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Deadhouse Gates (Malazan Book of the Fallen, #2)
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Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Discussion of Chapter 1 ONLY please, no spoilers for any other part of the book!

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Okay so chapter 1 is a really interesting set up chapter as we meet a few new characters and we also encounter a few of the characters from GotM.

I'm very intrigued by the characters of Mappo and Icarium as they seem to be pretty interested in demon-tracking and that's not something which I think many would willingly do. They start off watching an 'Aptorian' which they believe is some sort of demon-thing sent by Shadowthrone before the 'convergence'.
Now, this is just my thoughts, but if I were them and I saw something connected with Shadowthrone I am pretty sure I wouldn't stand and watch it so they must be pretty brave characters. I know Icarian is a 'Trell' although whether we have come across Trell before I can't remember? Apparently Mappo is a half-blood Jaghut which (correct me if I am wrong) is the same race as the Jaghut Tyrant they stopped in book 1... interesting that they are the same race, and I wonder if Mappo will be good or bad (or a bit of both like so many of Erikson's characters)
They also mentioned that the Aptorian is now a servant for the Sha'ik (a pet) and I wonder who the Sha'ik is and what they/it/he/she is doing in league with Shadowthrone (or maybe they stole the Aptorian...who knows?)
Later on when they are resting on the trail of the demon thing they get told about Shapeshifters and that sounds pretty cool! I can't remember if we met any shapeshifters before, but I think that will add an interesting dynamic to things because no one will have any idea who anyone or anything is if Shapeshifters become involved! :D
Also D'ivers is apparently also on the same trail as them and he's some sort of rat person? Is he a shapeshifter?
We also get talk about some sorts of Gates of Ascendancy and Icarium says something about 'if such a pathway exists then perhaps I shall find my answers' which begs the question answers to what exactly?
Also is this gate somewhere that Ascendants pass through to become Ascendants or is it a gate only used by them?
So many questions about those two characters!!

Next we learn that there is a new Fist and he's called Coltaine. We also see that he was originally banished by Laseen but now he's been called back as a replacement and I am interested to see if he's actually loyal to her or not.
Coltaine does seem pretty bad-ass in the way that he managed the uprising and I think he'll be pretty hard to beat if he's on the wrong side to some of the other characters...
We also see the Elder God of the Sea, Mallick Rel who has apparently got to his position by killing a lot of other people (another one we probably don't want to mess with!)

Moving on we then meet some of our old friends from book 1 again; Fiddler, Kalam, Crokus, and Apsala (who was Sorry) are on a boat and they're travelling to a coast before they start to travel overland for their plan (whatever it may be).
As they sail their boat suddenly comes under attack by a 'Soletaken dhenrabi' which is the shapeshifter mentioned before by Mappo and Icarium I believe? And it attacks them just because they happened to see it (but they kill it with a crossbow). It makes you wonder where was it travelling that even just seeing it meant that they had to die, or is this a race which is brutal and horrible all the time and just wanted to kill them for the sake of it?
Crokus is an inquisitive character and he wants to know what's going on and so we see that Kalam and Quick Ben have come up with some sort of plan which will allow them to KILL Laseen somehow (although how this is possible and what they plan for after she's dead I don't yet know!)

Overall there's a ton of new ideas and themes introduced here and knowing that Kalam's end goal is to kill Laseen is a great little tidbit. I think it's going to be pretty exciting to see what happens with that plotline as it develops and hopefully we'll see more about Mappo and Icarium and the Shapeshifters and Demons they follow...

Akshay (akshay_sauron) | 5 comments It is Icarium who is half blood Jaghut and Mappo is a trell.
There was also some mention of Icarium in the previous book. Ebooks come handy in such specific searches.

Evan | 67 comments Yes, Icarium is a half-blood Jaghut, similar to the Jaghut Tyrant from the first book. So he's half Jaghut, makes you wonder what the other half is.

Mappo and Icarium are a wondrous pair to say the least. Why these two are together, the answers Icarium seeks, just how hardcore they must be to not be too worried about the demons they trail, just scratches the surface of these two.

Yes Kaitlin, you have met shapeshifters before. Wink. But these shapeshifters don't exactly operate that way of making themselves look like other people.

D'ivers is another type of shapeshifter from Soletaken. The rat person's name is Ryllandaras, who I think is an extremely confusing character to understand the nature of.

And now we meet Coltaine...ho boy Coltaine.

That scene with Fiddler, Crokus, Aspalar and Kalam. If I recall, there's a moment where Kalam and Fiddler are able to communicate with eachother with just looks. I remember liking that alot, it really gave a sense of how long these two have known eachother, and how close they've gotten that they can communicate this way.

Paul (paul_sff) | 68 comments Interesting start to the story. Seems like everyone is converging on Seven Cities, including the non-humans. It looks like Kalam and Fiddler will be major characters, which is great because I like both of their personalities. A good rebellion story against an empire sounds like fun, but I have a feeling it won't go that smoothly.

Not sure what to think of Icarium and Mappo yet. I did really like the idea of a shapeshifter that was multiple wolves though. That's cool.

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