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What if all the major Arcana are dead?

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 ■©atherine■ So I got this idea. If all the major Arcana were dead, would the game end? Like the last survivor kill him/herself. Is that even possible? I don't remember if this was mentioned in the book. Please tell me if you know something about this.

Sayan No, the last arcana becomes immortal up to the next game.

There is another path for ending the game. Evie shoud have the major role (Matto said 'she has the power, he knows'). And also 'Jack' might endanger the 'ending' (MAtto said 'beware the unhidden arcana') or to impede it

 ■©atherine■ So he/she can't even kill themselves. No matter what, they will remain immortal. I got it. Thank you. :)

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