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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Awesome. I'm going to be soon, just a warning. Anyways... Plot.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) That sounds awesome! And maybe could our two characters have a sorta forbidden romance, or something like they aren't really supposed to fall in love?

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) That sounds epic as fu... Frick. That sounds epic. Anyways, yeah, that's awesome.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Anira Wolkes


Songbird~ Can use her songs to control other people's emotions, and hides her own emotions with something called Control.

Her ability to manipulate other's emotions while keeping her own a secret causes many to not trust her. An outcast of her own choice, she barely ever speaks unless it is to change someone's emotions.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Wait I need a picture hang on.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Okay here so sorry. And yeah you can start I don't care.


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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((I need to go to bed now, sorry. Also, um, what will my post be about? A bit sleepy and confused.))

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Ah never mind I say your post anyways I'll respond in the morning.))

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Alright. Now I really have to go to bed, parents are yelling.))

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Gods sorry got grounded.))

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Anira's breath came in fast puffs, her back pressed against the cold wall of an archway in the city. The thundering steps of the guards echoed through the night, running right past her hiding place. Even after silence fell again, she remained still as stone. With her placid face, she might as well be. It seemed ages before Anira dared move, stepping cautiously into the moonlight.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Yeah, also sorry about my short post. I'm almost always on my phone, but I'll try to be as long as I can.))

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Poke?))

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Wait sorry got distracted by Wow anyways are they together right now, or not? I thought they were being chased separately... Satan bless it I shouldn't have stayed up so late.))

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) .

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Alright.))

"Jay?" Anira whispered, her voice soft and emotionless. Ever her eyes carried nothing but emptiness, the way she had looked since birth. "Where are we going to go?" She locked eyes with Jay, her gaze unwavering. Although no one could see it, Anira was scared. She cherished life in all of it's flaws, especially her voice. It was a gift, in her mind. But others saw it as a curse, a curse of vengeance that would destroy them all.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) .

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Meow?))

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((You still wanna do this?))

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