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message 1: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 2 comments Hi all!

I am searching for a beta reader (or two!) to read over my YA fantasy retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. I've done 3 drafts, and need someone to read for untied loose ends, pacing, and anything that might not work.

Sixteen-year-old Rumilla Coe is known for her fine hand with weaving, spinning and embroidery. The extra money her craft brings is the only thing keeping her and her brother from starving. After she’s forced to bargain away future earnings, Rumilla accidentally spins the flax in her workroom into gold. Rumilla thinks she’s finally solved the problem of her dire poverty, though she’s really unraveled a world of trouble. It wasn’t a miracle that helped her create gold, but sulfur-soaked alchemical science, and in the city of Baden-Platz, being an alchemist is punishable by death.

When Rumilla is caught spinning by her former friend, Halle, her new fortune is stolen from her. Halle claims the gods have blessed her, and the gold is a gift to show their favor. As rumors of the spun gold spread through the city, the girls are forced to rely on each other to navigate the world of forbidden alchemists and blood-thirsty royalty. The Prince hears of the miracle at the mill, and orders Halle to spin three more times. in order to prove her worth. Rumilla will need to master her alchemical ability to spin the flax into gold, because if Halle is uncovered as a fraud, both girls will lose their heads.

If you're interested, either let me know here or message me.


message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Umbaugh | 382 comments Amanda,

Sounds fascinating. How long is it? I have an editorial service with a beat reading arm. If you would like to exchange details, please email me at


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