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The Emperor's Blades (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, #1)
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Mikhail | 3 comments Hi! This is a book I read some time in the past three years or so. Unfortunately I don't have a clue as to what the title is or who the author is.
The book was mainly about two guys, and they were princes (I think they were brothers) one of the brothers was sent to a monastery or something in order to learn to be a better ruler. While the other was sent to train to be a warrior (I think in order to protect the other). The warrior brother joined an elite group, that had their own island to train. he went through a lot of training, learning to fight, sneak, assassinate, as well as to fly on large birds ( I think they were called Kestral, but I'm not sure). SPOILERS NEXT. So the one thing I remember with certainty is that the warrior brother had a test where he had to enter an underground cave system with the other recruits, and they had to find the eggs of the monsters that lived underneath the island (I can't remember if it was required, but the guy ate one of the eggs and gained the ability to see in the dark(?)). Another part is that their dad was assassinated so the warrior brother flew off to try and save the monk brother (the monk brother is the heir to the throne) while their sister (?) took charge of the country and sent warriors to help the monk brother as well.
I don't know if that helps, but I hope someone can help me find this book. Thanks!

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Mikhail | 3 comments That's the book! Thank you!!

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Mikhail | 3 comments Ummm, not sure what else to do. So I changed the name to SOLVED. Thanks again!

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Kokomomomo | 62 comments Glad to help! I added it to my TBR recently and the sibling constellation seemed familiar - of course now I want to read it *right now*.

If you can, it would be great if you could move the thread to the "solved" folder, too. :)

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