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Here it is. I have a quick idea if you're interested? Just a mother and his 8 year old boy. It's not very long at all.

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I didn't want to give away anything, so could you just follow. And then after we're done, we can move on to a more serious one.

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Yay, thanks))

Jason was walking down the sidewalk with his mother. One hand was holding hers while the other held his ice cream cone. They would go out and get ice cream all the time. After taking a couple more licks, he looked up and smiled at her

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"Yeah" he said happily as they turned the corner and continued walking. "The ice cream is really yummy" he told her with a childish laugh. In the distance, police sirens can be heard, and from the sound of it, they were getting closer

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Just then a car smashes into another, causing a bad wreck. One could hear the awful sound of crushing metal and glass. The cops soon followed. The men in the car got out with guns and began opening fire at the cops. It was a terrible gunfight. Jason just looked in horror and fear

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Jason was holding his stomach, crying softly. "M-Mommy.." He said weakily as the blood began to seep through his shirt. A bullet ricochet and hit him in the crossfire

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He couldn't hold himself up anymore. He was getting weak and he practically fell, his head laying on her lap. "I'm scared.." he told her weakly and started to cry a little more from the pain, but his eyes never left hers though. Soon his whimpering and crying started to fade and his grip on her hand was slipping.

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His eyes teared up once again, "M-Mo-Mommy" he said as the tears finally fell, but they soon stopped along with his breathing. He laid lifeless in her arms with his eyes glued to her face

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Soon after, everything calmed and the guys were killed by the police. No one else was imjured. The ambulance finally showed up

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((Great job. I liked it even though it was a little emotional :) ))

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((Well, that's all that I have for now. You have an idea?))

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((I might have one))

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Maybe two friends who have been friends basically all their life. Their senior year of high school and a fire breaks out, destroying the school. He actually saves her life but was badly burned in the process. Now he can no longer talk and uses sign language to talk to her

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Yay. And for the record, that randomly popped in my head lol

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It's ok I got this lol

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Yeah. quick question. Do we start before or after the fire?

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Well it's almost six am here and I'm really tired. Can we continue this later?

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I'm back if you're on

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