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Katie | 1634 comments Challenge Info:

You obtain levels when experience is achieved.
Leveling up heals your hero fully and increases the HP available by 2 per level.

Total experience needed.
✓ Level 1 - Starting
✓ Level 2 - 5
✓ Level 3 - 15
✓ Level 4 - 30
✓ Level 5 - 45
✓ Level 6 - 90
✓ Level 7 - 135
Level 8 - 225
Level 9 - 360
Level 10 - 585
Level 11 - 945

Max Health:
Level 1: Max hp 10
Level 2: Max hp 12
Level 3: Max hp 14

Books must be read in 2015 and be over 100 pages.

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Katie | 1634 comments Stats:

Hero: Level 7, 22 HP
Magic Staff: Level 11, 14 Attack
Sword: Level 0, 3 Attack
Experience: 141

Current HP: 22/22

Gold: 35


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Katie | 1634 comments Tote of Infinite Books:

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Katie | 1634 comments Items Collected:

0 Goblin Bone
5 Bat Wing
4 Heal Potion
3 Minor Heal Potion
1 Major Heal Potion
1 Enhanced Weapon Potion
1 Time Walking Potion
1 Damage Potion

Potions and Healing:
Potions and Healing Info


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Katie | 1634 comments Quests in Progress:
Starting Quests

The Academy:

Note: Books used in these tasks are still available to be applied towards other tasks. These are participation tasks.

Associate Professor - Complete 3 Requirements
Professor - Complete 6 Requirements
Distinguished Professor - Complete all Requirements

✓ 1) Nominate a book for BOM in any category - Spider's Bite
2) Read and Participate in a BOM Discussion
3) Volunteer to write DQ for a BOM
✓ 4) Start and Finish one of the Monthly/Seasonal Challenges - February Let it Be Love Challenge: Pink Finished Post
✓ 5) Start a Spell-It-Out challenge in Reading Challenges and finish at least one word. - 7 Wonders: Taj Mahal
✓ 6) Participate in a Buddy Read - Blood Challenge
7) Write and post a scene for The Theatre
8) Request a recommendation or choose one already recommended and read it
9) Create a draft of a new reading challenge and send to mod account.
10) Welcome 5 new members to the group

Rewards - received at each level gained
Associate Professor - +3 Exp, 1 Heal Potion
Professor - Complete 6 Requirements - + 4 Exp, 1 Major Heal Potion
Distinguished Professor - Complete all Requirements - +6 Exp, 1 Health Gem (grants +1 Max HP and Current HP)

The Many Voices of Lady Zuzana:

To help Lady Zuzana in her communication with the merchant, read 2 books originally written in your native language and 2 books originally written in another language. Lady Zuzana will gladly pay 10 gold to find common language.

1. Love Hacked
2. Surrender


Lady Rachel's Debut:

Gather 3 goblin bones then read a book with a grey cover to gather the metal then forge the metal and goblin bones together with a book that has fire (exact word, though may be part of a larger word) in the title or series. The director will gladly pay you 10 gold for setting the show back on track.

1. The Unleashing (Call of Crows, #1) by Shelly Laurenston

Spock Guardian of Forever:

Search for Spock in Books - Spell out the name Nimoy using Spell-It-Out Rules.

N: Night Myst
I: If You Hear Her
M: My Favorite Mistake
O: One Reckless Summer
Y: Yasmine Galenorn - Night Veil

Search for Spock in History - Read 3 books written by Leonard Nimoy or set in outer space.

1. Ral's Woman
2. Burning Up Flint

Search for Spock in the Hearts of Men - Read 3 books about sports, dogs or food.

1. Natural Evil
2. Sweet and Sour
3. Superhero

Search for Spock in our Memories - Read 3 books about history or set in the past.

1. Promise Me Heaven
2. Romancing the Duke
3. Noble Intentions

Search 1 location to gain 3 experience.
Search a second location to gain an additional 4 experience.
Search a third location to gain an additional 5 experience.
Search the final location to recover Spock's lost Plasma weapon. There is only one charge left but it may be used as a instant (no battle turn used) attack of 10 points.

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Katie | 1634 comments Quests in Progress, Cont'd:

The Easter Bilby:

The Easter Bilby gifts you with a captured bunny that will lay an egg that heals 3 hp every Sunday. The egg must be eaten that week or it will rot.

1) Read a book where someone has a pet rabbit.

2) Read a book with a rabbit on the cover.

3) Spell out the word RABBIT using spell-it-out rules.
R: Ritual Magic
A: The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf
B: Broken Dove
B: Broken
I: Insatiable
T: The Mane Event

4) Read a book with the word rabbit in the title or series.

5) Read a book featuring chocolate or where the main character is a pastry chef.

6) Read a book set during Spring.
Carolina Moon

7) Read a book with an invasion in it.

8) Read a book where the main character is a doctor or vet.
The Other Guy

9) Read a book where there is an Easter celebration.

10) Read a book with grass on the cover.
Sugar Creek

The Academy - History

Receive +10 Experience and 1 Major Heal Potion after compiling all the following history: (Note: first publication date is used for when a book is published.)

• Sort your to-read by date added. Select one of the first 4 books (oldest books). If one is a series book you may substitute an earlier book in the series.

• Read a book published the year you were born.

• Read a book published the month you were born. (year does not have to match)
Eternal Kiss of Darkness

• Read a book published the day you were born. (year/month does not have to match)
Queen of Shadows

• Read a book set around 50 years in the past.

• Read a book set around 100 years in the past.

• Read a book written 20+ years ago

Crazy Cat Lady:

To find a cat, find a mention of a cat in a book and quote the sentence where the cat is mentioned. Cats are individual creatures and there can only be one found per book. (Find Items Potion works for this quest.) Receive +5 Experience and 1 Heal Potion for finding all 7 cats.

1. Lucky in Love, Loc 424, "...fed the ancient old black cat that..."
2. Crash & Burn, Loc 5728, "Jiminy the orange kitten was..."
3. Love, Like Water, Loc 2216, "The cat appeared on the top of the partition..."

The Sandwich is Always Greener On the Other Side:

Read a book where the author or a character has the initials PB. Read a book that starts with the letter J (indefinite article may be ignored). Then spell out the word BREAD using spell-it-out rules. Finally assemble it using a knife by reading a book from a series that starts with I. Earn 12 experience when the sandwich is complete.

Author PB -
J - Just the Sexiest Man Alive

B: Bliss, Alison - Rules of Protection
R: Robertson, Linda - Hallowed Circle
E: Eli Easton - How to Howl at the Moon
A: Armentrout, Jennifer L - Obsidian
D: Downing, Mia - Just Ask

Series I - Ink and Shadows: Ink and Shadows

Sticks and Stones May Build a House:

You get 2 experience for 4 steps completed, another 2 when 7 steps are completed and another 3 when all 10 are completed. Houses give you an excellent place to store things.

1) Clear Spot - Read a book set in the plains. (Any plains.)
Short Rides

2) Make Foundation - Read a book about someone getting an education to build their foundation.
Size 12 Is Not Fat

3) Gather Wood - Read a book mainly set out in the woods.
If You See Her

4) Gather Nails - Read a book with something pointy on the cover (knife, nail, stiletto, etc.)
Goddess with a Blade

5) Create Frame - Read a book where someone is framed for a crime.
Hard Bitten

6) Create Walls - Read a book where someone is closed off from the world either mentally or physically.
Katie's Art of Seduction

7) Add a Door - Read a book where someone moves houses.
Sweet Seduction Sacrifice

8) Add Windows - Read a book with Glass, Window, Clear or See in the title.

9) Paint - Read a book where the cover is mainly (<70%) one color.
Undertow (Cutter Cay #1) by Cherry Adair

10) Garden - Read a book with flowers on the front.
A Wedding to Die For (Brandt and Donnelly Caper, #3) by Xavier Mayne

Death's Requests:

Acquire 3 items to gain 3 experience.
Acquire 3 more items to gain an additional 4 experience.
Acquire 4 more items to gain an additional 5 experience.
Acquire all items to recover Deaths Gratitude. Death has offered you one wish to lower the starting hitpoints of a creature by 10.

• Spell out the word PRATCHETT for 5 Discworld books (5 items)

A: Ascension
T: Tracker's End
C: Can You Keep a Secret?
H: Hoover, Colleen - Maybe Someday
T: Thea Harrison - Hunter's Season
T: Take the Shot

• Read a book where the author or a character has the initials TP for some much needed toilet paper (1 item)

• Read a book where a character has Alzheimer's disease for social awareness (1 item)

• Read a book with a hat (on or off a person) for a black fedora hat (1 item)
Shaking the Sugar Tree

• Read a book with a knight for a knight medallion (1 item)
Twice Tempted

• Read a book with a sword on the cover for a handmade sword (1 item)
Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampires, #2) by Chloe Neill

• Read a book with a mainly green/yellow/purple cover for octarine sunglasses (1 item)
Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

• Read a fantasy book for a little bit of magic (1 item)

• Read a book with a monkey in it for a donation to the Orangutan Foundation UK (1 item)

• Read a book set in outer space for a telescope (1 item)

Sir Zee's High Flying Adventure:

To help Sir Zee achieve her dream of flying (and falling from the sky) read 2 books with something that can fly and 2 books with something very high on the cover. Sir Zee will gladly pay you 10 gold for her flying experience.


1. Devil to Pay

Sir Audrey Jane Break-in:

Read 3 books showing something through which you can enter a house and 1 book where there is break in. Sir Audrey Jane will gladly pay you 10 gold to help her enter her house without a key.

1. After Midnight

1. Chasing Fire

Lady Shanna and the Case of the Blueberries:

Read 2 books with blue covers and 2 books with round object on the cover to help Lady Shanna out of her blueberry-ism. She will gladly pay you 10 gold.

1. Magic Graves (Night Huntress, #4.5; Kate Daniels, #0.5) by Jeaniene Frost
2. Kicking It (Alex Craft, #2.5; Chicagoland Vampires, #8.25) by Faith Hunter

1. Othermoon (Otherkin, #2) by Nina Berry

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Katie | 1634 comments Weapons:

Magic Staff:
Level up by creating a pyramid of series reads.
Level 0 = 2 Attack

(view spoiler)
Level 12
1. After Ben
2. Fighting Instinct
3. Whisper Falls
4. Holly Lane
5. Willow Springs
7. It Had to Be You
9. Shadow
11. Tangle of Need
12. Darkness
Level 13
1. His Salvation
2. Wrestling Demons
3. Bound by Flames
4. In Passion and Blood
12. Heart of Obsidian
13. Smiley
Level 14
1. Jack: Grime and Punishment
2. Saving Sean
3. Ride Steady
13. Shield of Winter
14. Shards of Hope
Level 15
3. The Boy with the Painful Tattoo
15. Redneck Romeo

Level up by creating a pyramid of page #'s.
Level 0 = 2 Attack

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Katie | 1634 comments Dead Monsters:
List of Monsters

Total Killed:
6 Goblin
13 Sewer Rat
5 Brown Bat

Attack Goblin - Last Killed: 4/19/15, Available Next: 4/26/15
Hero: Level 6, 20 HP, Magic Staff - 7
Goblin: 10 HP, 6 Attack - Reward: 1 Experience, 1 Goblin Bone

-Hero attacks Goblin with Magic Staff. Goblin: 3 HP
-Goblin attacks Hero. Hero: 14 HP
-Hero attacks Goblin with Magic Staff. Goblin: 0 HP, dead.
-Hero Wins: 1 EXP, 1 Goblin Bone

Attack Sewer Rat - Last Killed: 5/3/15, Available Next: 5/10/15
Hero: Level 6, 20 HP, Magic Staff - 7
Sewer Rat: 5 HP, 3 Attack - Reward: 1 Experience

-Hero attacks Sewer Rat with Magic Staff. Sewer Rat: 0 HP, dead.
-Hero Wins: 1 EXP

Attack Brown Bat - Last Killed: 4/19/15, Available Next: 4/26/15
Hero: Level 6, 14/20 HP, Magic Staff - 7
Brown Bat: 15 HP, 3 Attack - Reward: 1 Experience, 1 Bat Wing

-Hero attacks Brown Bat with Magic Staff. Brown Bat: 8 HP
-Brown Bat attacks Hero. Hero: 11 HP
-Hero attacks Brown Bat with Magic Staff. Brown Bat: 1 HP
-Brown Bat attacks Hero. Hero: 8 HP
-Hero attacks Brown Bat with Magic Staff. Brown Bat: 0 HP, dead.
-Hero Wins: 1 EXP, 1 Bat Wing

New Monsters:

Greater Sewer Rat - The larger, stupider cousin of the average Sewer Rat. These rats are bigger, smellier and have beadier eyes.
8 Attack 20 Health - Reward: 2 Experience, 1 Rat Tail

Drop Bear - Drop Bears are part of a new class of creature that spawn a specific number each week or month. The number will always reset either on Sunday (weekly creatures) or the 1st of the month (monthly creatures).
• Drop Bear - A cute cuddly little creature with vicious man eating teeth dripping blood. Makes a great steak and is good for increasing iron levels. (Weekly)
8 Attack 15 Health - Reward: 1 Experience, 1 Drop Bear Meat

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Katie | 1634 comments Completed Quests:

Completed "Hello, my name is..." quest. - 3 EXP

Completed "Gather Berries" quest. - 7 EXP
S: Steel's Edge
T: Too Much Temptation
R: Naughty and Nice - series Reindeer Games
A: Just Sex by Heidi Lynn Anderson
W: From Rags by Suzanne Wright

Hero Level Up - 2

Completed "Gather Bones" quest. - 5 EXP

1. Ride the Lightning - PNR
2. The Trouble with Demons - PNR
3. Accidentally in Love with...a God? - PNR
4. Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - PNR
5. The Shattered Dark - PNR

Hero Level Up - 3

Completed "Rare Gems" quest. - 5 EXP

1. Janie - 400 ratings, 2/12/15
2. Chasing Her Tail - 214 ratings, 2/13/15
3. Armed and Delicious - 25 ratings, 3/1/15
4. The Dragon Conspiracy - 318 ratings, 3/2/15
5. Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas: A Perfect Fit Holiday Novella - 305 ratings, 3/2/15

Completed "Healing" quest. - 3 minor heal potions

1. Blood Bound
2. A Blood Seduction
3. Dracul's Blood

Completed "The Kindness of Strangers" quest. - 1 EXP, 1 Enhanced Weapon Potion

Roll: 5

1. Otherkin

Hero Level Up - 4

Completed "A Toy for Hadley" quest. - 10 EXP

Circle: Vicious Circle
C: Chloe Neill - Some Girls Bite
I: Isa - Happily Never After
R: Reid, Penny - Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance
C: Cooper Graham - How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf
L: Linda Howard - Dream Man
E: Eli - Marked

Completed "Valentine's Day" quest. - 6 EXP

1. Ill Wind - 337 pages
2. Nightshifted - 331 pages
3. Spider's Bite - 313 pages

Hero Level Up - 5

Completed "A Fairy Odd Path" quest. - 2 EXP, 1 Heal Potion

1. Devil's Luck
2. Hex Appeal
3. Neanderthal Marries Human

Completed "Run Alex Run!" quest. - 10 Gold

1. North: No Good Duke Goes Unpunished, Loc 6298, "There is a house in the North Country."
2. South: A Week In The Snow, Loc 1719, "...she returned to the sunny South."
3. East: Recipe for Satisfaction, Loc 2375, "...the top of the city to the east."
4. West: Zen and Sex, Loc 506, "...I had a job way out in West Covina..."

Completed "Timewalker" quest. - 10 EXP, 1 Time Walking Potion

2005: The Perfect Waltz
2006: Salvation
2007: Divorced, Desperate and Delicious
2008: Breaking the Silence
2009: Howling for My Baby
2010: Mate Set
2011: Lord and Lady Spy
2012: Wrath
2013: A Tale Of Two Dragons
2014: Tempting Her Best Friend

Completed "Alchemy" quest. - 5 EXP

1. Hearts in Darkness
2. At Grave's End
3. Grave Witch

1. Enslaved (Eternal Guardians, #5) by Elisabeth Naughton

Completed "Gift of Love" quest. - 5 EXP

1. Ugly Love
2. Blood Challenge
3. All the Light We Cannot See

Completed "Date Night" quest. - 6 EXP

1. Love - Brawn - Loc 5418 - "I love you."
2. Heart - Running Wild - Loc 4585 - "...spike of adrenaline sent her heart racing."
3. Dinner - Dragon's Lair - Loc 744 - "When dinner time comes around, I..."
4. Chocolate - Night Falls Darkly - Loc 3744 - "...lid and inhaled the woodsy, chocolate-sweet scent."
5. Romance - Storming the Castle - Loc 838 - "You have no romance in your soul..."

Completed "Rescue Kitty" quest. - 8 EXP

1. Dog with a Bone
2. One Lavender Ribbon
3. Bonds of Justice
4. Ice
5. Ice

Completed "Boast the Most" quest. - 2 EXP

10/10 Sewer Rats

1. Fifth Grave Past the Light

Completed "Gather More Bones" quest. - 8 EXP

6/6 collected

Completed "Robbing Robin Hood" quest. - 5 EXP

4/4 Bat Wings

1. Timing

Completed "Time for the Dead" quest. - 12 EXP, 1 Damage Potion

January - Small Town Christmas
February - The Virgin Sex Queen
March - Rules of Entanglement
April - Dead Witch Walking
May - Acrobat
June - Kindling the Moon
July - Grave Dance
August - Maximum Risk
September - You Slay Me
October - Big Bad Wolf
November - Collide
December - Head Over Heels

Completed "The Queen's New Clothing" quest. - 6 EXP

1. Soaring
2. Vision in Silver
3. Dead Heat
4. The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy
5. The Shadows

Completed "Everybody Lies" quest. - 2 Healing Potions, 1 Major Heal Potion, 8 EXP

Treatment 1:

L: Law, Kim - Sweet Nothings
E: Eileen Wilks - Mortal Ties
E: Erin McCarthy - The Pregnancy Test
C: Colasanti, Susane - When It Happens
H: Hart, Megan - Broken

1. Raphael

Treatment 2:

1. Destined for an Early Grave - France
2. Onyx
3. Surviving Raine

Treatment 3:

1. His at Night by Sherry Thomas
2. The Rosie Project

Completed "Lady Kelly's Missing Quests" quest. - 10 Gold

1. Unbinding
2. Sweet Tea and Secrets

1. Summoning the Night
2. Beauty and the Mustache

Completed "Ser Amanda's Cryptic Caper" quest. - 10 Gold

1. The Hooker and the Hermit
2. Opal
3. Eighth Grave After Dark
4. A Hidden Fire

Completed "A Tavern Delicacy" quest. - 6 EXP

1. 3/1/15
2. 3/8/15
3. 3/15/15
4. 3/22/15

1. Twilight
2. Salt of the…Earth

Completed "Two Empty Halves of Coconuts" quest.

1) Gold to Buy Horse - Read a book with a mainly gold cover or one set in an era where gold is used as the main currency.
Kiss of the Highlander

2) Riding Clothes - Read 3 books under 200 pages.
1. Jayden's Faith
2. Shadows
3. One Week Girlfriend

3) Horseshoes - Read a book with horses as a main part of the story or one set on a farm.
Gone Country

4) Horse Armor - Read a book over 600 pages.
The King - 640 pages

5) Saddle - Read a book that has 2 d's in the title.

6) Sugar for Treats - Read a book that's sweet (chic lit, romance, cozy mystery, etc.)

7) Apples for Treats - Read a book with a mainly red cover or one featuring a teacher.
Fall from India Place

8) Carrots for Treats - Read a book where someone dangles a reward to get someone else to do something.
My Scandalous Viscount

9) Hay for Feeding - Read a book with the title starting with the letter H.
Hell & High Water

10) Bribe for the Stable Master to allow you to pick your horse - Read a book where someone takes or gives a bribe or where the main character is a thief.
Bewitched & Betrayed

Completed "Lady Dani Lost and Found" quest. - 10 Gold

1. First Drop of Crimson - 371 pages
2. Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake - 432 pages
3. The Good, the Bad, and the Undead - 453 pages
4. Move the Sun - 252 pages

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