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Praise Her, Praise Diana by Anne Rothman-Hicks by Anne Rothman-Hicks & Kenneth Hicks

Genre: Thriller

Praise Her, Praise Diana

Book Description:

Call it life imitating art—author Maggie Edwards publishes a chapter of a book detailing seduction, murder and castration by a protagonist named Diana, and suddenly a woman code-named Diana begins to mimic her actions in real time. Women who have been abused find Diana to be an inspirational figure, and begin to fight back in her name. Soon violence erupting throughout New York City threatens to spiral out of control. As the police try desperately to identify Diana, Maggie's high-powered lawyer, Jane Larson, finds herself at the center of an investigation that threatens to upend the entire world around her.

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Sharon (seb1) | 137 comments I would love to read and review this book in mobi format, please. I review books on both Amazon and Goodreads. - thanks!

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sent in your requests

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Kenneth Hicks | 5 comments Michael wrote: "It sounds like an interesting story. I'd be happy to review it, but I don't have a Barnes and Noble account. If you want to send it along anyway, I'll take mobi or epub. Please send to authormichae..."

Hi Michael,
We tried to send the book but AOL told us there was something wrong with the email address. Is it correct?

Sharon (seb1) | 137 comments All set - thank you!

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Kenneth Hicks | 5 comments Just sent, Michael. Thanks!

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