thought I would like this too but this one fell flat for me too. I would suggest Delirium because I really liked the characters and the story line is pretty interesting

Sandra Personally, her Delirium trilogy is better to me than any of her other books, but I also loved Before I Fall.

Anastasia Caamaño My favorite book by her is Before I Fall. I loved it much more that anything else she has written. You should give it a try!

Laura This book was definitely one of her more poorly written novels but the Delirium trilogy is really well done. There's a lot of character development throughout the series- so don't judge the cheesiness of the first book- which really makes the series interesting to read. Before I fall, is also one of my favourites as well which can be mostly due to the male lead, Kent. He is honestly the perfect fictional boyfriend, so don't give up on Lauren Oliver, she has some amazing ideas.

Deanna (A Novel Glimpse) Deanna wrote: "I read Panic and Rooms. I liked Rooms better, but it's adult fiction. It's darker and I know a lot people don't like how it was written."

So I did just FINALLY read Before I Fall. I absolutely loved it. Definitely worth reading.

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