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Spend the Night: Who is Him?

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Elizabeth Lee (elizabethleewrites) | 3 comments Mod
Anyone have any good theories on who exactly "him" is? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Erica (ericasreading) | 5 comments It's not Trent. And Carter's a creep. So if it must be one, then it's Carter.

Rebecca | 5 comments I think it's Carter. Not because I don't like him, but because he's got that creep factor going on.

Erica (ericasreading) | 5 comments There's something that he said/did that was a red flag to me but I don't want to say because of spoilers... But yeah Carter's a creep

Rebecca | 5 comments I know exactly what you're talking about :) If it's not Cater, I'll be shocked.

Erica (ericasreading) | 5 comments That's supposed to me a emoji winky face

Rebecca | 5 comments We need part 3 now so we can prove ourselves right.

Rebecca | 5 comments We need part 3 now so we can prove ourselves right.

Jenna (jenna-mommyreadswhat) | 2 comments I agree! I think it is Carter, too! But I just love Trent so maybe my judgement isn't spot on. I will be shocked if it is Trent.. and heartbroken!

Erica (ericasreading) | 5 comments I'll still love him #loyal lol

Rebecca | 5 comments If it is Trent, he can be my creepy stalker..

Jenna (jenna-mommyreadswhat) | 2 comments Haha I know right! I think we will all have a case of Stockholm syndrome if it turns out to be Trent!

Becca (beccaliberty) It better not be Trent or we're gonna throw down, EL!!

Jennifer Wyk (jennifervanwyk) | 1 comments Hmmmmm

Amy  (amybosica) Hmmm....I was thinking it was Carter too

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