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message 1: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) 1. I love reading
2. I love writing
3. I am writing a book with a friend of mine and might be getting it published because my aunt knows some publishers
4. I am told I can be very sassy
5. I have read over 500 books since I was 4.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

1. Hate french fries
2. Love dogs
3. Hate cats
4. Have 4 brothers
5. I live with my dad

message 3: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) Nine to meet you Danny.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Nice to meet you too (:|]

message 5: by Ebony (new)

Ebony (ebbie_magic) | 2 comments 1. I love pokémon
2. I have a younger brother
3. I I know all word to most disney songs
4. I can draw
5. I what a tattoo

message 6: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) Nice to meet you Ebbie, I'm Joya

message 7: by Amy D (new)

Amy D | 10 comments 1. Never watched/read/etc Pokemon before.
2. Have a younger sister.
3. Enjoy watching tennis.
4. Love drawing and doodling.
5. Hate using make-up.

message 8: by Reece (new)

Reece Cullen (21rcc48) 1. <3 Reading!
2. Like My Little Pony! (Don't tell.)
3. I hate most types of chocolate.
4. I rock the house on Just Dance!!! XD !!!
5. Video Games are my destiny!

message 9: by Ebony (new)

Ebony (ebbie_magic) | 2 comments Hey Joya nice to meet you too

message 10: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) Hey Reece.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

1.) I keep 5 tubes of BaBy-Lips in my purse (the only make-up I wear)

2.) Advanced in all my classes

3.) I LOVE pandas

4.) Places I wanna go: Hawaii, California, Las Vegas, Australia, Italy, Puerto Rico, Greece, India, the Bahamas, etc.

5.) Free-style dancing is life.

message 12: by Reece (new)

Reece Cullen (21rcc48) Hi Joya.

message 13: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) Hey.

message 14: by Reece (new)

Reece Cullen (21rcc48) You're sarcastic? I had nooooooooooo idea!

message 15: by Reece (new)

Reece Cullen (21rcc48) Who doesn't?

message 16: by Reece (new)

Reece Cullen (21rcc48) Nooooooooo. (sarcastic voice.)

message 17: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) 1. I am doing the 2015 reading challenge
2. I made a bet with a guy from school saying that if I finish my book before he finishes his, he has to get my a candy bar
3. I have owned all the Harry Potter books since I was six and haven't read them yet (I did read the first 11 chapters when I was 6 but then stopped reading them because they were a little to hard)
4. I am very sarcastic
5. People think I'm dumb because I'm blond but I like messing with them in order to get them to know that I'm not dumb *laughs evilly*

message 18: by Reece (new)

Reece Cullen (21rcc48) 1. Also sarcastic.
2. Favorite Teen Titan is Raven.
3. Thinks superstrength is overrated.
4.Loves Narwhals.
5.Wishes I could shapeshift.

message 19: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) Oh more facts:

1. I can block everything, and I mean everything, out when I am reading a book I like
2. I have a signed copy of The Blood of Olympus
3. I bet a guy at arm wrestling after he bet all the other guys
4. I was obsessed with fairies until I was 7
5. I want to be an author when I grow up

message 20: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) ➹How'd Yα Kɴow? {Sαвιɴe Wood}➷ wrote: "◎1. I ∂ση'т тнιηк уσυ нανє тσ gяσω υρ тσ вєcσмє αη αυтнσя αη∂ ѕнαяє ωιтн тнє ωσяℓ∂◎
◎2. I αм νєяу ѕтяσηg αη∂ ιмρσѕѕιвℓє тσ вяєαк {Tαкє тнαт, вυℓℓιєѕ!}◎
◎3. I'м αη α∂ναηcє∂ мємвєя σƒ Gσσ∂яєα∂ѕ◎
◎4. ..."

Same here except for 3 and 5.

I have a story kind of like number five. though.

I was in Mexico and since you have to be 4ft to drink alcohol, my dad said that if I drank sip of beer he'd give my 50 bucks. So I took the bear bottle and took a sip making it look like I swallowed when I didn't. I pretended to go for another sip and spit the beer I had in my mouth back into the bottle, then threw away the beer bottle. So I got the 50 bucks.

message 21: by Reece (new)

Reece Cullen (21rcc48) Heh heh. Coolio.

message 22: by Kelly Brigid ♡ (new)

Kelly Brigid ♡ (anotherbookinthewall) 1. I'm 13, but all my classes are in high school (Geometry, British Literature...etc.)
2. I've never read any of the Harry Potter books OR seen more than 5 minutes of the movies.
3. I love frozen yogurt.
4. I'm Irish, Chinese, and Spanish.
5. I play piano.

message 23: by Kelly Brigid ♡ (new)

Kelly Brigid ♡ (anotherbookinthewall) Dominic wrote: "NICE!!!"


message 24: by Kelly Brigid ♡ (new)

Kelly Brigid ♡ (anotherbookinthewall) 5 more random facts about me.

1. I'm obsessed with Hiro, Baymax, and Big Hero 6.
2. I love rock music.
3. I've been playing volleyball for 5 years.
4. I no longer have braces!
5. I don't have a smartphone.

message 25: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) 1. I like Marvel.
2. I'm. It a big fan of the Percy Jackson movies.
3. I haven't worn a dress that my parents haven't forced my into wearing in about 4-5 years.
4. I'm not sure why but I love mermaids and kind of want to be one someday.
5. My best friend transferred school three years ago because of our bully and now that the bullying for me has gotten worse I might be becoming homeschooled it going to my best friends school.

message 26: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) 1. I have Tendonidous in my right foot.
2. I am hating my 6th period class.
3. I took time to do my hair this morning, which I never do
4. I don't know what else to put
5. Yep still don't know what to put

message 27: by Breanne (new)

Breanne (breegreen_books) 1. I love Taylor Swift
2. I don't like Lord of the Rings
3. I wear glasses
4. I love reading about faeries and fae creatures
5. I love tuna sandwiches

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