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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) So, questions? Input on anything?

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Well, I'm thinking that my character is a fire elemental, centaur or mermaid. Which one do you like better?

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) haha I actually planned on my charrie being a mermaid, and I think perhaps something like a centaur would work best. Though there are other things too that you can have take on a human form, like you could have them be a dragon who has a human form, or a chimera or something. It doesn't have to have a human form normally ^_^

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Oh cool!!! I think I'll go dragon then. I love dragons.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) XD haha okay~

So, for profiles want to just do something simple? Cause I'd love to go simplish (like by simple I mean we don't have to do an entire profile with a personality and history writtten out)

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I love simple templates. ^^ I'm out and on my phone right now so my template will be a little rugged. I'll make it pretty and stuff when I get on my laptop later tonight

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ^_^ okay~ I'll go ahead and post mine first lol

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) I threw in just a little bit of history for him but you really don't have to do the same

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Okie dokie

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) XD its honestly more for my reference than anything else lolz

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Age: 18

Personality: Ruby is a very independent person. She hates that she has been trapped in her human form and rebels against every master she has been forced to serve. All she wants is to fly through the air again.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) XD nice~

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Thanks!! Do you want me to post first?

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) nah I got it ^_^ I wanna set the mood and jizz

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Okie dokie :D

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Tall, graceful, and with his gaze cool and rather disinterested, Cyraeni Arroyo, or Arroyo as he was more commonly referred to by, left his study when one of his slaves told him that his package was here. He walked with cool confidence out and down the main stairs to the entrance hall, where most of his slaves, outside of those who needed to be preparing his meal, were standing. They bowed lowly the minute he was within sight, and only rose again after he had passed by them.

When he approached the doors, two slaves opened them for him and revealed a few men, who were between them holding a rather large cage. Within it was his 'package', his newest addition to the household. He had been looking for a while now for a new slave that he believed would be capable of handling his....more personal matters. He had heard rumors that this slave wore a collar around her neck, and that she would start to panic if it was removed, not that Arroyo really cared. The slave could keep his little trinket on, so long as he was obedient. And when it came to the slaves of Arroyo......they knew better than to be disobedient. As the men set the cage down containing his new slave, he wrinkled his nose in distaste. The filthy thing would no doubt stain his carpet, and he could tell from the shifting of one of the slaves he owned near him that they were going to clean it as soon as the cage was gone.

Not wanting to wait and let the grime get ground into his carpets, he slid his slender fingers into his pocket and withdrew a pouch of coins and threw them at the nearest carrier. "For your troubles." he purred coolly, then gestured at the cage. The man weighed the pouch in his hand, then grinned and pocketed it before unlocking the cage. They lifted it up and tilted it forward, forcing the slave inside to be dumped out rather unceremoniously onto his carpet. With that done, they all bowed to Arroyo, then turned and left.

Arroyo took his time walking around the newest addition to his slaves, examining her from all angles. "Stand up, girl." he said to her, crossing his arms over his chest and waiting.

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Ruby Emelth had been sitting in her cage with her arms crossed, glaring at the door. Just before it opened, she pulled at the collar on her neck. What she would give right now to be flying through the skies of her mountain home. She cursed the hunters who had captured her and forced her to stay in her human form.

Her mental cursing was interrupted as she tumbled out of the cage. She gasped and hissed at them. When her new 'master' ordered her to stand, she looked up at him, crossed her arms again, and glared at him with red eyes. "No," was all she said as she met his eyes. She refused to be a plaything for yet another master. She was a dragon.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) The slaves around Arroyo and the girl gasped, all of them with fear for her life on their faces.

Arroyo grinned, a dark grin that made his entire face darken with anger and his eyes spark. "No?" he purred, his voice entirely too sweet to match the expression he harbored currently. "Oh, you misunderstand. I was not asking you." his hand snaked out to grip her throat, crushing it in his hand with barely any effort as he lifted her up in one hand by her throat. "I ordered you, and it would be wise to listen to my orders if your pathetic existence means anything." he growled out as he stared down into her face. Seeming to lose interest, he suddenly tossed her away, only he did so with more force than an ordinary human possessed so that she slammed hard into the stone wall by the door.

Walking up to her, his look one of disinterest, he said, "Now, stand up girl. Unless you want to try to fly without wings from the roof of this building. I have very little patience for fools, so make up your mind quick on whether you want to live or die."

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Ruby hated this weak shape. Hated the collar. Hated this person who now owned her. If he knew her true from, he would not dare to be so disrespectful to her. She pictured roasting him alive or being squashed beneath her feet. Cut in half by her claws.

She gazed up at up him, her vision blurry for a few moments and small traces of blood making their way down her back and arms. She looked fearfully at him when he threatened to throw her off the roof. Because of the stupid collar, she wouldn't be able to transform and she would die. She didn't want to die. She wanted to be free.

She lowered her gaze to the floor and stood up slowly, her hand on the wall to steady her as her head swam. "Yes, master," he said quietly.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Arroyo nodded his head. "Good. I'm glad you have some sense after all. It is clear to me the other masters who had you were fools if you believed you could get away with such behaviors." he said, eyeing her critically. "But, that matters little as soon you will know what to do or not do." He glanced at the other slaves. "I tell this to all my slaves, but if you behave yourself, and do as your told, then I will allow you to buy back your freedom. However, if you are disruptive or go against my rules, then it increases the debt in which you must pay before you go free." he pointed to one of the slaves. "The young man over there, Finn, has almost bought back his freedom already, and he's been here less than 2 months. If he behaves for another week, then he'll be free and able to use the skills I taught him to return home and be able to provide for those he cares for. I do not lie when I say you have a chance to be free. I do not go back on my word." he said seriously. "So, if you really hate it here, then you'll prove it by working hard and following orders, understood?"

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Ruby gasped in shock and raised her head to meet his eyes, searching to see if he was lying. She could be free? She could leaves behind these humans who enslaved others and return to her beloved mountain? It had to be too good to be true.

When she remembered the hunters, she realized it was. Were they still hunting her? And if she disobeyed this one too much, she was going to be sent directly to them. She couldn't let that happen. Should she obey and earn her freedom? Or disobey and be sold to the hunters who would recognize the collar and kill her.

She bit her lip as she thought, her mind consuming her and she forgot where she was and did not answer Arroyo.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Arroyo grabbed her by her hair and yanked on it to get her attention. "Speak when you are spoken to." he growled to her, his eyes dangerously dark. It was clear from the short waiting period that he did not have much patience, at least where his slaves were concerned. He could tell she was lost in thought, which was why he didn't hit her, instead he had settled for a reminder of his presence. There were a number of ways he could do so, but he figured yanking her by the hair would be the best way to obtain her attention. He needed to hurry and wrap this up, if he didn't get into the water soon.....he shook his head and growled bad-temperedly, waiting for her response.

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Ruby yelped in pain as he pulled on her hair. Her scared look reappeared on her face as she stammered out, "Y-yes, master. I understand." She decided then, that she would do just the right amount of trouble just before she was to be freed. She would do this however long it took till she found a way to get rid of the collar and escape slavery for good. Until then, she had to obey and do everything thing this likely spoiled brat told her to do. Her eyes started to water with pain from his hold on her and the knocking about she had gotten when he threw her. "Please, master, it hurts," she whimpered out.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) "Good. Maybe you will remember the pain next time you are supposed to respond." he said, letting go of her hair. "Now then, I purchased you because I have need of one who is strong, how much can you lift?" he inquired, crossing his arms over his chest again. He had to see if she'd be able to handle carrying him should the need ever arise. And, with the way he had been busy lately, should would be replaced with when. Speaking of when, he had to go soon before he changed in front of everyone. He wasn't in the mood to have them all freak out in front of him again like last time. "Hurry up and answer." he grumbled.

((btw, she can still be stronger than a normal human))

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"Yes, master," she said, resisting the urge to rub her head. She had to keep one hand in the wall because she still felt dizzy. "I can lift over two thousand pounds, master." She prepared herself for the strange look and questions she was going to get. 'How was someone so small able to lift so much?' She never answered that question because it would mean revealing what she was and she would rather die before do that. This was the only ability her collar was unable to suppress.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Arroyo quirked his brow at her words, but didn't question it. It wasn't unusual for the occasional human to be stronger than normal, that's what their weight lifting thing was for. "Alright, then you will be my personal assistant." He said, then turned and strode away. "Follow me." he said without looking back.

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Ruby was shocked to be placed so highly in his household. She was stuck in place for only a moment before she remembered that she was supposed to be following him. She hurried forward and took her place behind him as she followed him. She could feel the looks of the humans on her as she did so and could tell that they were all wondering about her. Well she was wondering about her new master. He wasn't the cruelest she had been forced to serve but neither was he the kindest.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Arroyo led her to his personal chambers on one of the upper levels of the mansion. Within his chambers was an enormous pool. Turning to face her, though he was risking it, he said, "I'm telling you this now, so that potentially you won't lose your top. I am not human. As my personal servant you must know this as there might be times where I will require your assistance while I am in my other form. While I am one of the Supernaturals who are allowed around humans, thus my high standing being possible, I do not like to bandy about my species." He moved to remove his shirt, frowning as his legs started to tremble. He didn't have much time left. "I have particular needs that must be met so that I can remain a functioning member of society. And if those needs are not met then something hap-" before he could finish speaking, his body started to change. His hair lightened to a silvery-blue shade, and his legs fused together to become a tail, tearing his pants to shreds in the process. Arroyo dropped to the ground away from his salt water pool with a curse, then looked up at her. "Well, to sum it up, I have to go into saltwater every few days or so, or else this happens." he said, scowling. He flapped his hand at her and said, "Well? What are you waiting for? Help me get into the water!" he ordered.

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Ruby was frozen in shock. She couldn't believe that her new master was a mermaid. Merman? Merperson? She didn't know exactly what to call him.

When he snapped at her, she came out of her reverie and bent down to pick him up. "Yes, master." It was very easy. She had expected him to be heavier and almost tossed him over her head. One arm went under his tail and the other under his arm. She carried him over to the pool and set him in it gently. She had considered tossing him in but didn't feel like getting yelled at at the moment.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Arroyo disappeared beneath the waters surface for a long moment, for the pool was considerably deeper than one might believe, though he had done as such on purpose so that he could have plenty of space to swim. When he resurfaced, his face seemed to have more color in it, on top of which, his temperament seemed to have changed as well. "At least you didn't gawk at me." he said softly, flicking his now silvery blue hair out of his face. "I hate it when people stare at me." he scowled at her. "If you'd gawked, I would have chucked you into the pool with me."

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Ruby shivered when he said he would have thrown her in the pool. She didn't know how to swim and she didn't know how that much water would affect the collar that kept her true form contained. "I am thankful that you didn't, master, for I cannot swim." She glanced at him briefly before she lowered her eyes again. She wondered how long he would have to be in there and if he would let her sit down if it was for a long time. Her eyes darted around the room every so often as she looked at her surroundings.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) "Yeah, guess it is." Arroyo said, moving to dive back into the water again. Being above the salt water in his pool for too long would make it hard to breathe, something he hated for obvious reasons. He surfaced again after a few minutes and glanced at her. Seeing her still standing, he rolled his eyes. "You can sit down, ya know. But don't stick your feet in my pool. They're filthy." he wrinkled his nose, then shot across the pool. "Before you do though, come over here and hit this button." he said, pointing at the heat button on a thermostat for the pool. "Its too cold in here.

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She wrinkled her nose at him and glared. She knew she was dirty and didn't appreciate that he pointed it out. "It's not my fault they wouldn't let me clean myself," she snapped at him before walking over to the thermostat and pressing the button he indicated. Then she walked back over to where she had been before and sat down, crossing her legs and tugging at her collar. She wondered if he was going to try and take it off her as her previous masters had.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) "I never said it was your fault." He snapped back, smacking his tail down powerfully in the water to soak her. "Don't think I won't still drown you." he warned, his bad temper returning until the water started to heat up. He relaxed more into the water, only his head above the surface as his tail moved to keep him above water.

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Ruby squeaked and scrambled back from the pool. She wiped furiously at her collar, trying to dry it off. She didn't know what saltwater would do to it. Rain and the water she used to bathe didn't do anything but saltwater was new. She tried to look down at it as best she could while wiping at it with her shirt sleeve. She gave Arroyo a frightened look as she wrapped her arms around her legs and tried to make herself as small as possible.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Arroyo snorted at her response. It was rather ridiculous. He did, however, watch her reaction to her collar getting wet with interest. It seemed to be of some importance to her, and while that made him interested, it did not raise his curiosity enough to actually care. "What's your deal? I didn't chuck you in the pool, you just got splashed." he grunted, moving to rest his chin on the edge of the pool.

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Ruby bit her lips as she tried to think of a way to answer his question without revealing what she was. "I-I just...I don't know if saltwater is bad for it. If it will make it..." She paused in her explanation. "If it will make it come off. I can't have it come off. Not yet." She winced as she revealed more about it than she had meant to. What would he think of his strange little slave who could lift a ton and who seemed to want to keep the collar around her neck?

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) "I see....so it is of importance to you in one way or another." Arroyo moved to push off from the edge of the pool and swim a lap from one end of the pool to the other. When he returned, he merely shrugged and said, "Alright. I don't care then." And that was it. He actually wasn't all to curious about it to start with. He glanced at her, then said, "After I dive down and back up again, I'll be ready for you to pull me out, think you can handle it?"

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"Yes, master. It is more important than I would like it to be," she muttered, scowling down at her knees. When he asked her if she could pull him out, she nodded her head. "Yes, master. I can pull you out of the pool." She rose from her spot on the floor and walked over to the edge of the pool so that she would be ready when he returned to the surface. She wondered, briefly, how he was going to get his legs back.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Arroyo considered her words as he dove down to the very bottom of the pool, his body as a merman was made to deal with the water pressure. Upon reaching the bottom of the pool, he spun in a circle and swam a few laps around the bottom of the pool. He moved to swim back up to the surface and exploded powerfully out of the top of the pool, water spraying everywhere as he splashed down into the water again. He moved over to the edge of the pool so she could lift him out of the pool.

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Ruby flinched in surprise at the water but knew now that it would not affect her collar. She leaned down and, placing her hands under Arroyo's arms, lifted him out of the pool. She carried him away from her body and set him down gently on the ground. Then, she took a couple of steps back and waited for him to tell her what to do next. She caught a whiff of herself and her nose wrinkled in disgust. When she had been a dragon, she had never let herself get this filthy. She hated slave traders and their lack of personal hygiene products.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) "After you help me dry off so I can shift back, you're taking a shower. I never allow my slaves to get this filthy, and after today, I never expect you to be in this state again." he said, wrinkling his nose. It was much more sensitive to smells than when he was human. "There are towels over there." he said, indicating a small closet to the side of the pool. "Grab some and dry me off, but don't look while you do it if you're uncomfortable with nudity. I don't turn back with clothes on."

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"Thank you, master," she said gratefully as she went to go fetch the towels. She had not problem with nudity and didn't understand why humans found it to be such a private thing when they had paintings and sculptures of nude men and women. She returned with the towels quickly and got to work drying him off, starting with his tail, which she grudgingly admitted to herself was somewhat pretty. But, not as pretty as she was as a dragon. Like all of her species, she was incredibly vain.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) "You say thank you, but its for my benefit as much as yours. I hate things that smell." He said, watching her get his towels. When she started to dry his tail off, he flicked his tail and spat, "Oi! Gentle! Jeez, trying to scrub the scales off?!" He turned to look at her, his silvery blue hair falling across his face in an alluring way as his silvery blue scales shimmered faintly in the light.

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Ruby resisted rolling her eyes at him. Was she not allowed to hate the way she smelled right now? He wasn't the one who had to smell it up close the last couple of days. "Sorry, master," she said, and dried his tail more gently. She was used to scales being hard and needing more vigorous cleaning. She looked at his face and grudgingly admitted that he looked handsome before returning to her task.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) (GAH! WHERE DID MY POST GO?! I replied to this!))

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) When she started to be more gentle with drying him off, he relaxed and stretched out on the floor, eyes half closed. He liked the feeling of things caressing his scales, though he would never admit it. Which meant that he liked her drying his scales off. Again though, this was something that he would never admit, even as he relaxed more and more on the floor. It would probably be obvious by this point that he liked what she was doing.

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((I hate when that happens))

Ruby looked at him incredulously as he seemed to melt into the floor as she dried his tail. Seriously? She'd had masters who liked kinky things but this had to be the strangest. She hurried up with drying his scales and moved to his torso and arms. She did them briskly but thoroughly because she wanted to be done with this task and get cleaned.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ((me too))

As she started to dry off his arms and torso, his tail started to gradually assume the form of a humans lower counterpart once again. As this happened, Arroyo's fingers dug into the tile beneath his body, closing his eyes and tensing up at the pain that assailed him at the transformation. As if being cursed to turn into his merman form if he didn't go regularly into saltwater, shifting back was always painful as well. When the pain had subsided enough that he could open his eyes, he looked up at her with a dark expression that was not directed at her per se, but rather at what he was feeling. "Carry me to my bedroom." he said, his voice sounding rough from containing his pain.

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