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Deadhouse Gates (Malazan Book of the Fallen, #2)
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Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Discussion of Chapter 10 ONLY please, no spoilers for any other part of the book!

message 2: by Dale (last edited Feb 13, 2015 08:12PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dale Nevin | 20 comments Finally Duiker catches up with Coltaine's army and the refugees.

Really cool chapter with fight scenes and clever battle tactics. So this is Coltaine's March. Tipping from the Map at the start of the book that Coltaine and his army make it a fair distance, maybe even all the way to safety?? Can't wait to find out!

Really not sure who I support in this war but I guess that is the appeal and craftiness of Erikson's writing style. Never sure who the baddies really are as in the end it all comes down to prospective and the story is told from all the different sides.

Paul (paul_sff) | 68 comments I had a slight hard time visualizing this battle at the beginning. Once I realized what Coltaine's strategy was, I understood it some.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Semk was trapped in the ice, and then devoured by something that the Warlocks controlled? Did they actually travel there or just kind of "see" it? I would imagine just see it.

I remember the ice being mentioned in the first book, one of the elder races being trapped in it. Do you guys remember what that was?

Alex Willis (fightingokra) | 71 comments This battle was a whirlwind in itself. Erikson has a knack for making a battle as chaotic as it would be in real life. The downside is keeping up with the confusion and chaos can be difficult at times.

The main thing I took from the chapter is that I like Coltaine a lot. He has taken a weak army and made them his fighting force. I wonder if this is what a young Whiskyjack might have been like. Coltaine seems well on his way to being revered as much as Whiskyjack is now. I am looking to the eventual showdown where Coltaine want to go one way while The Empress commands him to go another.

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
I agree, this was a very battle-heavy chapter which I guess is due to the build up for the end of this 'book' and the new beginning for 'book 3'. Whilst I am happy that Duiker is now caught up and with Coltaine I too had a few issues keeping track of everything. I did enjoy the battle and seeing them riding around and trying to outmanoeuvre the other side. I'm not a massive fan of battle strategy (just personal preference) as I often don't fully comprehend what's happening, and whilst that was the case for some of this chapter I also felt like I was able to see the drama and action, even if not the geographical or strategic layouts. I certainly think this is one of Erikson's strong points, being able to make scenes so exciting and vibrant and draw you into the blood and muck of it all.

As for the scene with the Warlocks and the Ice that was cool but very odd and like Paul I remembered some mention of the Elder Gods being trapped in Ice or something from GotM. I don't remember exactly what, but it's cool that there's a link there and I am sure that will continue to be the case the further through this I go!

It's great that everyone is taking part in the discussion still and I think separating out the chapters into single chapter threads is better as I feel like I have more of an overall and comprehensive appreciation of what is happening. Whilst I don't know what side I am rooting for, I know I like the characters and I look forward to seeing what happens with them all :)

I am certainly hoping to get a fair way through this book this week so next week I can focus on The Red Knight.

Paul (paul_sff) | 68 comments The only side I'm on is Kruppe's. I want to see him become Emperor lol. =)

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Paul wrote: "The only side I'm on is Kruppe's. I want to see him become Emperor lol. =)"

Haha YES :D

message 8: by Evan (last edited Feb 22, 2015 10:03AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Evan | 67 comments Without thinking too much on it, I'm pretty sure this is the first proper battle Erikson does in the series. Sure there was the battle of Pale in Gardens, but not in the boots on the ground, mostly encompassing way as this battle is. During the siege of Pale (beyond being oddly broken up in that weird flashback setup) Tattersail was kind of focused only on a few things, namely trying not to get killed haha.

But at this point, Erikson has it down, and crushes how to explore the course of a battle. And this one is one of the relatively weaker ones. There's a battle in the sixth book: The Bonehunters, and it's just...damn. That's all I'll say, damn.

And Erikson's always making me a bigger fan of Malazan sappers. Those beautiful, irreverent, hardcore, batshit insane, always carrying munitions that would incinerate them in a second, explosives experts.

Paul wrote: "I remember the ice being mentioned in the first book, one of the elder races being trapped in it. Do you guys remember what that was? "

Ice is most usually associated with the Jaghut.

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