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1x1 > Boy? Girl? A Witches Struggle with Kikki and Kelly

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message 1: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Awesome ^-^* So do we want to do a MxM, MxF->FxF, or what?

message 2: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Well, since this kinda has to take place before puberty, I'm not sure how well romance might get played into this haha

message 3: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Oh lol that's so true DX ok den.

message 4: by Morgan (last edited Jan 25, 2015 11:20AM) (new)

Morgan So do you want the witch guy person >.>?

message 5: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) XD haha sorry, but if we make progress in the roleplay there is always the potential for a time skip ahead some years that could open the potential for romance?

And ah yeah, but like I said the other main character can be a witch as well, or maybe a demon or angel or something

message 6: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Yeah I guess.

And maybe a fallen angel or something. So is it just going to be role played as when they're friends

message 7: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) They could, unless you wanted to make your character a year or two older than mine then they could have a crush on mine or another NPC character if you'd like ^_^

message 8: by Morgan (last edited Jan 25, 2015 11:29AM) (new)

Morgan I might make her It's a she right, since it's an all girls school? A year older

message 9: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Yeah its a she ^_^

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