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Weird but have to admit I'm really enjoying it. Did you?

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Meghna What did you think about this book?

Deanna (A Novel Glimpse) I thought it was good. The pictures that went along with story were really what made the book for me.

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Meghna Deanna, I am halfway through the book and am enjoying it. read the reviews which totally put me off but thought about giving it a go anyway. I think I like it because its very different from what I usually read. I should mention I'm not into horror at all. Plus the pictures, like you say, make the book so much better.

Deanna (A Novel Glimpse) I'm definitely not into horror either. I really just grabbed the book when I saw the cover, read the jacket and flipped through the book. I would be interested to see if you want to read the sequel, Hollow City, when you finish. Even though I liked the first one, I just can't bring myself to read it and I'm not quite sure why. I think I need to get the first one back out and read the last chapter again. Maybe that would motivate me.

Maia saggers honestly i loved this book and i read it super quick especially for me as im quite a slow reader like deanna i still havent read hollow city i dont know why i just havent felt the urge to buy it i just feel like the ending already wraps most of it up and i dont want to be disappointed by the second book

Kristienne I think that though the concept was quite intriguing, the book itself was quite slow moving, and it was the photographs that basically motivated me to read more.

Alaska Young i really liked it i grabbed it thinking it was like back stories about the photos like scary stories kinda but it was awesome

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Robyn I have to say that I wasn't crazy about this book at all. I am a thirty-something that enjoys YA literature. This book just didn't do it for me. It was slow-going and I didn't connect with any of the characters. The protagonist was very whiny and didn't have too many redeeming qualities. I don't plan to read the sequel. I actually just started reading Game of Thrones and am enjoying that so far.

Creaturecare8 I loved it! It was a little creepy, but very mysterious and AWESOME! Hope everyone loved it as much as me!

Danielle I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I am currently reading Hollow City, and I like it a lot. What initially drew me in were the antique photos, and I was really excited to learn that most of the photos were from the author's private collection.

Alicia I actually thought this book was pretty boring and not even creepy. I am surprised that Tim Burton is making a movie about it because it just doesn't seem creepy enough for his style. Maybe the movie will bring it out more. Plus I think the photo tie ins felt forced. Not planning on reading the second one.

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Meghna Just finished the book and can say 'I loved it'. I like his writing style, the pictures are used to perfection making the story all the more interesting. Defo read Hollow City!

Katherine Yes, I did enjoy reading this book, have not read the 2nd one yet and may not. Once I found out the why and what I was satisfied.

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I liked it, it was a good read and the photos added an interesting touch (although, some of them gave me the creeps a little bit when i read it alone at home at night). But i do feel a little bit like deanna, i'm not sure if i'll read hollow city, i really don't like war stories

Ellie May I enjoyed this book. It really kept me on the edge of my seat! I didn't realize it was a YA novel until about halfway through! The found photographs are very creepy and at times disturbing. A very gripping read.

That said, I don't feel inclined to read the sequel. Perhaps one day I will. But moving on to other things felt like a more natural progression than reading further.

Linda Fast Robyn wrote: "I have to say that I wasn't crazy about this book at all. I am a thirty-something that enjoys YA literature. This book just didn't do it for me. It was slow-going and I didn't connect with any of t..."

I thought this was a young teen novel but I'm 53 and loved both books. I am looking forward to the third novel.

Julia I loved this book and I wasn't expecting that. I am anxiously awaiting the third!

MJ Codename: ♕Duchess♕ I enjoyed it. It was a bit creepy but there's nothing horror about it. Looking forward to reading the second one at some point.

MaddyLeeReads I thought the book was a bit slow and boring but I loved the concept of the story. It is interesting but the writing kind of bored me.

message 20: by Kay (last edited Jan 30, 2015 10:32AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kay This book turned out to be more than what I expected it to be. It was really good!! The pictures were so interesting and made the story better.

message 21: by Lev (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lev I LOVE IT! The romance was the only weird thing about it but honestly who cares overall its great.

Melissa H I read both books and truly enjoyed them. They were weird and the pictures were creepy but I thought that the story was well written. It deviated from other YA novels and that is what made it enjoyable to read. I'm waiting for the third book to come out!

message 23: by Sara (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sara I found myself torn, some chapters I couldn't put it down, others seemed a little hard to get through. But I loved the creativity and it was really a good read when you judge it as a whole. The pictures really help you visualize the characters and you see them as you read.

Libscigrl Finished this yesterday, and would say to that I am torn. I love the concept...of the loops and time travel, but feel that I needed a little bit more explanation to completely wrap my head around it all. I found most of the pictures a neat addition, but felt some he stretched a bit (picture of the back of a girl's head is who he determined to have "backmouth"). I felt it straddled the line too much between true fantasy and reality and that was hard for me (I'm supposed to believe that these peculiar children can fight off these crazy 3 tongued hollow monsters and wights with guns??). However, I did like that only Jacob could see the wights, what the wights were or were implied (especially at the end with the submarine!). I was annoyed with Jacob's parents, but loved the love story with him and Emma. Not sure if I will read any of the follow ups....my fave peculiar though was Olive...how fun to be weightless!

Heidi Titsworth I loved the book so much I let my daughter read it. And now she is on the second book which is even better! She takes it to school and her friends take turns reading a chapter at lunch per day. This book is so imaginative and creative. One of my (and my daughters) favorites!

Melinda Friesen I agree with Deanna. Loved the pictures and the concept. The book was good, but not a "wow" read or me. I can't say I'll rush out and get the second in the series.

Amber Macgregor I really loved this book. It's very eerie and evocative, as well as being historical, modern and a spine tingler. I am currently re-reading and will then read Hollow City which I hear is fantastic.

message 28: by Shawna (last edited Feb 10, 2015 05:49AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Shawna Cañizares I already have the books but I just cannot read it. It seems scary and all those pictures are creeping me out. But I guess I'll read it this summer .

Linda Fast Anyatama wrote: "I did enjoy it to the very last.Amazing idea but i wanted to see more pictures..How was the 2nd book any idea.??I havn't read it."

Anyatama wrote: "I did enjoy it to the very last.Amazing idea but i wanted to see more pictures..How was the 2nd book any idea.??I havn't read it."

I thought the second book was good and am looking forward to reading the 3rd when it is published.

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Meghna I'm looking forward to reading the second book now!

Victoria S. I really liked this book. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel. I also bought Talking Pictures.

The concept of creating a story around a bunch of random photos is intriguing. But I am an old photo aficionado and have considered doing what the author and friend did, buy old photos in second hand stores and antique shops. Not to build a novel around, but just because I like them.

Maybe I'll put A Spool of Blue Thread aside for now and read Hollow City.

message 32: by Nola (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nola Byrum Weirdest book i've ever read, but still good!

Wait, theres a second one?!

Victoria S. The sequel isn't as good. A Spool of Blue Thread was much better. I didn't care for Hollow City at all. Felt like the author was racing for the finish line and creating obstacles like those in a video game. I loved Miss Peregrine.

Donna Krebs I thought it started out to be a one of a kind book -nicely STRANGE. But, the farther I got into it seemed like just another version of the x-men. I just know that each of the kids will use their special talents to save the day! I don't want to spend time reading something that may be predictable but I am really worried about Miss Peregrine!

Victoria S. I don't watch the X-Men movies. I think I saw one or two several years ago, so I wasn't really aware of the similarities. I did enjoy the book. Loved the photos and the story behind them and thought using them to construct a story was very cool and original. But the sequel reads like a video game, to me, for some reason. Not nearly as good as Miss Peregrine.

Isabelle The book and the movie were really different and really good I can,t decide which one I liked better.

message 37: by Ruby (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ruby It really pulls you in and the MC is very relatable. It also has a certain originality to it, despite having a very typical plot on the surface level.

message 38: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori I liked this series. Second book was my favorite. Always a fan of stories with super powers (X-men, Gakuen Alice) and the horror and historical elements really helped to make it stand out.

Wasn't thrilled with the ending. Wrapped up too nicely for me.

Whitechoc10001 I loved this book I have red the next one and now I need the third. It is very good and weird. I love it.

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