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dyanne Located on the west side of the campus, the lake is perfect for swimming and is also extremely large, which allows for some of the wealthier students to utilize their canoes and moterboats during the weekends and have a bit of fun. Fishing is not allowed at anytime for unknown reasons.

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Emma | 106 comments Rachelle sat on one of the grassy sides of the lake, back against a tree, and her sketchbook on her knees, which she was kind of using as a table. Probably not the most comfortable option, but even she liked being outside every once in a while, and the weather was actually okay. So, she was sketching, trying her hand at realism, which had never been easy for her. But if you always did what was easy, you'd never improve, yada yada. So she had a picture of Sammy taped to the right-hand corner of the page she was working on, and after watching five videos on how to draw faces, she had come outside to actually try it.

She kind of wanted to rip the page out. Not that it wasn't okay, most people would probably actually regard it as a good sketch, especially considering it wasn't her usual style. But she just didn't like it. She felt like she wasn't drawing it well enough, or that the style was awkward, and she could tell already that she would screw up the eyes. Screwing up eyes was kind of a given with realism though. She was just nervous because she didn't want Sammy to see it, and she knew he had a tendency to flip through her sketchbook without permission. Which was fine most of the time. But she didn't draw people most of the time.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) Elle was sitting on the beach, the small waves moved by the wind lapping at her toes. Her feet were bare, for the moment, as not wanting to get her shoes dirty in the sand, she'd left them over by a tree, somewhere. She'd find them. Later.

She was upset, at the moment. She'd been in her room, and while she'd only gotten a few thoughts from their conversation, Nymph and Sean had been talking about her. She didn't know exactly what they were talking about (the range had been too far to listen in), but she knew that they were both extremely pissed with her, and that they wanted to get back at her. Sean she'd expected. She'd pushed him a little too far, somehow during English. But Nymph? She was clueless, there as to what she had done to make her so extremely pissed off at her.

She'd heard footsteps heading down the hall, and she'd slid out the window (there was a tree easy enough to climb down outside their window). Talking to Nymph just then wouldn't have helped matters at all. And she'd come here.

She felt a vague consciousness in one of the trees behind her, and assumed it was a student. The brain felt too complex to be an animal. But she ignored her, for the moment. She just didn't care, right now.

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Emma | 106 comments After screwing up yet another one of the lines, Rachelle sighed heavily and closed her sketchbook. She'd go back to it later. Maybe it would be easier at a desk. Somehow, however, she found that option unlikely. Rachelle looked again at her surroundings, unsure of what to do. She didn't want to stand up to leave, didn't want to keep drawing Sammy but also had nothing else to do. So she watched the other students a bit, seeing if she could find any appearances or behaviours she wanted to draw into one of her comics, since the story needed a new antagonist.

After a moment, her eyes settled on a red-headed animus girl from her year. She was upset, Rachelle could tell, from the set of her shoulders. Still, though, anyone who wasn't paying attention shouldn't have been able to tell, an impressive feat. Rachelle had never really understood most of the animus students though. Using their powers to take advantage of others, they were absolutely horrible to most people, including herself, in the few moments Rachelle didn't have her head down.

Deciding not to ponder the subject anymore, since she was 88% sure that the redhead, Elle, was a telepath, she opened her sketchbook to an earlier page, which had a barely sketched out idea on it.

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