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Alright...so maybe something kind of Throne of Glass-y, as a setting? Like a world where there's no magic anymore or something and...okay I don't know. Erm..

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ohh, yes.

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*nods* yeah. What kind of characters are we going to roleplay? Barbarians, citizens of the kingdom, or?

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Alright. 2 characters each, 3, or just 1? etc

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Alright. Does the species matter?

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Alright, cool. So so far for the plot we have...barbarians attacking a kingdom, and a bunch of different creature species things in a fantasy world.

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I think that's good...? We'll just add to it during the roleplay, i guess.

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Kay, characters now? I prefer to do simple characters, but if you want to do detailed, I don't mind.

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Alright sounds good ^-^

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