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message 1: by Julia (last edited Jan 25, 2015 06:34PM) (new)

Julia Hey!!! Here it is! Our own 1x1 thread!

1x1 The Dark Lady
This is a Harry Potter based role play. We each would make characters and choose a House, different ones would be preferable. They have to fight off a new Dark Lord, but this time... A Lady. I would have a sassy Ravenclaw girl who is this Dark Lady's half sister.

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Wahoo! Do you think you could post the plot?

message 3: by Julia (new)

Julia Yep! Give me a sec and I'll have it.

Okay, do you watch Supernatural?

message 4: by Julia (new)

Julia Bam!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I totally do!!

message 6: by Julia (new)

Julia Awesome!!!

I just started to watch it! I'm at the end of season two, but stuck since I don't have Netflix. I'm waiting for it at my library.

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Ah. It's awesome. I love it

message 8: by Julia (new)

Julia Yeah, it's a great show. I already know a lot of what happens from accidental spoilers, but... I still can't help but love it!

Okay, so I'm about to have to go to bed, since I have school in the morning. But, I'm going to spurt out a few things before then.

I'm still coming up with a name of what my girl will be, but I know what she's going to be like.
She's totally sassy, but it's because she's insecure of herself. She isn't too sassy, in a way that makes her seem like a two faced, back stabbing -insert Dean's favorite curse word here-. She's really smart, but sometimes has trouble knowing that she is. Since she is Ravenclaw, she'll be surrounded by a lot of smart annoying know-it-alls, which she can be at times, but is not super annoying. She has an outstanding memory and is good at remembering things-if she wants to.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Okie dokie.

I really like the idea you have for her. I'm thinking mine will be a Hufflepuff girl, cause that's totally my house XD She has a bunch of friends and likes everyone

message 10: by Julia (new)

Julia Yeah, Ravenclaw's mine, though I believe I was almost Hufflepuff.

message 11: by Julia (new)

Julia Here's a link of what she would kind of look like: http://vi.sualize.us/apingfeeling_gir...

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message 13: by Julia (new)

Julia Gtg to bed

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message 15: by Julia (new)

Julia Here is my girl:

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

I like her

message 17: by Julia (new)

Julia :D

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