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Recommendations, please... > Three amazing Urban Fantasy series everyone should be reading:

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MJ Codename: ♕Duchess♕ (heyitsthemj) The first already has a buddy type read going on and that's Kim Harrison's The Hollows. There's already a thread so I won't get into it here. But they're amazing and need to be read.

The second is The Nightside series by Simon R. Green. I tried reading them, but they were sort of flat to me. However, I started listening to them on audio and I personally find them better that way. I absolutely love the main character, John Taylor. He's British (as is Simon) and the books take place in underground London. I really, really want to see John Taylor work with:

Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files). EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THESE BOOKS, OMFG. These started coming out before Harry Potter. So if you ever see shirts that say I'm the Harry you've never heard of; they're Dresden fans. Harry is a Wizard in Chicago, he has a skull named Bob who is full of information and obsessed with romance novels, a blue buggy that's not so blue anymore, and a cat. He works with a special division of the police department and ends up in more trouble than the poor guy should be in.

And, for you Buffy fans; James Marsters does the audio books. Except for Ghost Story. He was busy filming and John Glover filled in for it.

Scifi (before it became Syfy) tried turning the books into a show called the Dresden Files. It didn't last more than once season and there are a lot of changes. However, if you've ever heard Jim talk about it in a panel at a con, many of the changes were necessary.

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Kari (mazuka) | 427 comments Thanks for the recommendation. I haven't read any of these yet and I love Fantasy!

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