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Jean-christian | 31 comments Hi everybody,

I couldn't find an edition corresponding to mine for this book and was about to create a new one when I realized that french editions were messed up.

The first book edition I checked was this one : Fahrenheit 451.

The edition states it was published in 1995 so the cover is clearly wrong because Denoël stopped this kind of covers (with an illustration in a circle against a plain color background) around 1990.
Furthermore, the given ISBN (2207305449) was not used for this book prior september of 1995.

So, my guess on this edition is that informations are right but the cover is from an older one.
A copy of the correct cover can be taken from my profile

Please note that I can also provide number of pages, a description and the translators to complete the informations on this edition but I will give them on a separate comment on this thread to keep things simple.

Now, for this Fahrenheit 451 edition

It states to have been published in 1966, to have the ISBN 2207300080 and features a cover that was used for the 1992, 1995 and 1996 editions of the book

My guess is that cover and ISBN are right but publication date is wrong. It should probably be 1992 as the 1995 and 1996 had a different ISBN
Couverture de 1989 avec ISBN ancien

I also noticed that this Fahrenheit 451 edition features a cover that should clearly be removed as it is a partial image of the cover which was used for the french edition by Denoël from 1979 until 1989 (the collection's name "Présence du futur" is clearly visible on top).

These observations come from my personal experience of the "Présence du futur" collection and some informations can be cross checked on Noosfere

Jean-christian | 31 comments Here are the informations I can provide to complete the Fahrenheit 451 edition :

- number of pages : 304
- translators : Jacques Chambon and Henri Robillot
- Contributors : Jacques Chambon and Éric Langumier

Description :

From the back of the book:
Montag est un pompier du futur d'un genre particulier : il brûle les livres. Jusqu'au jour où il se met à en lire, refuse le bonheur obligatoire et rêve d'un monde perdu où la littérature et l'imaginaire ne seraient pas bannis. Devenant du coup un dangereux criminel...

Quatre textes de Ray Bradbury réunis pour la première fois ( deux nouvelles qui ont préparé le roman, deux essais sur sa genèse et les formes diverses que peut prendre la censure ) et des commentaires pour une lecture raisonnée d'un des plus beaux livres sur les livres et la mémoire des hommes.

Please note that I reproduced exact wording of the text on the back of the book including spacing, bolding and underlining.

Z-squared | 8580 comments re the first edition w/ ISBN 2207305449:

I found the same cover listed on amazon w/ a different pub date but the same ISBN:

You state "Furthermore, the given ISBN (2207305449) was not used for this book prior september of 1995."

Can you tell me how you're certain of this?

When books are reissued with new covers but old ISBNs, we create alternate cover editions (ACEs). I have made an ACE with your cover image here:

For the second edition you linked to w/ ISBN 2207300080, fixed pub date.

for the third edition w/ ISBN 0889020272, i removed the cover and left a librarian note to hopefully discourage someone adding it again. but that note won't stop an amazon database upload from doing the same thing, not unless i can find a real cover image to put in its place :(

Jean-christian | 31 comments Hi Z-squared,

About the edition with ISBN 2207305449:

Denoël published the book under the label "présence du futur" for the first time in 1955.

There were at least 18 reprints until the end of the label (around 2000) with a total of 5 different covers.

This particular cover was used at least for 5 prints of the book.

So it is no surprise you found it with a different publication date and same ISBN.

As for the why the ISBN is wrong, I know it because the 1995 edition was a different book since it was "extended" with 2 short stories and 2 essays, all from Bradbury whereas the previous editions only had the novel.

Also the translation was a bit different from the previous one.

I have the 1995 edition and previously had an older one so I know the information I give is accurate.

The link I give on Noosfere gives informations about mostly all known editions. The green bullets indicating editions which are reliable because the book was checked by a Noosfere affiliate.

So, my cover can be used as an alternate cover of some editions but the ISBN is still wrong and the description I gave cannot be used on editions prior to 1995.

Hope this helps.


Z-squared | 8580 comments I admit to being slightly confused now.

I have no argument with noting a 1995 edition with your ISBN in the description field, which is what I did here. Are you saying that cover is NOT an alternate cover edition of ISBN 2207305449?

Or are you saying that ISBN 2207305449 was not used on the 1981 edition with the red cover? If so, how do you know that? Can you tell me what ISBN that edition DID use? That would solve a lot of problems...

Noosfere isn't a site Goodreads librarians are allowed to use for publication information, to my knowledge.

Please be aware that there are pretty strict rules about how to change editions. The most important one to keep in mind is that the cover takes precedence. Since the red cover was created on this edition at the same time as the apparently bogus publication data was, I have to change the publication data, NOT the cover. But I also can't move ISBNs from one record to another without rock-solid proof there's been a mistake. Hence my willingness to make you an ACE and my reticence to move the ISBN.

Jean-christian | 31 comments Z-squared wrote:

"Or are you saying that ISBN 2207305449 was not used on the 1981 edition with the red cover? If so, how do you know that? Can you tell me what ISBN that edition DID use? That would solve a lot of problems..."

Hi Z-squared,

That's exactly the case, the ISBN 2207305449 was not used on the 1981 edition.
The ISBN for editions of "Fahrenheit" published by Denoël under their collection "Présence du futur" from 1980 to 1995 is 2207300080.

In 1995 the book was published two times, the second time the ISBN was changed to 2207305449 because the book was modified.

Z-squared | 8580 comments Ok, all fixed now. You mentioned that there were different translators, different translations and thus would need different descriptions for each. If you'd like, please feel free to check each edition now to make sure the additional info is correct. I copy and pasted random french descriptions i found so at least all the French editions would have a French description, but I didn't pay attention to translators/introductions/etc.

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