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Blood & Snow


Based off the mangas Millennium Snow and Vampire Knight…

Having been born with a bad heart condition, Girl A’s death was pronounced the day of her birth. She wasn’t expected to age a day over fifteen, but something kept her going. Because she was born the day of the first snowfall of the year, she made it her goal to try and see those same snowflakes over and over again. Now, Girl A is seventeen and the doctors say it’s a miracle she’s lasted so long, but her parents say she can see the first snowfall for another millennia if she stays strong.

But the doctors haven’t given them the news. Girl A’s heart attacks are occurring more frequently now and they think this is the year she’ll miss the snow. She’s been pulled out of school and spends most of her time in and out of hospitals now. Every day is just the same for her, dreading the attack that will end everything….

Until she sees someone jump off the roof of a nearby building. Girl A sneaks out of her hospital bed, hurrying to see if there was someone who needed help or if her medication was just causing a hallucination. There, she finds Guy A, who doesn’t understand why she is so concerned and who is actually…pretty rude about the whole scenario. Girl A soon discovers that he is a vampire who is having some problems of his own.

Guy A refuses to drink human blood and claims to hate humans, though that may not be entirely true. Unfortunately, he is eighteen and a nobleman in his world. It is customary for vampires of nobility, once they reach that age, to find a human partner to drink blood from, and that person will also be able to live forever. This seems like the perfect deal for Girl A, but he has his own reasons to be against taking a partner. He doesn’t even like the idea of living forever.

Of course, they have a lot of disagreements, but Girl A and Guy A soon develop a relationship. Though they are very different, they start to learn things from each other. Guy A starts to learn to enjoy simple things more, while Girl A becomes less naïve. Unfortunately, more problems arrive with vampire hunters, Rogues who don’t follow the vampire laws and snack on any human they see, and corruption within the vampires system of government. Will they ever be able to settle their differences in such a chaotic world? Will Girl A even live long enough to see?

{~AɗɗιтισηαƖ ǀηfσ~}
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Alright! So which character did you want to be?

Aηgєℓєηα  | 65 comments I think the girl with the heart condition, if that's all right. ^.^

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Sounds good to me :D Are we going to jump right in or make basic templates first?

Aηgєℓєηα  | 65 comments I'd prefer to make basic templates. I'll have mine up in just a bit! :)

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Okie dokie

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"I'νє αℓωαуѕ тнσυgнт ιт ωαѕ ѕтяαηgє нσω ωє ∂єcσяαтє ραιη."

Emberlyn Mae Johnson knows she’s going to die soon. She has always known she wasn’t long for this world, the world full of pain and despair and people who did awful things to each other. Her mother always told her that her heart was like a snowflake, precious and unique…but very fragile. It melts away more each day and soon the burn of life will destroy it for good.

Her parents were always overprotective of her, homeschooling her and not allowing her to do much. Instead, Ember lived her life through books. She could go on adventures and be someone else. Ember wanted nothing more than to experience the world, to live before she died. But, of course, Em didn’t know the dangers out there that her mother spoke of. She only knew that there was something empty in her chest. Her heart yearned for a thing she could not name.

Smiles aren’t always true for Em, but often times she stays optimistic. She doesn’t know whether or not she should fear death. She doesn’t know if she’s ready to go. All she knows is that she has to see the snow….

Just one last time.

And then she can melt away…

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Raphael hates being immortal. He doesn't want to live forever and he doesn't want to take a human as his partner. His parents keep telling him that he needs to pick someone soon, but he keeps putting it off. Even though he is now eighteen, he refuses to pick a human to bite, drink from, and make immortal. He would rather die.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 65 comments Awesome! Would you like to start, or shall I?

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Thanks! I love Emberlyn :D

I can start

Aηgєℓєηα  | 65 comments Kk. ^.^

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Raphael glared out into the open air. He was tired. Tired of his parents telling him what to do. Tired of them complaining that he hadn't chosen a human to be his life partner. Tired of humans. Tired of being a vampire. Just tired.

He just wanted it all to stop. He wished that he wasn't vampire nobility. Maybe his life would be easier if so many things weren't expected of him. He walked closer to the edge of the building and looked down. This building should be tall enough for his purposes. It had taken him a while to find a building that was the right height. He didn't want it to be so high that he wouldn't be recognizable but high enough that his death was certain.

He looked out at the city one last time before he closed his eyes and stepped onto the edge. One last breath. And he stepped off the building.

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“Emmy” A soft voice followed an even softer knock on the cracked door. Ember, who was sitting up in her hospital bed, glanced over to see her mother standing in the doorway. The day Em was born, that woman took the job of being a full time mom, and Em couldn’t see her doing anything else. “How are you feeling, honey? I brought you a change of clothes…” It was then that Ember saw that her mom was holding a bag, a blue one decorated with starfishes and sand dollars. One that belonged at the beach. One that had probably been more places than Ember ever would. Inside, Ember could see cream-colored cloth poking out. She smiled gratefully. “Thanks, mom. And yeah, they said it was nothing. Just minor this time.” Emberlyn could see her mom’s shoulders relax, but doubted she was just now learning of this. She wouldn’t put it past the woman to go threaten each doctor with her handbag for information.

It wasn't long until Ember's mother left the hospital, promising to bring her daughter coffee first thing in the morning...which, in Mom time, was likely 5:30 AM. But her mother knew that Em was never too talkative after an incident, and besides, there was nothing to say. With a sigh, Ember stood up from the bed, feeling a wave of nausea come over her. Must be the medicine… She thought, trying to ignore how tired she felt. The beach bag was sitting on the edge of the bed and Em snatched it up and headed to the tiny bathroom. She knew that the clothes were for tomorrow morning, but she also hated the thought of sleeping in her hospital robe. Jeans didn’t bother her, but feeling like she was sick and helpless…That did. Ember hated feeling weak. After getting dressed, Ember went to sit by the window. She wanted to look at the stars. Of course, the view wasn’t too spectacular and Em was pretty used to it, what with all the time she spent here. But gazing up at the stars like this, Ember couldn’t help but feel that they were looking back, watching her from afar as if she were a character on a screen. The stars probably saw all sorts of things: every journey, every kiss, and every secret… Ember wondered if there was anyway she could become a star when she died. It would be nice to watch over her family, and maybe it would make pretending a lot easier. After all, that was what Ember did. She liked to pretend that she shared in all those adventures.

But her daring swordfights and passionate embraces were just puddles of ink on paper in the end. And that’s all that would be left of her after she was gone.

Just as she was about to leave the window and tuck herself into bed, Ember saw something of the most peculiar nature. At first Ember thought it was nothing but a trick of the shadows or a hallucination induced by her medication. Maybe it was a bird swooping down from the roof. Maybe it was just a discarded jacket drifting in the wind…Or maybe it was exactly as it appeared to be.

There was a human figure up on the roof of a building nearby, and as Em watched, it inched its way to the edge and…jumped. Ember was to her feet immediately, eyes wide and cheeks pale. Did he just… Did I just see…? The figure disappeared in a flash, the falling process so rapid that Ember wasn’t so sure it had even happened. She looked around frantically, trying to see if there was anyone around. A nurse who had seen it, someone down below who was calling the police…But it was silent. It didn’t take Ember long to make up her mind. She dashed out the door of her hospital room, sneaking through the hallways, practically undetected since she was not wearing a robe, and went out a the first side exist she saw. The sound of her heart beating filled her ears, something that had always been scary and reassuring at the same time. Yes, she was alive. Yes, that may not be the case for long.

And now her heart was tripping over itself as she ran through the parking lot and cut across an alleyway to get to the right building. “Hello?” She called out, her head turning wildly about to find a sign of any living being. “Hello!

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Hitting the ground was a lot more painful that Raphael had thought it would be. Pain coursed through his body. Damn. If there was pain then he couldn't be dead. He should have chosen a taller building. He couldn't move any part of his body as he opened his eyes slowly to stare at the dark sky, which wasn't so dark because of the lights from the buildings around him. He tried to scowl but it hurt too much to move his face.

His vision went black and he seemed to pass out for a moment, only to be called back by a girl's voice calling out near him. He groaned loudly. Well, it seemed loud to him. He tried to sit up but the pain caused him to scream. Why hadn't he chosen a taller building?!

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"Hello!" Ember called out into the dark and eerily quiet backstreet. She ended the word with a cough as cool night air entered her lungs. With a small shiver, she pulled her jacket tighter and plunged onward. Being out like this right after an attack was detrimental to her health, and she knew it... but the sound of her own pulse in her ears made it hard to think of consequences. In her mind, she was already imagining the worst. Scarlet spilling from a mangled corpse, limbs twisted in unnatural angles, lidded eyes that would never open again...

Or maybe this is it. The adventure I've always dreamed of...

Suddenly, a faint, painful sounding groan filled the air. Em froze, first fearing that there was something odd and terrible lurking in the alleyways. But then she heard a scream, one that seemed....almost frustrated. Ember darted towards the sound, forgetting all about the sudden denseness of the air, the constricting feeling in her chest, the struggle for oxygen in her lungs. Finally, she saw a shadow move.

Ember rushed over to the person lying on the ground, locks of copper hair falling in her face as she moved to help him. "Are you all right?" She asked, voice raising an octave in her panic. She studied the boy with frantic eyes...

And she did not see one bone out of place, thankfully.

"What happened? Did you just - Here, let me help you up..."

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Raphael glared up at the girl as she helped him to sit up. What was she doing here? It looked like she was panting and her heartbeat sounded weak in his ears. He moved his gaze from her face to his arms and legs. Nothing was broken. Not one bone. Not one blood vessel or vein.

He raised his hand to the back of his head, wincing as he moved. He'd felt his head smash against the ground. Everything was smooth. His black hair didn't even feel sticky. He growled and barely managed to keep his fangs sheathed. This hadn't been what he wanted. He didn't want to be alive.

"I jumped. That's what happened," he said as he heard the ambulance coming towards them. He cursed. Now his parents were going to hear about this.

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It took Ember an eternity to register the meaning of his words. This boy had been trying to kill himself, trying to throw away something so precious as a life. He was going to give up all the time he had left, years and years and years, while someone like Em probably only had months. "What the hell is wrong with you?" She asked in a horrified whisper. In that instant, she hated him. She hated the very idea of him.

It wasn't fair. Not at all. If he wanted to die so much, why couldn't they just switch places? Em was angry at the very notion of this suicidal boy, so angry that her vision had begun to tunnel.

At least she blamed it on her emotions. Ember didn't even stop to consider that another attack might be coming on, that her shortness of breath and quickening pulse were the result of her illness. She shook her head. "Are you all right? Why would you even try something like that? We have to get you to the hospital. I don't even know how you're able to speak to me right now." It was astonishing. How was he still in one piece after such a fall?

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He frowned at the girl's words and the fast beat of her heart. She was the one who needed the hospital more than he did. It sounded like she might pass out at any moment. "Nothing is wrong with me. That's the problem. Why would I try and take my life? Why do you think?" he snapped at her as the ambulance pulled up beside them.

First responders poured out of the ambulance and rushed towards them. He glared at them all but let them strap him to a board. "Get her too. I think she's going to pass out soon," he told them. Then he closed his eyes and planned how he was going to escape the hospital and get a blood tablet. He'd left his bag of them at home and he was going to need one because of his fall.

He hated the tablets. He hated what he was. He hated being forced to pick his life partner.

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Ember blinked, staring at him with incredulity in her eyes. He was being pretty rude for someone who had just jumped off a building... "Hey, I'm trying to help you - " she protested, but was soon cut off by the siren of the ambulance, by the bustle of people hurrying to her side. They hadn't come for the boy who had jumped off a building, but rather the girl who wouldn't reach eighteen. "I'm fine." She mumbled, though she knew nothing she said would convince them of it as they forced her into the back of the ambulance. "No. There's no pain in my chest. Everything's fine... I know it was stupid, I know. I should've gotten a nurse."

They were automatic responses to explain her reckless behavior, no true meaning to them at all. Em just hoped her mother didn't hear about this incident, though it was likely she would learn of it within an hour. She didn't want to worry her family...

But, unfortunately, as the lights and the sounds of medical equipment blurred in her mind, Ember found it harder and harder to keep her eyes open. Still weak from her last attack, her heart was being extra fragile. It pounded quickly, and then very, very slowly. Em's gaze landed on the boy laying near her on a stretcher just before she fell unconscious.

Her world tunneled into blackness, into a terrifying state of nothingness that she was all too accustomed to. Everything was painful and then everything was numb and bittersweet. As always, Ember was alone in what felt like eternity.

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Raphael listened to the heart of the girl and rolled his eyes as the responders started shouting out things when the girl passed out. "I told you she was going to pass out," he said to no one in particular.

It was a quick ride to the hospital. He was bored the entire time. He answered the nurses and doctors questions automatically. He was pissed that they wanted to put him on a suicide watch. He let them tie him to the bed. He waited till they left and undid the straps. He put on his clothes and started to leave the hospital.

On his way out, he passed Ember's room. He hesitated outside the door then entered it and sat down in one of the chairs. He didn't exactly know why he was sitting in her room right now but for some reason, a small part of him wanted to know what was wrong with her.

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When Ember's eyes finally began to flutter open, she was greeted by the lavender and gold sky outside her window. It was obviously early in the morning, the first rays of sunlight starting to break through the clouds. She blinked several times, her vision blurry for a few moments, which was probably a side effect of her medication. She glanced down, seeing that she was in her all too familiar hospital bed, hooked up to a heart monitor that beeped steadily for once.

There was a boy...

Wasn't there? What had happened last night? Em had almost convinced herself that it had all been a dream, that the mysterious, suicidal boy had been a hallucination caused by her treatment... But then her head lolled a bit to the side and she saw a figure in a nearby chair. One that was most definitely not her mother.

Ember sat straight up, forgetting the wave of nausea to her panic and bewilderment. "You!" It sounded almost like an accusation. "What are you doing in here?" It was hard to sound strong and in control when she couldn't keep the surprise out of her voice. Who was this boy? Why was in her hospital room?

How was he still alive?

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Raphael had been staring at the heart monitor while she slept. When she started talking to him, he looked at her. "Me. You. Glad we've got that straight," he said sarcastically. "I could be asking you the same question. Obviously it has something to do with your heart," he said in a bored voice, waving his hand at the machine she was hooked up to.

He crossed his arms over his chest as he watched her. "Why'd you have to go outside last night? Why couldn't you have just left me alone?" Why couldn't she have left him alone to die?

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Em was a little taken back by his rudeness. People normally tiptoed around her, as though she was fragile glass that could shatter any moment. Everyone was just...nice. No matter what she said or did, people would be nice and cautious and fake. It was actually kind of refreshing to have someone treat her like a real person. She was about to snap right back at him, about to tell him that she had a name and she would prefer it if he used it... but then he brought up her heart. Ember closed her mouth, looking away.

After studying the boy for a moment, disbelief in her eyes, Em said, "My apologies. Next time I see someone jump off a flipping building, I won't intervene at all..." She grumbled. "I couldn't just not do anything." She couldn't just let him die. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her, all of the aggravation vanished from her eyes, leaving them soft and worried. "Are you all right? How did you... You don't look hurt or anything." She frowned. How could he not be hurt after such a fall?

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"Yeah, I'm fine. Just perfect," he said, still sarcastic. "You could have just left me alone and we wouldn't be having this conversation. I wouldn't have to explain to how I fell from a nine story building and walked away without a scratch. My life would be so much simpler if you hadn't decided to be a little hero."

He shoved himself out of the chair and walked over to the window, his arms crossed as he glared out at the city. What was he going to do with her? He had to come up with some kind of story that would convince her not to tell anyone about him. And he couldn't get his parent's involved. That would make this whole thing worse! He could just picture them yelling at him and telling him he had to pick his partner now. What if, in 50 years, his partner decided she hated him and wanted to leave? What was he supposed to do?

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"Your life would be simpler? You probably wouldn't have a life at all!" Ember huffed, aggravated that someone was so willing to give up their life when she would do anything to have the years they had been gifted with. But Em didn't have much time to focus on that, as she was too busy concentrating on his words. So, there was something he needed to explain, some strange reason why he had been able to survive that fall. Ember watched as he moved towards the window, her window. She had spent so much of her life gazing through that pane of glass, watching the world pass by around her and wishing that she could be apart of it. She had watched the snowfall year after year through that window...

But never had she imagined that something from that outside world would come to her side of the glass, someone strange and unusual and new. Ember rarely interacted with kids her own age, much less handsome boys wrapped in enigma.

"How did you survive that fall? Why did you even...?" Ember paused, realizing that he was a complete stranger still. Why should he tell her anything? "I'm Ember...by the way." She offered after a moment of silence, as if she was trying to start anew.

"Well, Emberlyn actually. Or Em. I mean, my mom calls me Emmy, but that's not really... Sorry." She blushed, realizing that she was rambling. Living most of your life in a hospital tended to make you... a bit socially awkward.

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"Raphael. Yes, like the archangel and the painter and the ninja turtle." He hated it when people connected his name to those things at random times, so he just listed them whenever he met someone. It saved him a lot of time.

"Why did I jump? Because I'm tired of doing what my parents tell me to do and even if I ran away, they would find me. Because I don't want to find someone to spend the rest of my life with right now. Because I hate being me." Because I hate what I am. He was tired of keeping everything bottled up and even though she was just some human, he couldn't stop himself from talking.

"I didn't plan on surviving. Believe me. This was as much of a shock to me as it is to you," he grumbled as he glared out the window.

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Ember found herself blushing slightly due to the fact that she had almost asked him if he was named after a fictional crime-fighting turtle. He didn't seem really fond of that comparison, though. "Raph was always my favorite..." She grumbled, letting the subject go. God, she felt ridiculous. Why did she have to be such a socially awkward, sickly young woman? And here she was talking to some mysterious stranger who was bestowed with the name of an angel...quite fittingly, if she might add.

All thought of her own flaws was soon forgotten as Raphael went on to answer her questions. His parents? Finding someone to spend the rest of his life with? Was he in some kind of arranged marriage or something? Ember had thought that sort of things only happened in fantasy novels, where the princess was forced to wed a man she did not love for the welfare of her kingdom. But Raphael certainly wasn't some reluctant fairytale princess.

Ember was quiet for a really long time, not sure what to say to him. She didn't know what sort of situation he was stuck in, but she felt all sorts of sympathy towards him...though some of her former resentment was still there. "Well, I'm sorry for ruining your plans." She said quietly, shrinking a bit at his tone. But as she went on, Em forced her speech to be more confident, more sure. "That was a stupid thing for you to do, you know. And selfish. I'm sure you have people who would miss you, and even if you wouldn't, how could you just throw your life away like that? I'm not sorry that I stopped from making a moronic mistake. You could have so much life ahead of you, life that a lot of people aren't lucky enough to have. And - " Her words became too choked for her to continue, the sting of angry tears starting in her eyes. She rubbed them in aggravation, not wanting this boy to see her as a weakling. The beeping of her heart monitor sped up during her rant, but now it had begun to slow once more.

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Raphael couldn't stop the harsh laugh that leapt from his throat. The sound of the heart monitor and of her heart were loud in his ears. "You are lucky that someday you will feel death's embrace," he muttered. "I never will. I will feast on tablets for the rest of my long life, by the side of a woman that I must pick in the next few months, with no notion of how she will react."

He turned around to look at her and was started to see that she was crying. "Why are you crying?" he asked confused.

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Ember flinched at the sound of his cruel laughter. Death's embrace didn't sound like much of a comfort to her. She could already imagine it as a person, a dark figure with cold arms and eyes that stole her soul away from her. Like a dementor, she supposed... Wow, even her analogies of death were nerdy.

"What are you talking about? Tablets? A woman?" Because information on vampires was not disclosed to the general public, Ember had never heard any of this. The word conjured images of pale, bony men in capes that spoke in weird accents and lived in abandon castles. Not normal boys who hung out in hospital rooms with her. Ember shook her head, feeling lost. She would have tried to help this stranger, would have made every attempt she could to make him feel better about his future...

But she had absolutely no clue what he was talking about.

When he asked her about her tears, Ember couldn't help but rub furiously at her eyes. "I'm not crying." She protested, sounding very unconvincing. Ember didn't like for people to see her cry. She always stayed positive and happy, if only for her parents benefit. Optimism was really all she had on some days... but as her attacks grew closer and closer, Ember became fearful. She cried whenever she was sure no one could see her, when she was alone and silent tears could stream down her cheeks freely. She was trying to get a hold of herself now, as she wasn't a fan of the idea that this rude boy would have yet another thing to mock her about. But finally, she gave in, and muttered, "Because I don't want to die."

Unlike him.

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"What am I talking about is the fact that I can't die and before my next birthday, I have to pick someone to spend the rest of my life with. I don't get a choice about it because it's how things have been done for thousands and thousands of years." He was so pissed off about the fact that he was a vampire.

"I suppose it's because of your heart isn't it? I can hear how weak it is." Raphael had no idea how harsh his words could be. "You don't have long left do you?" He wouldn't admit it to himself but he did find her attractive.

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None of what he said made sense to herself. What did he mean he couldn't die? Everyone died! That was the one fact that Em had always been sure of. Thousands and thousands of years... Maybe he belonged to some weird religion? Em couldn't be for sure, and she wasn't sure what questions would lead to the answers she sought.

Her heart constricted in her chest. "I - I..." She glanced at her heart monitor, watching the steady rise and fall of that thin red line. It wasn't nearly as strong as it should have been. Her gaze then fell to her hands, a shadow falling over her face. "I don't know." She said, voice barely a whisper. "My attacks are getting closer and closer. The doctors haven't told me about any changes, but I'm not stupid... I know I may not have much longer." She closed her eyes tightly for a moment to block out any tears that threatened to fall. Once she was sure her ducts were dry once more, she looked up at him, a sad smile coming to her lips. "I just want to see the next snowfall, you know."

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Raphael smirked at her as she tried to make sense of his words. "Oh come on, haven't you heard of us before? There are so many stories written about us. None of them have ever gotten it right though. I suppose that's the point though. Got to keep hidden or people will come after you with steaks and holy water." He looked at her. "I'm not really supposed to talk about this with anyone. Sort of a forbidden thing."

"Why is the snowfall so important?" he asked her. "It's just snow. It come every year." He was looking at her curiously. "You should sit down," he said suddenly. "You look like you're going to pass out."

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"What are you talking about? Us? Stakes and holy water?" Em raised an eyebrow at him, crossing her arms. "Are you sure you aren't a patient here?" Maybe he was a little off his rocker. That would certainly explain his urge to jump off tall buildings... She shook her head, not quite sure what to think. "What do you mean forbidden? This doesn't make any sense!" She was getting frustrated with him...

The ghost of a smile came to Ember's lips, but she complied to his wishes and sat back down on the edge of her bed. "Well, my mother says I was born on the first snowfall of the year... And she would always tell me, when I was sick and here in this hospital, that I just had to hang on until the snowfall came, that everything would be all right after that... So I just - I just try to see the snowfall every year." She shrugged, sighing softly at the thought. The thought of snow was what kept her going on some days.

"Now, would you mind giving me some answers? How did you survive that fall? Who are you really?"

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Raphael looked at her like she was stupid. "Seriously? You're telling me you've never heard of vampires before? Wow. You must really live under a rock. Do I need to show you my fangs or will the fact that I survived a 90 foot drop work as sufficient evidence for you?" He shook his head at her and leaned against the wall next to the window. "And don't even think about asking me if we sparkle in sunlight because of those stupid Twilight books," he said, glaring at her.

"My name is Raphael Keir Winland. My father, Keir Winland, is the head of the council of vampire lords. Nobody but those in government positions even know that we exist. And I have to find a human to bite and make immortal to be my wife and whom I feed from." He crossed his arms, still glaring at her. "Does that answer your questions?"

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"Uh...what?" Emberlyn could only stare at him, completely stupefied as he went on. She couldn't help but glance over at the little stack of books by the wall, the ones that she had kept in her hospital room over the years just to keep herself entertained. A worn copy of Twilight sat at the bottom of the stack.

She shook her head incredulously. "Okay, I think you've been watching way too much Buffy. I'm sorry to tell you but vampires aren't real." But what else could explain how he was still alive? No, no... That's completely ridiculous! Maybe he's, like, a magician or something...

"Fine, if you're a vampire do something vampire-y." She challenged in disbelief, making it clear that she needed more proof.

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Raphael looked her straight in the eyes as he felt his fangs begin to grow. He made sure that his mouth was open as they grew so she didn't accuse him of wearing fake fangs. His words were slightly slurred as he glared at her and said, "Does that work for you, Ember? Or shall I do something else?"

He felt himself become weightless and he floated a few inches above the ground. "How about this?" He circled the younger girl a few times before he set back on the ground. "Do you believe me now?"

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Ember's hand flew to her mouth to stiffle a gasp. Her face had paled, her eyes were wide with astonishment. This boy - Raphael - had fangs and could kind of fly... Which could only mean one thing. "You're really - You're a - Vampire!" Ember exclaimed, stumbling over her words as she spoke. "But...but this is impossible..." She added in a mutter, shaking her head as she clawed for any sort of rational explanation.

And she could think of none.

A thought suddenly came to Emberlyn. "So, that means you can really make someone immortal. You can make me immortal!" She blurted without thinking, momentarily forgetting the part about marriage and bloodsucking in her daze of giddiness. Of course living forever would appeal to someone who wasn't supposed to be alive in the first place.

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Raphael frowned at her and sheathed his fangs. She actually wanted to live forever? Why would someone want to live forever? She would see everyone she loved die and would have to be with him forever, letting him drink her blood. He could not figure this girl out at all.

"Yes," he said bitterly. "I can make one person immortal. But they would have to stay with me so that I could drink their blood. Kind of a symbiotic relationship of sorts. The human lets me drink their blood and they get to live forever." He studied her face. "Why would you want to live forever?" he asked her, incredulously. "You'd be forced to walk this earth, watch everyone you know die as you stay young."

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Ember frowned slightly, her heart constricting in her chest. She hadn't really given much thought to the whole relationship thing or, you know, the blood drinking. Blood rose to her cheeks now in the form of a blush and she hoped he wouldn't notice it.

She looked down, feeling the intensity of his gaze. "Well, I don't know... I didn't think of that." She tried to imagine what it would be like, going to her mother's funeral, watching all her friends grow up and go to college and start families... Could Emberlyn really be that selfish? She felt ashamed of herself for even thinking such a thing. So, she gave him the only reason she could think of, the only small idea that would explain why she would even consider doing something like that. "I guess I'd get to see the snow every year..."

But was that really enough? Ember's head was swimming with all this new information. "So, you're really a vampire? Like, you drink blood and stuff... That sounds gross." Her hand went to rub her neck subconsciously. "No offense or anything. I just... So, you don't want to live forever?"

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Raphael's head tilted to the side as she gave him her reason that she would want to live forever. To see the snow. It was such a small, simple thing. Something he, apparently, had been taking for granted according to her.

As he watched the blood rise to her cheeks, he could feel his fangs start to poke into his bottom lip. He growled softly to himself and stalked over to the chair beside Ember's hospital bed. He dug around in the bag he had fetched from home while she had been sleeping. Pulling out a bottle filled with red tablets, he quickly opened it and swallowed one. Then, he turned around and held the bottle up for her to see.

"No, I don't drink blood. At least not yet. Noble vampires, like me, take these tablets until we're eighteen and then we find a life partner to drink from for the rest of forever, blah, blah, blah. The common vampires are only allowed to have tablets. When they feed from humans, the humans tend to turn into zombies instead of living forever."

He looked down at his feet. "No, I don't want to live forever. The idea doesn't appeal to me."

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Emberlyn's heart seemed to tumble over itself in horror for a second when he mentioned people turning into zombies. Well...that was a little terrifying. "But...do you want to drink blood? Or get married and be immortal?" The words all felt so weird in her tongue. Never in her wildest dreams could Ember have pictures herself talking to a young attractive vampire in her hospital room about immortality and zombies...all while still wearing a sweater with a picture of a cat on it.

"Why were you trying to kill yourself, if you can do all kinds of cool things and live forever?"

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Raphael scoffed. "No. I don't want to drink blood. Living forever? Why would anyone want that? I tried to kill myself because of the, as you put it, 'cool things' I can do." He sighed and slumped down into the chair, the bottle of tablets held loosely in his hand.

"I'm eighteen years old. I have to pick someone in the next few months to spend the rest of forever with. We'll have to depend on each other for out continued survival. Would you want to depend on someone like that?" he asked her. He didn't know what her answer would be, but he bet it would be an interesting answer.

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Em couldn't comprehend why he was so against his abilities and gifts. She figured if you were raised around that kind of stuff, you would be okay with all of it... But then again, maybe not.

"I - I don't know." Ember felt like a deer stopped in headlights and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't seem to make the gears in her mind turn. Was he trying to get her to make some sort of decision or simply aiming to prove his point. "Fine, I get it." She grumbled, looking away. "Vampire stuff sounds hard." For a moment, she had let herself believe that maybe she didn't have to die, that she wouldn't have to worry about her heart attacks anymore...but now that seemed like a little more commitment than she was ready for. She was only seventeen, for God's sake! She couldn't just go get married and donate her blood to some supernatural being! "So... any ideas who you're going to marry or whatever? If you're like a nobleman or whatever you probably have some contenders, right? Is it like something out of a Jane Austen book?" She raised an eyebrow.

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"The only people who know I'm a nobleman are vampires and a few select humans that hold high places in the government," Raphael sighed. He rubbed his face with his hand. "I don't want to go into this with someone who would later resent me for being what I am. I didn't choose to be like this. No, it's like something out of a Jane Austen book."

He looked back up at Ember. "What would you do if you were in my situation? Would you try to kill yourself, or would you gladly live forever?"

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"Oh." Ember said softly, letting her gaze fall to her hands. When he mentioned being a noble, she had imagined luxurious manor homes and grand balls, like something Victorian... Well, it wasn't like that, nor was being a vampire like being a Cullen, so it seemed her fictional knowledge base was failing her.

She was surprised to hear his question, surprised that he even cared about her opinion on the matter. Em was silent for a few moments before she softly said, "I would want to live... I suppose that's not surprising coming from someone who has already had her fair taste of death... But I would never be able to kill myself, not when there's so much - so much out there still to see, so much I haven't done yet... Forever doesn't have to be a punishment, Raphael... At least I don't think so."

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Raphael studied her curiously. He liked her answer. He didn't know why, but he did. He gave her a grudging smile. His thoughts focused on one thing that she said. Forever doesn't have to be a punishment. What else could it be then?

"You took me telling you about what I am pretty well. I always thought that if I told a human what I was, they would run screaming from the room," he admitted to her. He looked her over again, realizing how pretty she was. What if he chose her? She wanted to live and didn't seem to care that he would have to drink her blood.

Raphael shook his head. No. That was a stupid idea. They didn't even know each other and she was so naive about the world.

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Emberlyn blinked in surprise. "Oh, I..." She hadn't really given that much thought either. You haven't been thinking about anything, have you? A little voice nagged in the back of her mind. She wanted to smack herself for the things she had been saying to this boy. It wasn't her fault, though! She really never spent time with people her own age, much less immortal boys her age with supernatural powers.

"I guess I don't scare easy..." She muttered, though that didn't really seem like a good enough reason. Emberlyn shrugged. "Life is too short for over-reacting." Ember really did adjust to things quite easily. You could tell her the world was ending and she would only look surprised for a moment before getting up to do something about it. "And besides, fictitious scenarios can prepare you for anything." Translation: She really needed to spend less time reading and more time...you know, socializing.

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Raphael glanced over at the bookshelf that held many books. He got up and walked over to look at them. She had all sorts of different books over there, including stupid Twilight. He hated those books. So much of the vampires reputation had been changed ever since 'sparkly vampires' were written about. Seriously, sparkles? How unvampirish can you get?

"You have some good books over here," he said. "My father has a huge library in our mansion, with books from all over the world. He has tons of first editions. You would like it," he said casually, picking up a book and turning it over to read the back cover.

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Emberlyn tensed slightly as she watched him walk over to the bookshelf her mom had just put in last month after realizing how many books were being kept here. "Oh...really?" She couldn't get over how strange it was, seeing someone looking at her books. She really didn't share that part of her with anyone. Books were, afterall, the way she lived her life. She went on adventures through the written word because she knew she could never have them in reality. And Em read pretty much anything that was put in front of her, which was probably evident in the way her selections ranged from Romeo and Juliet to Harry Potter to Carrie to a collection of manga she had gotten for Christmas.

"You have a library?" Emberlyn almost choked on the word. Mansion... Okay, maybe more like Jane Austen than he originally said. Em rose to her feet, struggling to untangle herself from her blanket for a moment. She had already disconnected herself from the hospital equipment, even though she probably shouldn't have. So, she was able to walk over to Raphael hesitantly and join him by the shelf. "Oh, that's about pirates. It's pretty cool. I mean, the sequel wasn't very good but..." She shrugged, hugging her arms over her sweater.

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"It's more my dad's library than it is mine. The older books were my grandfather's till he gave them to my dad." Raphael put down the book and picked up another one. This one had a blue dragon on it. "I think I've read this one before," he said before putting it back on the shelf.

"Would you like to see it?" he asked her suddenly. Why he was asking, he didn't know. "That is if you're allowed to leave the hospital." He frowned when he saw that she'd taken off her monitors. "Aren't they going to come in here and yell at you for taking those off?"

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