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message 1: by Donella (new)

Donella | 5 comments Hi my name is Donella and I am a proofreader extraodinaire, I am a very fast reader and have a fast turnaround.
This is my passion and my only occupation. I love any genre and am very affordable.

I can also give you a critique of your work, from my association with authors, feedback is always needed and wanted. I don't lie. I have read thousands of books from every genre and can predict fairly accurately how a particular story will be received.

Please contact me either on goodreads or direct at

message 2: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Danielle (zoedaniellexx) | 7 comments Hi Donella

I seen your post about being a BETA reader and I was wondering if you are still available?

I am looking for a BETA to read through my unfinished NA book so far.
It is currently at 34,200 words but I still have so far to go. I reckon that it will end up at 80-90k once completed.

Below is a little peak in to the book, please PM me know if you would be interested -

Friday 14th Jan 2011
I remember that day like it was only yesterday - it was the worst day of my life, and hours later turned into the best day of my life.

At the age of twenty-four, Casey Phoenix is one of the highest ranking woman on The Sunday Times Rich List. She thought she had it all figured out until she met 31 year old American, Matthew Jackson.

Matthew Jackson has been set for life since the age of 21 when he and his brother James set up their business enterprise, Jackson Industries. Living his millionaire lifestyle with fast cars and fast women. But when he meets Casey he decides it's time for him to settle down. However, she has her reservations.

Life isn't as perfect as it seems for the both of them. Casey has got a stalker who will try to anything they can to get to her and it gradually starts to grind her down, usually level headed she begins to fear for her life.

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