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<-This is the Default template for creating a character. Feel free to use another similar template, if you wish->

Basic Information
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Western/Modern Zodiac:
Eastern/Chinese Zodiac:

Internal Details
Personality In Detail (3 sentences min.):
Likes and Desires:
Dislikes and Hatreds:
History/Backstory (6 sentences min.):

Physical Description
Appearance (IMAGE required):
Eye Color (Normal):
Eye Color (Powered):
Hair Color:
Skin Tone/Color

Relational Information
Current Relationship Status:
Past Relationships:
Sexual Preference:
Immediate Family:
Other Significant Family/Friends:

Magical Abilities
Primary Ability (1 max.):
Secondary Abilities (1-3 max.):

Other Information:

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Basic Information
First Name: Anyaraku
Middle Name: Rangeku
Last Name: Fujioka
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 14/02
Place of Birth: Australia
Western/Modern Zodiac:
Eastern/Chinese Zodiac:

Internal Details
Personality In Detail:
Anya has a strong and silent aura about her. Most of the time she is quiet and only has herself or Yoruichi(her cat) for company. But thats just how she likes it. She prefers to keep her true emotions hidden from anyone.
Likes and Desires:
-quiet places
-catching up with Yoruichi
-sitting in trees and watching the clouds pass by
Dislikes and Hatreds:
-rude and arrogant people
-people who stare at her because of her unnatural eye colour
-the company of people who can't be serious and just joke around.
-Most men (she's never met a man who doesn't tick her off)

History/Backstory (6 sentences min.):
Anya was abandoned at the doorstep of an orphanage in Australia. When she was five, three men broke into the orphanage and murdered everyone there. Anya had found a way to squeeze through a crack in the wall behind her bed and hide. She sat in horror as she listened to the screamed of women, babies and little children. When the men had gone, little Anya came out to see a scene of death. She ran from the orphanage, calling for her mother, but alas no one heard her cries. She made a temporary home in a laundry basket. She suffered from nightmares and usually woke in the night in sweat and tears. All she could she was blood, no matter where she looked or what she did. Anya was found by a maid from a wealthy manor up the road. She was taken in by the owner, Peter Grace, and raised as his own. She had a sharp brain, well past her age average. She had left primary school by the age of 9. Thalia and her family then went touring around the world for four years so that when Thalia started high school, she wasn't the youngest in her class. It was when they were on tour that Anya discovered she had powers and she ran away to prevent the kind people who had been like her parents from getting hurt.

Physical Description
Appearance (IMAGE required):

When using powers

Eye Color (Normal): Extremely pale blue to almost white
Eye Color (Powered): Bright amber with green near her pupils
Hair Color: Jet black
Skin Tone/Colorever so slightly tan
Ethnicity: Japanese/Indian
Markings/Tattoo/etc.: Claw scars on her neck

Relational Information
Current Relationship Status: Single
Past Relationships: Never had a relationship
Sexual Preference: Straight
Immediate Family: None (deceased)
Other Significant Family/Friends: None

Magical Abilities
Primary Ability (1 max.):
-Darkness Manipulation Abilities (1-3 max.):
-Ice Generation
-Ice Manipulation
-Water manipulation

Other Information: Strengths
-using flash steps
-ability to travel at a fast speed while making no noise
-ability to blend into surroundings
(None of the abilities above are powers. They are physical abilities anyone can achieve with the right training)

-her tounge
-her attitude
-her temper
-rice (Anya will kill for it. Literally)

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Anyaraku is Approved.

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Sorry, I know some of these paragraphs are kind of run-on so don't feel pressured to read all of it ;)

Name: Aislin Clare Connolly [Pronunciation: ASH-lynn]
Nickname: Ashe

Age: Sixteen
Date of Birth: November Eighteenth
Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon, United States of America
Zodiac: Scorpio
Birth Stone: Citrine (Topaz)
Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

Personality: Ashe is extremely intelligent in more ways than just subject smarts, this is one of the reasons why she can perform complex feats of manipulation and magic. She is quite astute, strategic and is always precise about her actions until she gets a feel for a person. She is able to glean information from people without their knowledge of it and is constantly hungry to learn more. Ashe stays very true to the traits of a Scorpio (read article for more information on her personality) she is serious in her mission to learn about others and she has little use for idle chatter. She seeks secrets and knows ways to read people. Other than her knowledge of people and other school-related things, Ashe is extremely cunning and sly. Deceiving and trickery is something that has always come easy and it bothers her so she shoves it back and attempts to forget about it. Ashe is stubborn almost to the point of annoyance and she can be rash when it comes to the people she loves, but most of her actions are are done out of love and compassion. Ashe believes that it is nobodies job but her own to control her and she is quite fierce about this principle. She will not be told what to do when she believes that it is right. Her loyalty and bravery are unwavering and she would give her own life in a heart beat for the ones she loves. This is one of her greatest weaknesses and strengths all the same.

(view spoiler)

Current Relationship Status: Single
Past Relationships: N/A
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Immediate Family: Her living parents and grandmother, and unknown relatives living in Scotland and Italy.
Other Significant Family/Friends: None at the moment (hopefully to be added).


Faceclaim: Luca Hollestelle
(view spoiler)
Physical Description: Ashe is 5'3" and she is very light in weight, only 106 pounds. She does not have more than a pound of fat on her whole body. Her body is also rather on the bony side, though when her skin is exposed, the muscle that she does have is very prominent and somewhat surprising, considering her stature and weight. Ashe is incredibly flexible with a thin and nimble body. She is always light footed and alert, somewhat like a cat. Ashe has a narrow figure, with only slight curves, much to her dismay. Ashe has wild, straight, flaming red hair that is extremely attractive and vivid. Her hair is extremely striking and lovely. It is thick and silky, usually falling in a mane to her mid back. Her hair is usually wind blown looking in a pleasing way. Ashe's skin is a pale ivory, soft and lovely, spattered with a thick, agreeable layer of light brown freckles. Ashe has long red eyelashes matching her hair and slender eyebrows, usually arched slyly. When she blushes, her cheeks and ears are said to turn the same shade as her hair. Her eyes are a dark coffee brown, her pupil is almost indiscernible from the iris as the pupil is ringed with a blackish-brown color, growing somewhat lighting in shade farther from the pupil. Though the shade of brown her eyes are depends mostly upon her mood (dark when angry or desiring, lighter when she is in a good mood). Ashe is extremely stealthy and is vertically noiseless when she wants to be, making her quite dangerous.

History: Ashe had a nice childhood, growing up in a small house with her mother, Jocelyn Connolly and her father, Cain Connolly, who were both highly skilled Sorcerers. They taught her from a young age to use her powers and she attended a small school for the first twelve years of her life. Ashe was well beyond her year in school and she learned from the time she was old enough to walk to love music and art. Her mother taught her to play many instruments and sing and her grandmother, Dorothea Mullally, taught her to draw and paint. Though, the day before her thirteenth birthday, her powers began to stir, to become much stronger than she was used to. She was pushed down by a bully in her school and she snapped. Ashe bent the gravity around her and threw the boy at the school building with enough force to crack the wall. He did not die but was extremely injured. It so happens that on that day she would be leaving for Academiae Veneficium. The police arrived and Ashe's parents came to retrieve her before anything could happen to their daughter. She returned to her home and was met with an agent. Ashe was quickly and confusedly swept away to an unknown place. The Academiae.


Manipulation of the Aether
Ashe's primary power is manipulation of the Aether, also known as Quintessence. The Aether is the element that flows through every living life force. This element is quite complex and very few have been known to use it. She gained the power from her mother, who was a highly skilled user of the Aether. Ashe is still learning to control her powers, though she is already skilled as her mother or more. Though, the power tires her out easily as it quite energy draining (pun intended).

Music Manipulation
Ever since Ashe was young she has immensely appreciated music and therefore decided to take up the manipulation of it. She is highly skilled at the piano, violin, and harp, though she also knows how to play a myriad of other instruments making this ability perfect for her.

Ashe can give crude life to inanimate objects and this skill has always fascinated her, giving life to something that otherwise wouldn't have it. Her grandmother held this ability and she had begged her to teach Ashe the lovely power.

Color Manipulation
Ashe has the ability to manipulate colors, which she self taught to herself at a young age. This power fits her as she has a great appreciation for life and beauty, color, music, art, literature. She is also great at this skill as she has access to the symbolism in color as well. Ashe loves to draw and paint, she is skilled with her nimble hands.

- Her temper
- The people she loves
- Confined Spaces
- Heights

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