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Your worst fear is...
A. Losing
B. Not knowing the answer
C. Being known as a liar
D. War
E. Being unable to help someone

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Your best extracurricular activity is..
A. Debate team
B. Mathletes
C. Soccer
D. gardening club
E. Volunteering

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Your ideal boyfriend is..
A. Athletic
B. Kind
C. Selfless
D. Honest
E. Smart

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E or B

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Pick one

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Your favorite body part is...
A. Your brain
B. Your muscles
C, your heart
D. Your mouth
E. Hands

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Alright thank you.

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Quick question. After this what do i? Like choosing ceremony and all that

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You Rp in your faction and school until I announce choosing ceremony

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Kk, thx

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M.jones | 1 comments C. Being known as a liar

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Um can I help you

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