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Deadhouse Gates (Malazan Book of the Fallen, #2)
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Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Discussion of Chapter 20 ONLY please, no spoilers for any other part of the book!

Paul (paul_sff) | 68 comments The Pearl reveal was great =) Good chapter. I'm going to finish up the book and then write a review at the end. If I have any questions, I'll post in the rest of the chapters, but if not, I'm just going to finish up.

Alex Willis (fightingokra) | 71 comments Not that I ever disliked the book, but up until this chapter I enjoyed GotM more than the slower pace of DG. Chapter 20 has me questioning this as it was just a tremendous chapter paying off all of the groundwork laid in previous chapters.

There was a scene in a previous chapter when it was discovered that the Ragstopper was headed off course to Malz City, Salk Élan was smiling while the captain was frowning. In this I figured Salk was up to no good, but never once suspected he had an open warren guiding the ship and was a member of Claw.

I like seeing loyalties pay off and Apt and the boy coming to Kalam's defense was a nice moment, that hopefully will have its payoff later. How would you like Cotillan to be you uncle lol?

The events at the end of the chapter completely overshadowed Duiker's fine soldiering abilities in leading the refugees safely into the gates of Aren. He seems almost sad that the journey has reached its destination and I wonder if he will miss the life of a soldier once he is back to being a historian. I am curious what the note from his lover says and how the leaders of Aren will receive Duiker and the refugees.

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