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Ophelia Sikes (opheliasikes) | 16 comments 9 'first in a series' books- paranormal romance, romantic suspense, new adult romance, and contemporary romance- many with sexual situations, swearing, and cliffhangers. 18+.

Unauthorized Affair: After a betrayal, Jen creates a new life for herself, only to find herself caught between two men and a dangerous situation.

Oceans Apart: Ginny is living the dream in LA with sassy BFF, Kari. Young, independent and in love, life is good until she catches Brad with his pants down. Back to life as a curvy, single woman, another man is not on her mind...until Tristan. Tall, tattooed, an English accent to die for, he's everything she dreamed of. He's bold, captivating, out of her league and betrayed by his fiancée, he’s in no mood for love... until Ginny sets his heart on fire. Don't miss this panty-melting new adult romance!

Call of the Alpha Part 1: Driving down a dark country lane, Jessica hits an animal as it darts in front of her car. At least, she thought it was an animal. Instead, she finds a man injured and lying in a ditch. She soon discovers that he has no idea who he is, his memories lost in the accident. Taking him home to treat his wounds, the sexual attraction between them grows as he heals. But, what was hunting him in the dark and has it now set its sights on Jessica too?

The Escort: Persuaded to hire an escort, curvy girl Max finds herself falling for her handsome companion, although she knows it's not real. However, when business is over, he tells her he wants her, in his bed, the problem is, her escort isn't the man she thought he was.

Finding Their Girl: Barb is digging out from a disastrous engagement when she sees Spencer and falls in love at first sight, for the first time ever. Then she sees Tyler, and whoops, it's love again! What's happening here?
In this heartwarming Menage Romance, two men and one woman show us that love and dedication CAN trump all. Unlike lots of Menage Romance, this one has NO bondage.

Fighting the Flames: Jessie is running away from her cheating boyfriend and meets firefighter Ryan James. There would be no running this time.

The Banshee's Embrace: Jacqueline has no idea what has been happening to her, but it started the night she was attacked by men with strange powers. While mortally wounded in the attack, Jacqueline knows she would have surely died if her husband hadn't thrown himself into the line of fire. But being alive is little comfort when your husband is dead.

Reckless: A Steamy New Adult Romance! Still in college, Andrea had her entire life mapped out, from her career to her CEO beau. All of that began to change when she met Jace Richardson, the tattooed sexy rocker god. Will Andrea be able to hold onto her dreams for the future as the sexy vocal guitarist flips her entire life upside down?

Resonating Souls: A Bermuda Cruise – a hot guitar player with amazing fingers – equals seven sizzling days of summer heat! What happens in Bermuda … stays in Bermuda … unless …

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Joseph McGarry (joseph_mcgarry) | 48 comments The link above didn't work for me. Here is a link that did.

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Ophelia Sikes (opheliasikes) | 16 comments That's interesting, I wonder why the other link didn't work for you! I'm glad you found it :).


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