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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Mystery/thriller about a detective looking for a child murderer who also killed his sister

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HappyGoBecky | 2 comments I don't remember much about this book - just snippets, but I remember I really enjoyed it. I read it about 15+ years ago. I think the publishing timeline would be between 1985-1999, but most probably the early 90s.

The books starts with the main character as a child - just a brief few pages where his sister (either a twin or very close in age) disappears. Forward to him as an adult, now a detective or police officer. He still lives in the same town - he visits his sister's grave and finds flowers already there. I don't remember the specific type, but the book talks about flower meanings and how these mean regret or apology - he believes them to be from the killer. He leaves his own message to the killer there - a rose stripped of all the leaves but with the thorns still on. I don't remember what this signified.

The murderer is again abducting and killing children. I don't remember much from the middle of the book. I know in the end he finds the killer because of a unique type of tree bark or tree moss or something tree related - he goes to a house with a tree growing inside and finds the most current abducted child. The book talked a great deal about plants and their meanings.

I woke up thinking about this book and just can't find it in my personal collection or remember the title or author or main character's name. Please help if you know what this is! Thank you!

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Lobstergirl | 38279 comments Mod
What country is it set in?

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HappyGoBecky | 2 comments I believe the United States, but I'm not 100% on that. Could have been another English-speaking country.

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Ayshe | 4165 comments Judas Child maybe? Searching for thorn in the google book: he stole a red rose and brought it back to Susan's grave, stripping off the leaves as he walked, but leaving every thorn. In the poetic art of the Persians, this told his sister's visitor, You have everything to fear

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Becky, was your book "Judas Child" or are you still looking?

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