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message 1: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey Rey | 6 comments Mod
This thread is to discuss Part 2 of The Final Empire which consists of Chapters 9-15!

Are you enjoying the book so far? What do you think of the magic system? Do you have any favorite characters?

message 2: by Diana (new)

Diana The fight with the steel inquisitors was so intense, I couldn't had been more on the edge.
I am in love with everything about the story so far, particularly the magic system. I've been listening to my copy of the audiobook for two days straight now and I keep getting this ideas about burning metal in real life, only to later realize it's not real.
Vin is my favourite character, I like everyone probably, but I also like Kelsier and Elend more than the others. Even though Elend has made only one appearance so far.
((I just read a spoiler about Elend by accident and I literally never knew what it was like to get upset over a spoiler until now.))

message 3: by Paul (new)

Paul (paul_sff) | 7 comments Good part 2. The magic system is simply amazing and I think we are just learning the basics of it. I feel like there is a lot more to it than just these metals that we know about.

One thing that I can't help but shake, and this is really dumb but something I am comparing this book to, and that is The Matrix movies when it comes to the action in this book. I am envisioning a lot of the action as matrix style action. Especially the ability with Atium to see the future moves of your enemy but also the flying around parts. It isn't really a bad thing and it is helping me visualize the action easier but I find it odd that my brain has made this correlation.

Anyway, I don't really have a favorite character yet. Sazed maybe at this point because I want to learn more about him and he just seems like the smart wise guy that does the right thing.

message 4: by Shelleen (new)

Shelleen Toland OMG When Vin and Kelsier met up with the steel inquisitors I could not stop reading. I almost yelled out RUN!

I am still waiting for Vin to run into her brother and I have a feeling it won't be good.

message 5: by Lurthemir (new)

Lurthemir | 3 comments The fight scene at the end just shows how well Sanderson does fight scenes, as well as how solid the magic system is. Everything is just so well thought out and enough of it is shown to us so we can easily imagine what's going on. Part of what I love about Sanderson is how clear everything is in his books and this first real fight scene stands as a testament to that.

The first time I read this book my favorite character was Kelsier. (because who doesn't love him?) but I am beginning to develop a better understanding of Vin's character arc as I read through this another time. I had kind of forgotten how much time passes between these first couple of parts.

message 6: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Whoa. Well...I flew through part 2. That was awesome. The book just keeps getting better.

message 7: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Paginton | 3 comments I am loving this world so far and the magic system is just amazingly well thought out.
My favourite characters are Vin, Kelsier and Sazed. They are all unique and are really interesting to read about and learn more about their different pasts and abilities. I am very intrigued to find out more about Sazed too as I think he has a good story to tell.
I personally would love to be a Mistborn. The allomancy element to this book is awesome and the way that allomancers can basically fly is very intricate and just cool to be honest.
Can't wait to read more.

message 8: by Sarai (new)

Sarai (saraitalksbooks) My heart was in my throat the entire last chapter! The plan seems so out of reach, the Lord Rules sounds like he's indestructible. I'm really wondering how they will succeed, if at all, and what will be the outcome. There's so much at stake.

message 9: by Laura (new)

Laura (blueeyednightowl) | 7 comments Part 2 seemed so short, haha! I guess that's thanks to all the action.
And I really loved the way he described the ball too.

Was it ever explained why allomancers do not seem to notice the vials of metal on others? Did I just forget the explanation, or is that really a bit odd?

message 10: by Diana (new)

Diana Laura wrote: "
Was it ever explained why allomancers do not seem to notice the vials o..."

I think it's just overlooked? You could find the metals on someone if you're a coinshot or a lurcher, but then there could be dozens different reasons of why they have the metal on them.
Just my thoughts.

message 11: by Douglas (last edited Feb 04, 2015 02:13PM) (new)

Douglas (doug_the_hug) | 7 comments Laura wrote: "Was it ever explained why allomancers do not seem to notice the vials of metal on others?"

I can remember a specific scene in the book where it is definitely mentioned. Keep an eye out for it and it will make sense.

message 12: by Laura (new)

Laura (blueeyednightowl) | 7 comments Because it's so critical to ditch all metals when being chased (and there was a lot of that in part two!) it suddenly got me thinking.
But Brandon Sanderson does appear to think everything through very thoroughly, (I mean, great worldbuilding!) so I'll definitely continue to look out for some explanation. (Perhaps it's just neutralized by the glass, or the alcohol even…)

Anyway, thanks for your replies! I've never been a part of a read-a-long before, but it's great being in a group, where you can just chat about the book and ask questions like these:)

message 13: by Diana (new)

Diana I would like to be a soother, I can't even begin to name all the situations it would come in handy.
Making someone reveal the information and even asking what i exactly need to know instead of just eavesdropping and hearing random conversations.
I know soothing is very tricky and I am aware it is difficult to use, because you need to be able to tell what people's actual emotions are.
And from the top of my head I would like to make people less upset when someone is angry with me or make teachers accept my excuses on why I missed school :P

message 14: by Brent (new)

Brent Taylor | 1 comments Morgannah wrote: "Question for anyone who would like to chime in:

If you could be a Misting, which one metal would you like to burn?

For me it would be Tin because you could gain a lot of knowledge by overhearing ..."

That is such a hard choice.

It is between a coinshot or pewterarm.

message 15: by Hyacinth (new)

Hyacinth (hyacinthlo) | 7 comments The story, overall, is definitely starting to get more interesting for me. I suppose, intense battle scenes with men with spikes through their eyes will do that :p But Vin continues to be a problem for me. I probably find her more annoying now than I did in part one. I just don't understand why she questions Kelsier so much when he has taught her everything she knows about Allomancy, and has provided for her, and taken care of her. She can barely say more than two words to the guy and her constant following and snooping just seems disrespectful. Yet, she goes on to say how insanely comfortable she is around Elend Venture! A nobleman she knows absolutely nothing about. That seems like a character flaw to me.

I also, hate the fact she said the only reason she joined Kelisier's team was to see what happens. Who joins an insanely crazy mission like that, with the highest probability of failure, just to see what happens? That's like joining the fellowship of the rings just to see how it ends.

I don't know, guys.

message 16: by Hyacinth (new)

Hyacinth (hyacinthlo) | 7 comments Sarah-jane wrote: "Hyacinth wrote: "The story, overall, is definitely starting to get more interesting for me. I suppose, intense battle scenes with men with spikes through their eyes will do that :p But Vin continue..."

I understand she has had a terribly upbringing and has a right to be cautious of the men around her but shouldn't she be mistrusting of everyone equally? It just bothers me that she's so quick to trust a nobleman. They are, after all, the people who keep Skaas as slaves and in horrible conditions. The very Skaas she's trying to free! Granted, at this point we don't know whether Elend is horrible or not but neither does she.

and I don't think Kelsier is expecting anything in return for what he's given Vin. She's a Mistborn and that, in itself, makes her an extremely valuable member of the team. It benefits the cause to train her and provide for her.

message 17: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Shields | 5 comments My favorite character was Kelsier for obvious reasons but now Vin is really growing on me. Brian Sanderson does a good job transcending Vin's slow change of heart beyond the pages. Not only can you see it through her interactions but you can really feel her start to be more trusting.

If I could burn any metal I would choose iron. I would try and make it to the Olympics or the NFL with my flying powers XD.

message 18: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Shields | 5 comments Does anyone know how old Kelsier is? He seems to be around his early 20s but I can't tell.

message 19: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Shields | 5 comments Thanks Zach. That sounds about right now that I remember he's been married. He also seems like his been around and seen some shit

message 20: by Adam (new)

Adam Owels | 2 comments I blew through the second part of the book. I feel like I understand Samderson's world now that most of the world-building has been established and Vin's got allomancy basically covered, and now we get to see what happens.

message 21: by Skye (new)

Skye (skyepieonthefly) Wow, this section was intense! The fight scene had me on the edge of my seat. Von is starting to grow on me a bit more. She is less annoying in this section and is becoming more rounded now that she is open to at least considering others.

I am still super interested in Sazed, what in the world is a metalmind? Have they talked about that yet? I am also intrigued by Elend. He seems like an odd duck, which could end up being very interesting. I also am confused on why Vin trusted him so much when she has been resistive to everyone else so far. I see a interesting plot twist coming.

On the topic of her brother, for Vin's sake I hope he walked into a cannel and won't end up being a problem. But I'm thinking maybe captured by Lord Ruler for being Mistborn too?

If I could pick a power right now I would pick Brass. Mostly because Breeze seems pretty cool.

message 22: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (novelenthusiast) I enjoyed the second part of the book even more than the first. The fight scene with the inquisitors was extremely intense! Whew.

Could Sazed have a past with the Lord Ruler? He must have somehow neutralized the inquisitors.

As far as Elend, I think Vin just senses decency in him, whether she realizes it or not. Or maybe she will trust him and he will betray her.

If all of the other metals have a complement, does Atium have one? If so, what would that be like?

HeatherLovesReading | 6 comments Ok, part two was so much better than part one!! Big things are happening now and that end scene with the inquisitors was so tense. I have a feeling that there is more to Sazed than we think. I also agree that Vins brother Reen is going to show up somehow and it won't be good. I am interested to see what happens with Elend! Onto part 3

Tanya (aka ListObsessedReader) (listobsessed) | 3 comments Every time the steel inquisitors are mentioned I get such a feeling of dread!

Another fantastic fight scene! Again I could see the whole thing incredibly vividly and was so caught up in the action. Really enjoying the writing. For such an unusual world and magic system it's amazingly clear and easy to picture!

message 25: by Llyren (new)

Shelleen wrote: I am still waiting for Vin to run into her brother and I have a feeling it won't be good.

Oh, that's a good point. To be honest I had nearly forgotten about him...

Michelle wrote: As far as Elend, I think Vin just senses decency in him, whether she realizes it or not. Or maybe she will trust him and he will betray her.

Don't ask me why, but at the end, when Sazed finds Vin, I actually thought for a moment, it could have been Elend. Although of course there wouldn't have been a reason for him to be there. Except if he is already "in league" with the Lord Ruler...

I'm quite interested in what we're going to find out about this 11th metal. Does it exist at all? Or are all those rumours just that? It sounded to me as if Kelsier himself tried to enforce those rumours. Maybe he has another plan about that?

message 26: by LydiaJoy (new)

LydiaJoy I'm closing in on the end of Part 2 and enjoying the read. I seem to read fantasy very slowly, though! Vin is growing on me and Kelsier is fascinating.
The one part of the book that kind of made me roll my eyes is when Vin meets up with Elend and all the sudden her conversation was so sassy and frisky. Seemed out of character, but I guess they had to "meet cute."
I'm also waiting for Vin's brother to show up -- can't wait for that!

message 27: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (letmereadinpeace) Ahhh the fight scene with the steel inquisitors was super intense. I was so worried about Kelsier, who is my favourite character. I'm kinda interested to know if the book that Vin picked up will bear any significance in the future.

I loved the ball scene. It was interesting to see this side of the noble lifestyle, plus getting to meet Lord Elend. I also am loving Vin's growth. She is becoming a more intriguing character. I also am completely entranced by Sazed. He is awesome.

From the ball scene, I wonder if her father may become important later on.

Oh and if I had to choose a power I would definitely be a Soother.

message 28: by Joe (new)

Joe Butler | 2 comments Morgannah wrote: "Question for anyone who would like to chime in:

If you could be a Misting, which one metal would you like to burn?

For me it would be Tin because you could gain a lot of knowledge by overhearing ..."

I would go with steel(coin shot), first and foremost you can fly with it, but also as long as you have some small metal on you, you always have a weapon ready.

message 29: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 11 comments This book just seems to be getting better and better. Can already see how vin is developing and becoming more confident! I absolutely loved the fight scene with the steel inquisitors, it was so intense to see Vin try to fight on her own and I completely love Sazed (he might be my favorite). I can't wait to see what relevance the book that vin found has and learn more about alomancy!

message 30: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 54 comments Oh yeah! I know everyone keeps saying it but that fight scene was intense. I also really enjoyed the scene at the ball (I wonder what's going to happen with Vin's father). My favourite character at the moment is Sazed but tbh I love everyone. I don't know which metal I'd choose to burn, they all seem really cool and each would be useful in a different way. Almost everything in this book has a 'I wonder what's going to happen with this' quality about it. What's going to happen next!? Eek. I better get reading.

message 31: by Kellseigh (new)

Kellseigh | 7 comments I'm really liking how Brandon Sanderson explains the magic system as Vin develops - it makes learning way more interesting than if everything was just explained outright. The system is so unique - I love it.

I can't choose a favourite character. I think I will grow to love Vin, but I still find her pretty annoying (I wish she would stop following Kelsier!). I'm really interested to see what happens with Elend - like some others have mentioned, I have a feeling he will surprise us either with loyalty or betrayal.

If I could use a metal I'd love to have steel - it would make travelling so much faster and more convenient, hah.

message 32: by Amy (new)

Amy C (amy_c_books) | 9 comments Loved this 2nd section! It was nice to have some action and to move past character and world building. I am having a hard time with not having a clear picture good a evil. Obviously the obligation and the Lord Ruler are cruel and the aristocrats are not kind masters but I am with Vin on that just because someone has a tittle does not mean they are evil. With that it makes it hard to like Kelsier because his ways seem far too radical. Overall though I am loving this book.

message 33: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (samritch) | 2 comments I definitely enjoyed the second part more than the first. I think it's because there's been some more character development and I'm getting used to the writing style.

message 34: by sara (new)

sara (brisingrs) I really want to enjoy this book, I do! I was so excited to read it, but now I just, I just...
I dislike Vin so much, I'm sorry, but she just isn't on my liking. And this takes so much of the enjoyment, because I literally adore the rest of the characters. The story is also pretty interesting, but Vin! Ugh.
I hope I will get to finish this book by the end of the month, though.

message 35: by Warda (new)

Warda (wsharif) Loved part two! The fighting scene with the Steel Inquisitors was so awesome to read!

Kelsier and Breeze are my favourites. I love how Vin has grown in this part. She's becoming more trusting and more herself. :)

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