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Hello m8

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Maybe a couple who only like messages things like kissing and further and then one surprises the other by kissing the other and they get into it.

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So chars?

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Name, age, and appearance?

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Name: Landen Fletcher
Age: 21
Appearance: http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-rDS...

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Okay so setting?

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Modern day, own their own apartment?

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You first?

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Kinda like our rp. Just pretend she is typing like a kiss to him or something.

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Okay I will.

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Landed texted his beautiful women. "*kisses your bright face*" and waits for her response. They were even in the same room.

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"*wants you to take your pants off*"

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"I try."

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"What if today... I actually kiss you. Like your cheek."

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"I think that it'd be weird..."

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"So let's try?" He had never kissed a girl.

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"Really?!? *puzzled expression*"

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He puts the phone down. "Come here." He said and smiled. "I guess we can put the phones away."

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"This is weird."

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"Y-yeah." He gulped and bent towards her. "Here goes..."

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He kissed her cheek slightly. "And?"

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"But we are at our primes. Let's not stop here."

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"Like let's get naked maybe..."

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"Sorry." He grinned.

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He kissed her cheek.

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He moaned. "Whoa."

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He kisses her neck.

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"Did I do well?"

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He did it harder.

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He smiled. He sucked on her neck.

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He moaned.

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He nibbled her neck.

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He grinned.

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"Love you too."

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"I'm glad we are starting."

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"Should we go further?"

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He was breathing heavily. "Okay."

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"We have never done this..."

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"Very nervous.."

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"F-fine." He smiled.

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He kissed her neck. "Mmm."

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"Can we get undressed?"

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"Really?" He was in shock.

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"I'm just... Wow. Okay I'm ready."

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"Not really."

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He took off his shirt.

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He smiled and kissed her back.

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He smiled and pulled her closer.

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