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Kylie Hola!

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Kylie Hmm. What type of paranormal romance were to thinking?

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Kylie Greek gods is cool too so your thinking a Greek god and some sort of paranormal being? I guess what I mean is are you thinking like tree nymph or like a vampire

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Kylie Sounds good to me :)

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Kylie Do you use a specific character template? Who should be who?

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Kylie Coolio!

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Kylie ((Haha gotta find a good pic hold on...))

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Kylie {female~seventeen~tree nymph~ Bryn Finely}

((There are 0 good nymph-like pictures))

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Kylie ((Sure!))

The woods were particularly quiet. Bryn was sitting by a lake splashing her feet in the water bored out of her mind. Most nymphs enjoyed the slow pace of life but for her it was tiresome.

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Kylie She was curious to a fault and hears someone and investigates immediately.

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Kylie She watches this. Vampires? That was curious. They didn't come by frequently. She continues to watch him. Most nymphs hated them- they disturbed the peace of the forest- hunted down the animals.

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Kylie "Hello." she calls.

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Kylie She stares at him because she didn't realize it was rude,"Why are you here?"

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Kylie ((Okay! :) ))

She makes a face,"Well that's a silly question "

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Kylie ((I like that idea- sorry I'm not being very helpful am I? Haha I usually add stuff whenever it gets boring))

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Kylie "Ooh." she nods,"You're not doing a very good job."

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Kylie "Why are you just sitting?" she asks and sits too.

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Kylie "Vampires are so dramatic for creatures with no souls. Do you have souls? Why must you only hunt and kill? Why have you nowhere to go?"

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Kylie ((So they live in Ancient Greece? Among other people?))

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Kylie "I don't hug trees. I am a tree. Big difference. Besides trees aren't good huggers." She continues,"And you told me you have a pack? Do you not? That is where you belong."

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Kylie "Can't you get a new one?"

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Kylie She sits silent for a moment. "You don't like killing things? I thought you guys loved that stuff."

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Kylie ((Kk))

"I've always thought it's a bit gross. I mean things die but...it doesn't have to be gruesome."

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Kylie She frowns but doesn't argue for now. She stands and morphs into a tree as quickly as she could until she was now just a tree on the lakeside. She watches interested to see what happens.

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Kylie They seemed more vampire like than he the leader follows the scent ((I'm assuming I'm them)) "I know he's around here somewhere."

message 26: by Kylie (new)

Kylie "Come out! We know you're out here!" he growls

message 27: by Kylie (new)

Kylie "Xander." he growls lowly. He sends the pack to disperse,"Find him."

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Kylie She decides to distract the other vampires. She waits until they come relatively near and smacks their head with one of her branches. She laughs which in tree form sounded like a gurgling brook. A light breeze carries her whisper "run silly vampire"

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Kylie The disoriented vampires try to go after him. But as he'd previously said they were quite stupid except for their leader who's only fault was being simple minded.

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Kylie They try to charade him down but they lose the trail

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Kylie ((Ugh my iPod autocorrects everything I forget what word I meant but it was charade I think I said chase))

"They are stupid." Bryn says appearing behind him

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Kylie She smiles at the fact he hadn't even been surprised she popped up,"Now where shall you go?"

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Kylie "What's that?" she asks curiously,"And how will you live if you don't hunt?"

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Kylie "No I mean how will you live." she frowns,"I thought you said they were dumb not you." She explains slowly,"Vampires need blood to live. They hunt for blood. You don't hunt. You have no blood. You don't live."

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Kylie She giggles hysterically,"I don't have blood stupid!" she nearly topples over sea laughing so hard.

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Kylie She smiles,"That's alright. How old are you?" she randomly switches topic,"I'm 113 I think."

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Kylie "You've almost beat me by a hundred years!" and says,"Anyway- I can help you hunt if you want. I've never tried but I can't let you starve."

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Kylie She nods,"What sort of animal is best?"

message 39: by Kylie (new)

Kylie She nods,"There's one less than a mile away that's old and won't last longer than a week anyway. Follow me." she says lightheartedly

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Kylie "I know where every living thing in the forest is so long as it has a beating heart. I'm part spirit I think an 8th on my moms side. Anyway-" She continues to lead

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Kylie "Oh I can't pronounce any of that. So you're a prince of one? Which one?"

message 42: by Kylie (new)

Kylie "So you're a part of one of the most vicious kingdoms of vampires and you're very high up on this kingdom yet you don't like killing? That's unfortunate..."

message 43: by Kylie (new)

Kylie "Then what will happen?"

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Kylie "Oh...that would be...not ideal."

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Kylie She felt sorry for him. "Can't you give the crown to someone else? A brother? A cousin?"

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Kylie "You have very bad luck." she notes.

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Kylie She stops him and points quietly it was just in range of view.

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Kylie Her eyes go a little wide

message 49: by Kylie (new)

Kylie It was fascinatingly gruesome.

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Kylie He looked better- still pale but not quite do deathly- slightly more alive.

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