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Trolling Poe Reveals
Michael Smorenburg Michael Jan 25, 2015 01:55AM
As the author of SKA@Carnarvon I am most flattered at the attempts to discredit the work with 1 star ratings by newly listed members of the Goodreads community.

As at writing this (January 25, 2015) there are 11 star ratings and 5 reviews.

The reviewers (long standing members of Goodreads) with multiple book reviews on other titles, each give "SKA@Carnarvon - War in the Bible Belt" either 5 or 4 stars with motivations as to why... (thank you).
Then there are 4 x 1-star ratings from recent (this month) members who have only just joined, not rated any other books, and given 1 star without motivating comments... thank you for your contributions, Meeme Mann, Donald, Franco Cimann, and Steven... your antics provide excellent publicity by juxtaposing rave reviews with mindless prayers that my book will go away.

Notably... "Meeme Mann" who is a cloned profile of my own "Meme Mann" (spot the extra "ee" in name) research pseudonym... details here:
This impostor dogged me for ages during research with that cloned profile.

and... Franco Ciman (1 x "n") who is an actual person that has befriended me on Facebook gave a 5-star... while someone calling himself Franco Cimann (2 x "nn"s) gave a 1-star... Odd that :-)

How very flattering that you lads are taking time out of your busy days to make up new profiles and try to dissuade readers.

Klaus (last edited Jan 31, 2015 05:29AM ) Jan 31, 2015 05:27AM   0 votes
Is this for real?
How is it that the readers who actually reviewed the book all gave it 4 stars and 5 stars?
Yet the one star readers - where I would expect a harsh comment, say nothing? And all appear in January this year, some clearly impersonating an identity linked to the author or cloning names of people who did review it - and gave it a good rating?
I personally do not think this is fair, nor is it in the interests of the reading community.
Someone out there appears to be targeting Michael Smorenburg...that being the case, why don't they (or he or she) come out and actively take part in a debate? Perhaps frightened that they will exposed for being imposters?
I certainly hope this does not happen to me...
The Goodreads admins should take note of this - it is, simply put, lower than shark shit...

Michael Smorenburg What is revealing, Klaus - is that at Amazon - where one has to actually have a legitimate profile with a credit card attached and one purchase under ...more
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