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Haha hello to you too darling

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Bonjour chérie, il est bon de passer ce temps avec vous :) I don't really have preference, anything is fine by me

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Haha I said "Hello darling, it's good to spend this time with you." But that was close enough :)

My apologies, I really don't mind what we do and I don't have a knack for creativity

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Traveling, action, adventure, romance... What about we have these two characters and they're on a plane ride across the ocean, but the plane crashes and no one survives but them and they're stranded on this creepy island with no way off and maybe there's natives there and they could be super crazy or maybe even cannibals

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Sound good to you darling? We can come up with something else too, that's fine

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Haha okay... Oh goodness... Yes, characters. Do you want to be male or female?

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Well I don't want to choose

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Haha okay darling :) yes, twenties are good haha I'll be the lazy person

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Oui, I've got to search for a face claim haha I may get distracted since I have the male

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Indeed it will haha

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Haha alright darling, I already found my face claim

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Miranda Kerr haha très bien

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En effet, il fait. Chérie très intelligent.

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Oh goodness haha my mistake... I called you a boy, I apologize, I meant elle

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Hahaha you should be able to pick genders out of a sentence without blinking darling, you're in French two

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Indeed haha Typing French is really hard so it's never perfect and I'm tired so that's not helping, I re-read the sentence and I didn't call you a boy "en effet il fait" means "indeed it is" I'm grading genders right now so I thought I called you a boy without understanding what I was actually saying haha

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Just go with it darling haha I'm too tired to explain at the moment

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Haha we'll see ;) I'm working on my character silly, he has to be parfait darling

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Perfect haha okay :)

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Haha you'll find out when I post it darling ;) maybe tonight, but I've got a lot of grading

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Just do what you normally do haha... I've got to get back in the swing of things I think in just going to to one or two paragraphs

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Hahaha oh goodness I know darling, she was just messing around. I'm hurrying though

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"Progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things."

[Full Name] Asher Hale Radcliffe
[Nickname] Ash
[Age] 23
[Date of Birth] April 23rd, 1991
[Place of Birth] Juneau, Alaska
[Birthstone] Garnet
[Zodiac Sign] Taurus (view spoiler)
[Occupation] Ash has had a handful of part-time jobs, but never a full career. He has either been fired from his jobs and/or quit because he thought it was too much work and he is too lazy to actually sit around and search for a job that suits him.


(view spoiler)
[Hair] Sandy brown
[Eyes] Brown
[Height] 6'1"
[Weight] 168 pounds

§Unmotivated §Rejects change §Uncooperative §Unhelpful§Endure §Has faith in himself §Forgiving §Friendly §Stingy §Lazy §Pessimistic §Persistent §Unreliable

[Background] Born into the Radcliffe family, Asher was destined to do not so great things. The Radcliffe family is particularly known for its laziness, but some how it's gotten by on the bare minimum. Ash's father, Prescott Radcliffe, was never one for work and labor. He always strayed to the easiest path in life and took advantage of the hard working people around him willing to do his work for him. One day he met a woman named Ivy who soon became known as Ivy Radcliffe. She was just as lazy as her husband. Neither one had a job. They borrowed money from family members or did easy side jobs for a few dollars. Together they survived through their laziness and had four just a lazy children. First was Maria, then Asher, then Pierce, then Joel. Due to their laziness, the family bonded quickly, forming a close tie together, one that could never be broken. They grew up learning how to procrastinate and leave things until the very last second and hopefully find someone to do it for them just so they wouldn't have to lift a finger. Asher never wanted to be different from his other family members, he loved all the laziness in the household,it made him feel unique. But he was always pessimistic about it. Being lazy was fun, but he knew that one day there would come a time where they would be no one around to do his work for him. One day he would have to put some effort into something and help out. He just hopes that day doesn't come until he's older, a lot older.

+Having someone to do his work
+Being lazy
+Having a good time

-People that try and make him work
-When people don't know how to relax
-Being in boring situations
-Healthy food

Father> Prescott Radcliffe
Mother> Ivy Radcliffe
Sister> Maria Radcliffe
Brother> Pierce Radcliffe
Brother> Joel Radcliffe

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Haha thank you darling :)

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E M M A  | 2243 comments [Name] Eliza Rose Brighton
[Gender] Female
[Age] 21
[Date/Place of Birth] August 8
{Sexuality} heterosexual
{Relationship Status} single


(view spoiler)

{Complexion} slightly tan
{Hair Color} brown
{Eye Color} blue
{Height} 5'8
{Weight} 130 lbs

Self reliant


○feeling accomplished

●lazy, arrogant people
●changes of plans

■being late
■dark spaces
■big dogs

Eliza Rose Brighton was born into a very prestigiois, well educated family. Although wealthy, Eliza was taught at an early age to work hard for what she wanted. None of the Brighton children were ever spoiled, nor were they pampered as thought to be as rich and bratty. Eliza excelled in academics growing up, participated in honors societies, and aspired to get into a high achieving profession. With focus on studies and working to save up for her college, Eliza is very strict on herself and very straightforward in what she needs to do. She plans almost everything she possibly can, hates to be late, and beats herself up over small imperfections. With her family in Los Angeles and her schooling in New York, Eliza is a very successful independent woman. She is currently studying for law school, working two jobs on the side to provide for her bills by herself.

{Ethnicity} English, American

Edward Brighton; Father
Melisse Brighton; Mother
Angelica Brighton; Sister; 25
Stefani Brighton; Sister; 18
Christopher Brighton; 16

Works in a mall store, and a café

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Finally finished I see ;) haha she's wonderful darling

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Take your time darling :) I have to travel to Glamorgan for a meeting so I might not be on tomorrow

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It's a city in Wales haha

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The flag has a dragon on it too haha maybe on the airplane and they have to sit together during the flight

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Sounds good darling

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Wherever they want to go haha, it's just has to be an international flight, I have no problem starting if you don't want to

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Indeed it will haha I'll type during my free time even though that doesn't exist haha I'll have something up later tonight darling

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So many people. Asher thought as he worked his way through the crowd. He had never seen so many people in one place all at once, but then again, Ash rarely ever left the house. He rarely ever left the couch come to think of it. That was just the way he lived his life and he loved it. Living a relaxed, lazy life was much better then a crazy hectic one in his opinion. If you lived a lazy life there was no drama with friends, there was no need to work, and there was no reason to leave the couch. Well, except for this one time. This one terrible time that Ash actually had to get up and do something.His parents were currently in Australia on a vacation which had been lasting for the last five months and they were no deciding to stay there. Permanently. Asher had his mind set on the fact that they were too lazy to leave, but who knew. His parents wanted him to come visit and after weeks of telling them no, they bought him an airplane ticket to Australia. Now he really didnt have a choice. But it would be good to see his parents after so long, even if he had to leave the house to do it. The relationship Asher had with his family was strong, but of course there were flaws, just like every other relationship. Since Ash had grown up and moved out of the family home, same with his older sister, he never really visited them that often. He always stayed at home and if he wanted to talk to them he would just call them on the phone. He was far too lazy to drive to them himself. He enjoyed being lazy, but at the same time he felt bad for not spending time with his family. Especially his younger brothers who were now in Australia with his parents.

The wheels of his large blue suitcase clicked as they rolled over the white tile of the airport. There were people running everywhere, scrambling around and rushing to catch their flights. But Ash wasn't concerned if he caught his flight or not. He strolled through the airport causally as others ran past him. They were also people running to meet family and friends who they hadn't seen in a while. They looked so excited, so happy to see their loved ones. He thought for a second if his family would be there at the airport in Australia waiting anxiously for his flight to arrive, then scream with joy as he walked out of the gate, but then he realized that his family probably wouldn't want to leave the house to go to the airport to pick him up to go back to the house. But he did know they would be waiting for him anxiously from home. Asher wasn't worried at all whether or not his family would be happy to see him. They were always happy to see each other. Even he was excited. His family was really the only thing he had. Because of Ash's lazy attitude, he didn't get along with most people, or he just never bothered with getting to know people. Who needed friends when you had a family exactly like you, a couch, and a bag of chips? Asher was living the life.

Asher remembered only a few months ago he had a job, a job that he hated, and a job that he rarely ever showed up to. That was why he got fired. He had missed far too many days of work and his boss got tired of him not showing up, and if actually did show up he didn't help with anything. He just sat there, ignoring the people that came in to shop. There was no need for Ash to even have a job and he had a good reason not to. When his grandmother died she left the Radcliffe family with an extreme amount of inheritance. An ungodly amount of money, a very nice house, and expect since trinkets from when she was living. The Radcliffe's were extremely grateful for all the money, they moved into the house right away, and even sold most of the trinkets for even more money, but they kept some of them in memory of their loved one. Ever since their grandmother died, the Radcliffe's hadn't worked a day in their lives, and they really didn't have to. They had enough money to support themselves no matter what life threw at them. They had enough money to send their children off the college, even though they were all too lazy to do that. Both Asher and his older sister had dropped out of high school, seeing it as too much work to attend anymore. The money they had was good, but at the same time terrible. Growing up, the four children got whatever they wanted. They didn't have to work for anything and in the case try at all. It was sad really. They weren't living a good life, but at least they were happy.

Rounding the corner, Ash began to walk down yet another hall of the airport, getting closer and closer to the hate he would be boarding his plane at. He kept his pace slow. There was no need to rush, he had plenty of time. He wondered what it was like in Australia. He had never been out of Alaska before. It was very nerve racking to him, but he kept his cool and his got even closer to the gate. So close he could see the large line that wrapped around the ropes. Before he knew it he was standing at the end of the long line. Asher looked down at the Fossil watch secured around his wrist. Still plenty of time. He reminded himself. Even if e did miss his flight he could just go back home and take a nice nap. A much needed nap at that. The lengthy line seemed to be going by quickly, even for the impatient Asher. He waited there as people got their tickets checked and went through the metal detectors and security. He made it up to the podium and handed the woman his ticket. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun and she was dressed in her uniform, looking very professional. She looked at the ticket, then asked for his pass port. Digging through his carry-on, Ash pulled out his pass post and gave it to the woman. With a quick glance, the woman made sure it was okay for him to board and gave him back his pass port. Asher moved on in the line, going to his next stop. The metal detector.

He was greeted by a large security man with a bald head. He was just a bit shorter than Ash was, but he was definitely stronger. He had more muscle than Ash, but that didn't mean Ash had none. He did, just not as much as most men because of his laziness. It was just another set back to being lazy. He didn't mind though. He didn't leave the house often enough for him to be concerned about people judging him. Although, he really did look like an average person, until you got to know him. He was asked to take his shoes off and any other metal objects. Slipping his feet out of his shoes, he set them in the grey bucket. Then he took off his watch and and belt and put them in the same place as his shoes. He cleared his pockets of any change and then set his suit case and carry-on on the conveyor belt and stepped through the metal detector without it going off and beeping. Ash went straight to the grey bucket, putting his shoes, watch and belt back on and stuffing his pockets back up with his loose change. Setting his suit case and carry-on on the floor he rolled out of the way of the crowd and went to his next destination. He enters large room and all against the walls were counters with lines of people with luggage. Above each counter was a sign for each different flight. Everything here was so confusing. Ash had never been to an airport before and he was very confused on what to do. But he was guessing he had to find his flight and give them his luggage so they could put it on the plane. Walking a little farther into the room, he found the counter that said Delta and he waited in yet another line.

The line went a little quicker than expected and soon enough Ash was setting his large blue suit case up on the scale so they could weigh it. 47 pounds. It was light enough to go on the airplane. They took his suit case and put it on another conveyor belt so it could be put on the plane. Asher was another step closer to finally boarding the plane. It was early in the morning. For him at least. He normally didn't wake up until one or twelve in the afternoon, but today he woke up at seven. That was way too early for him and he was barely awake. He already planned to sleep the entire flight so he would be well rested when he landed and so that it went by quickly. Slinging his carry-on over his shoulder, Asher stepped out of line and walked even more to find his gate. He had enough walking for one day and couldn't wait until he was able to sit down and sleep. Ash found himself walking down his last stretch of hallway, leading him to the gate where he would be boarding the plane. Gate 17,18 ,19, 20, 21. He walked past all of these before he ended up at gate 22 and stepped in, walking through the gate onto the plane. It was decent sized plane, although he had nothin to compare it to because he had never been on one before. He looked around at the numbers above the seats. He was looking for seat number 106, but the seats he stood next to read 132 and 133. He walked forward, up the rows of seats and found seat 106 where he stuffed his carry-on above him and plopped his body into the seat. He was sitting right next to the widow, giving himself a nice headrest. The seat next to him was empty and he was hoping that there wouldn't be anyone claiming it, or if so, that they didn't bother him.

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Haha thank you darling :) take your time, I apologize for making it so long haha I can ease up if you need me to

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E M M A  | 2243 comments Her cell phone buzzed and shrieked it's obnoxious ringtone... at 5 am. Today, Eliza Rose Brighton was leaving her life in New York behind for a career and schooling oppurtunity in Australia, far overseas from her native American continent. The decision had brought on many controversies about between her and her family, urging her to go to this foreign country for the money and the oppurtunities it would unlock for her... even when she didn't want to leave home, she didn't want to leave her life here. Eliza was constantly being controlled by her parents to do this and that, swayed to take certain classes and go to seminars and stay on top of her grades. It worked Eliza raw to the bone, but by this time, she was already so used to it. All her life, there was nothing but expectations, manners, and class in her family. No Brighton child would be raised a filthy lousy American, but represent the family in an elegant, pleasing way. They hoped to marry her off to someone with equal standards, if not higher, and carry on the title. Her parents couldn't let her slip and lose her way, there was just no success in that. Eliza had to be the best of the best. A B in her class was unacceptable, she always attended expensive charter schools, and was always being taught manners up to which spoon you were to use for what at the dinner table. You know, just in case she was invited to the Queen of England's for tea.

There was no room for error, no room for second guesses. Eliza had never had the oppurtunity to dream of being a painter, or just taking a guitar and a backpack around the world to travel with her inheritances. She constantly lived in this unnoticed fear of being rejected by her family, brutally pressured to make choices she didn't like. Eliza had grown up wearing designer clothes that were all neatly pressed early in the morning, had the same routines, and presented herself like a proper lady in class and at work. It was no longer a tradition in the states to be so uptight and proper anymore, as much as Eliza ached to be free, to flirt, to go on dates... she couldnt. Always, there was that disapproving eye. One time, she had called her mother her freshman year of college telling her about the kind young man she met at the cafe, but as soon as her mother found out the boy wasn't a billionaire but a simple city boy who was interested in music, her mother had shut her down. All Elizas hopes of going on that coffee date with Isaac had fizzled into thin air, and with that, Eliza never dared to think about boys again.

Already in her twenties, Eliza longed to have someone in her life, someone who could take her away from the terrible life she lived. Sure, she had it all, money, prestige, a name, and her family members, but there was no happiness there. She lived in this shell of coldness, her behavior always condescending and quiet. She never spoke unless spoken to, she used proper grammar and couldn't use slang terms, and was constantly nagged by her parents on the phone for a daily report. They wanted her to be a doctor, and so Eliza would be a doctor. For a residency program in Australia, she would go, without her consent. Her parents had gone as far as to come personally pack her apartment up while she had been out the entire day at work and school, and her things were being shipped off without her permission by her parents. Oh, Eliza hated them, they always said they were doing what was best for her. She didn't want to have the best anymore. She was okay with less, there were plenty of programs here in New York City, she could get by fine.... but no.

Eliza rolled over in a sleeping bag on the floor of her empty apartment, slapping her hand on the flat touchscreen surface. Her back ached, her head pounded with all the stressed, but she had to get going before she missed her flight. Her parents were going to drive her to the airport sharp at seven, and she still had to pack the last boxes and have them be shipped out if she wanted them by the time she got over there. Elizas blue eyes blinked away, her hands rubbing her bleary eyes with a groan. With the threat of her mother grilling her in front of the cab driver for being late looming over her head, Eliza wriggled out of the sleeping bag in her loose pajamas, disappearing into the bathroom for another hour. She felt so sick, her heart dropping into the pit of her stomach. She couldn't run away, this was her parents life now. Eliza showered, brushed her teeth, did her makeup, and dried her hair, all with a stoic expression with her lips tightly pressed in a thin line. She was sick of being her.

Eliza dressed in a fancy gray sweater and a black highwaisted circle skirt with black stockings and black high heels. A watch and a simple necklace with a few rings were the only jewelry she wore, that and her favorite real pearl earrings. Her hair was blow dried in waves, looking ready to walk on to the red carpet or something. Sweatpants wouldn't do in her parents eyes, anyway, nor would tennis shoes. So heels. In an airplane, oh gosh she wished she could lock herself in. With the sleeping bag rolled up tightly and stuck in her last box, Eliza got her bags ready. Her suitcase had clothes for two weeks, really, since each day she normally had three outfits ready. Her boxes wouldn't arrive for another two weeks exactly, even with that you never knew. She wasn't going to wear old clothes twice, it was unsanitary. She shrugged on a black peacoat over her outfit for the chilly weather, sighing heavily as she dragged her two suitcases in the empty apartment with her heels clicking on the floors. The suitcases were neatly aligned by the door, a carry on purse next to it with her papers and valuables. It was difficult, saying goodbye to this place that actually had felt like a home to her...

Hours of security and baggage checking and crowds and her parents following her around everywhere, Eliza finally was left alone to board her flight. At last, she'd be away from her parents... but she'd be in Australia. She couldn't even understand their silly accents. "Passport?" A tired flight attendant demanded crisply, and Eliza held out the small book with a matching expression. She looked angry all the time, with a piercing unforgiving gaze that just was natural to her. It was inherited, really. Eliza shouldered just her brand name purse now, walking briskly into the tunnel that led to the airplane. It was a medium sized craft, not exactly the jumbo liners she had been on. Was this city in Australia jsut that unpopular? With a permanent frown on her dark cherry lips, Eliza inhaled the odd smells of airplane food and boarded the craft uncertainly. Her parents hadn't even had the decency to book her a first class, just as a parting gift? It was going to be difficult. She was sitting countless hours beside some person who'd drive her nuts, she knew it! That, and she had to have the window seat. She had to!

Hoards of passengers were boarding now, shoving her aside and causing Eliza to trip more than once. "Excuse me!" She cried out, after being bumped by a particularly large man. If she was British, then she'd be the perfect portrayal of your average posh British royal, attitude and manners and all. Eliza gathered her bearings, finding her seat 105. 105. 105... 105. A man was sitting already in his spot, and Eliza couldn't help but drop her jaw a bit. She was sitting next to someone like him? Eliza slipped into her aisle, sitting precariously and shrugging off her coat in the stuffy plane and draping it over her arm. She smelled lightly of a flowery perfume, hesitating as she looked to the man. "H-hi... excuse me? I'm seat 105, and I... I was wondering, would you mind switching seats? I prefer the window seat," she asked in her politest manners, that fake smile she knew how to plastered on her face.

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Good job darling

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E M M A  | 2243 comments *bows* you too noel :3

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My next post is going to be a bit short, I'm in a hurry sorry darling

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By the time Ash had taken his seat by the window, other people had began boarding the plane and slowly the seats began to fill up. But there was still an empty one next to him. Seat 105. He glanced out the window, seeing the airport runway and watching another plane take off. That's what was about to happen to him. Watching it didn't make him nervous at all, he was actually excited about everything that was going on, even though it was so much work, he got to see the family he cared so much for. The family that he hadn't seen in months. Asher was hoping that seat 105 would stay vacant, maybe that way he could pull the arm rest up and lie down across the two seats to get extra comfortable for his nap. That sounded great right about now, but it was kind of hard to sleep when everyone around him was so loud. He decided to wait until the took off to shut his eyes, but he still was unsure if he would be able to. He didn't know how loud the plane would be when they took off so he would just have to wait and see. Asher could usually sleep during loud sounds, being the heavy sleeper he was. That was part of the reason he was late to work everyday or just didn't show up to his shift. He always slept through his alarm clock. He tried his best to wake up on time a keep his job, he even turned up his alarm clock as loud as it could go, but he still didn't wake up. Ash would have no problem falling asleep when they took off and he knew it.

Running a hand through his sandy brown hair, he glanced around the plane, looking at all the people siting around him. Hopefully there wouldn't be an annoying kid sitting behind him, kicking his seat, but Ash watched far too many movies so his expectations were twisted and he found out that it was just a younger man about his age behind him, sitting with a woman that must of been his girlfriend or wife because of the way he was snuggled up against him. Asher had never been the kind of man interested in having a love life. He thought of it as too much work to try and maintain a relationship with a woman. He'd have to text her, take her out to dinner, spend money on her, but Ash needed time for himself. A lot, and there was no way he was going to waste it on caring for a woman's every need. Yes, of course, there had been a few women that actually caught his eye, when he managed to leave the house, but he never pursued them. It was normally because he just didn't feel like it, or they were with another man. Asher was unsure of who was sitting in front of him and he wasn't going to lean around the seats just to see who, but he could hear two people carrying on a conversation.

Asher leaned back in his seat, getting as comfortable as his could in the small, uncomfortable airplane seats. Now all he needed was a blanket and pillow so that he could take his well needed nap. When they took off e was going to make sure the stewardess got him one. Everything is going to be fine. The flight is going to go smoothly. He kept reassuring himself. Once again, he had seen way too many movies were the plan crashed and all the passengers died. He knew it was highly unlikely for that to happen, but there was still a very slim chance. If anything did happen to the plane, Asher would probably sleep through it knowing him. He remembered one time he slept through the beeping of the smoke detector in his house when he forgot to turn off the oven and all the pizza crust crumbs began to burn and smoke. He only woke up when the fire fighters began storming through his house. It was very embarrassing to him, but all Ash could really do was laugh. He could only imagine what the other passengers would think of him if he slept through turbulence or even a plane crash. "15 minutes until take off." The captain spoke over the intercom, informing all the passenger that take off would be coming shortly. 15 more minutes until my nap. Ash thought, looking forward to the moment he was able to close his eyes and sleep.

The last few passengers began boarding the plane and filling up the rest of the seats. Ash's eyes quickly went to the seat next to him. Seat 105. It was still empty and he was practically praying that it would stay that way. He watched each person as they entered, seeing that if they were coming towards him, but none of them seemed to be. Well, until he spotted a woman with long brown hair walking in his direction, looking at the numbers above the seats. Please don't sit here, please don't seat here, please don't sit here. He repeated over and over again, crossing his fingers. She got closer and closer, now he was able to get a good view of her. She was beautiful without a doubt, gorgeous actually, but he could tell she was well organized and ready to work. She was definitely the complete opposite if Asher who was lounging around in his dark washed jeans and t-shirt. Before he could even react, the woman was sitting. She was sitting in seat 105. The seat right next him. Now she would probably want to strike up a conversation and interfere with his napping time. A slight sigh was released from his lips and he turned to face the window, hopefully she could tell that he didn't want to talk to her, but she spoke anyways. She wasn't looking for a conversation though, she was looking for the window seat. Ash was a bit baffled a first. Who did she think she was? Royalty? There was no way he was letting her take his seat, but he did have 15 minutes before his nap so he might as well have some fun. Turning his head to face her, he raised an eyebrow. "I believe your seat number is 105 ma'am not 106." He told her with a smirk rising at the corner of his mouth. He was already prepared for her reaction, even though he was unsure of what it would be. Maybe he would make her angry or even upset her. Either way, he didn't care, he wasn't giving up his seat to an uppity girl like her.

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E M M A  | 2243 comments Eliza had sat in her seat fully expecting that she would be granted the window seat by this young man. In her little world of chivalry educated boys at the fancy schools she attended, there was always an upper hand being a lady. Had she been in first class, where people with manners actually existed, Eliza would have been perfectly fine, granted seat 106 without his hesitation. But no. Elizas perfect brown eyebrows shot halfway up her forehead, her jaw dropping at his rude remark. He could have done with a simple "no", but instead had turned it around on her completely. She was embarassed. She didn't want to make an even bigger fool of herself and make an argument with this young man, huffing awkwardly with pink cheeks. "Oh... fine!" Eliza grumbled, her pretty little forehead creased with a lack for better arguments in her case. She just liked the window seat, it just made her feel better seeing all the neat sights outside whenever she was on a flight. It was all sort of a big deal to her, especially when she was leaving the country.

Crossed before her flight now, Eliza sat grumpily with her arms crossed in front of her chest, her purse tucked under her seat between her feet. Her large black peacoat that probably cost more than the gentleman in seat 106's outfit was draped across her lap properly, her legs crossed one on top of the other. Defeated, Eliza tried not to show how miffed she was by being said "no" to by the rude stupid guy. Who was he anyway? Who did he think he was? He didn't know what she was going through. This was the last time she would be in the US for a few years, and he wss denying her a window seat! He looked like the type that was just going to sleep all day, anyway! What was it to him? Her lips tightened in a thin line with her piercing blue eyes staring directly at the seat in front of her, storming internally. He wss such a jerk. She wanted to hit him, sue him! If her parents found out, they could probably do it all the same.

It was announced several times that the plane was about to close, ready for beginning the flight, as passengers scurried around helplessly finding their seats on the small plane with a bit of panic. Similar arguments about seating ensued, and Eliza couldn't help but smirk drily at the bickering. Everybody ought to just deal with it, because she couldn't even get a window seat. A flight attendant settled the passengers as the plane dimmed, the engines roaring outside in preparation. Uniformed women walked down the aisles and pushed at the baggage compartments over head, tugged on seatbelts, and whispered instructions and corrections to others when it was necessary. She could hear whining and wailing of two smaller children in the opposite row, complaining loudly about being hungry. Stupid children! It only made Elizas headache worse, she already felt sick.

The aircraft lurched into motion as the captain came in over the loudspeaker, the attendant ladies showing people what to do in case of emergency. Yeah right. Stop talking, get up in the air already! Eliza thought moodily, hardly paying attention to where the safety equipment or the exits were. She'd been through this a few times already, she didn't need to be told what to do! Besides, plane accidents didn't happen often. Miss Brighton sat straight with her arms both on the arm rests, her manicured fingers curled tightly around them for security. She hated lift off, and just all the smells of people breathing, the perfumes... ugh! Eliza didn't dare look at the stupid window seat guy once, insisting on shunning him the entire transoceanic flight. The captain quit talking and the vehicle turned onto the main runway, from what limited views she could see out the bright windows. They were on the main runway, and after stalling a few moments, the plane began to speed up, it's wheels rolling quickly on the pavement. Eliza squeezed her eyes tight and exhaled softly, trying to maintain her cool as her stomach began to dip and flip and churn. And they were off.

They ascended into the air for several minutes, the sights below growing more and more distant. It had taken a while for Eliza to not clench the seats anymore, once her pale face had returned to a normal shade of a lovely peaches and cream complexion. If she only had the window seat. The plane was quiet with some whispering and scuffling as they all held their breaths, waiting for ears to pop and migraines to start swelling painfully in their skulls. Had she brought advil or Tylenol or something? Oh, she prayed... A gentle ding sounded over the loudspeaker, once the captain had come on again. "We are at 8,000 feet, it is safe now to use the restrooms or move in your seats. Please watch small children, and try to stay seated and not disturb the passengers! We will be landing in Sydney, Australia, at approximately 5 o'clock am. Enjoy the flight," he said in a nasal ly monotone voice, before the speaker cut off. Chatter picked up now as passengers took the liberty to get up amd move around, grab their bags from the upper compartments, or ask for blankets. Attendants rolled metal carts loaded with beverages and snacks, offering them to the passengers with kind smiles.

Eliza switched her legs, now crossing right over left instead of left over right. She picked some lint off her black coat, brushed her hair out of her face, then checked her nails for chips. Only ten minutes in, and Eliza didn't know what to do with herself. She didn't want to move around the guy that sat at the window, nor talk to him any further. What else could come out of his mouth that could wound her ego? Eliza had been drilled to do her papers in the plane and get a head start on the programs homework that had been mailed to her a few days prior, but the last thing Eliza wanted to do was homework right then. Her head hurt, badly. Reaching beneath her seat, Eliza dug through her pale pink Michael Kohrs leather purse, growing more frantic and desparate upon realizing that her medicine was in fact not here, but in her suitcase front pocket. Eliza sighed heavily, murmuring "oh, no..." Before turning hesitantly to the window seat boy. "E-excuse me? You wouldn't happen to have any headache medications on you, would you?" She whispered softly, trying her best to come off as innocent and ladylike in hopes of getting what she needed. Chances were low, but he was the only option. A couple was making out on one side of them, and annoying teenagers talked excitedly on the other.

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