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Okay. Ready?

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments ~a girl is a loser and always wears long clothing since she is a Christian because her father is a priest at the church. A guy is a player and a jock. His parents are spilt up and he lived with his mom. His friends always make fun of her and she doesn't care. He got in trouble one day and had to start tutoring kids and had to join the school play. The would mean he had to work with the girl on there parts.he soons tarts to fall in love with her and when his friends are rude to her he beats them up. But of course he is rude some days when they aren't t in love.

~I want to be the girl

~be active

~let me know if you have to leave

~no one liners

~have fun

~this plot is from the movie, a walk to remember

A walk to remember movie synopses:
The popular but rebellious Landon Carter (Shane West) is threatened with expulsion from school after a friend of his suffers serious injury resulting from a diving accident. The head of the school gives Landon the choice of being expelled from school or atoning for endangering his friend by tutoring fellow students and being in the class play.

At these functions, he gets to know Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), a girl he has seen around since kindergarten and who has attended many of the same classes as him. Since he's one of the in-crowd, he has seldom paid any attention to Jamie who wears two modest dresses all the time and owns only one sweater. She makes no attempt to wear make-up or otherwise improve her looks or attract attention to herself. One of her ambitions is to actually read the 100 great American authors' books recommended by her English teacher.

When Landon has trouble learning his lines for the school play, he asks Jamie for help. He knows she's very religious and probably won't say no because it wouldn't be Christian to do so. Landon and Jamie begin practicing together at her house after school. They get to know each other and a spark of affection arises between them. However, Jamie warns Landon not to fall in love with her.

On the opening night of the play, Jamie astounds Landon and the entire audience with the beauty of her voice and of herself, finally wearing some makeup for the stage. Subsequent to the play, their friendship deepens into love and they become very devoted to each other. Landon dedicates most of his time to her, leaving his old friends behind.

When Landon asks Jamie what her plans for the future are, she confesses she isn't making any because she has leukemia which is resistant to treatment. After getting over the shock of learning the gravity of her condition, Landon proposes marriage to her and they fulfill her lifelong dream of being married in her father's church. Jamie dies a few months after the wedding. Landon is eventually accepted into medical school and pursues his dreams.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments Charries or just jump in?

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What's charries

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments Name: London carter



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Name: jamie sullivan

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments Have you seen the movie?

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Nope :(

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments Oh okay wanna start

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Er, I don't really know where

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments I will start

~London awoke and got in the shower getting dressed. He had went downstairs and eats some breakfast kissing his mothers forehead. He had lived with his mom since his dad divorced her. He hears his friends car beep and runs goes outside and says"hey man that party was fun last night"

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Jamie awoke and brushed her hair. She sighs quietly. She hugs her dad and her mom and grabs her big bulky backpack and heads outside to walk to school.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments ~He got to school and flirted with some girls and headed off to his locker with his friends. He saw the schools jets girl who was Jamie. He laughed and says"hey Jamie nice butt" he only did it to piss her off. He and his friend burst out laughing.

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Jamie's ears turned red "shut up" she says quietly to him. She sniffs and then opens her locker and takes out the book Romeo and Juliet. "Who do you think you are " she says biting her lip

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments ~he laughed and says"who you think I am" he glared at her then walked off to class with his friends. They got in class and sat in the back. He smiled and looked at the board.((sorry I have school but getting out soon))

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(Blizzard where I live)
Jamie took out her books and sat in the front, as usual. She smiles hoping he's not in her class today, but turns around only to see him.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments ((Do you live in Philadelphia)

~He smiled and looked at her and winked. He then started to crack jokes and the teacher scowled at him. He ignored her

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Jamie turned around and sunk into her chair. The teacher gave her a smile. She was a straight A+ student.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments London was a smart guy just acted dumb. The teacher says"mr carter go to the principals" London smiled and got up and walked out slamming the door

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Jamie saw london walk out and asked to go to the bathroom. She was aloud to. She really followed London quietly

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments London looked behind him and saw her and says"so I'm getting followed by a nerd. He laughs and sits down on the ground in the hallway.

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Jamie held her head up "I'm as much as a nerd as much as you a cute guy." Jamie raised an eyebrow at him. "So, not that much"

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments He frowned and says"what do you even want with me?" He looked at her. He had a hard time at home he lived with his mother and she didn't have much money.

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Jamie gave him a smile "I kind of wanted to see why you were being sent to the principals office" she raises an eyebrow

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments He rolled his eyes and got up and walked into the office and to the principal who yelled at him then told him he would have to do tutoring and be in the schools musical play.

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Jamie stood outside her mouth open wide. She was in the school play. "Oh no" she groaned. "No! Not this year!"

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments He says"no I have other things I could be doing" he frowned and looked at the principals who says"oh well cancel them" he frowned and stomps off.

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Jamie runs away before he can open the door. She trips over her foot and her books scatter the floor

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments He saw her and bent down to help her pick them up. He says"it's dangerous to run in the hallway

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Riley looks at him "t-thanks" she says tucking the hair behind her ears "and I know. I just need to get away" she gets up


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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments London nodded and went to his friends making up a lie of how he made her fall. ((Riley?))

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Jamie bites the inside of her cheeks and goes to the bathroom to read in peace. She walks out as the guys walk by

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments They laugh at her and some girls roll their eyes at her. He goes to lunch.

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Jamie says "s-see you later, London" jamie walks to lunch

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments London didn't say anything. He got to lunch and laughed with his friends

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Jamie frowns and sits alone at lunch. She takes out Romeo and Juliet smiling.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments He laughed and they joked around. Some girl cake to sit on his lap but she wasn't his girlfriend.

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Jamie looks over at London and the girl and quickly turned away. She took out her book

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments He drunk some alcohol that the girl snuck in. He smiled

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Jamie looked at the alcohol. She struggled to keep from telling them to stop being rebels

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments He laughed and kissed the girl who smiled and kissed him

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Jamie clenched her jaw "look away. Look away" she told herself but she had to stare

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments The girl saw her and stool out her middle finger and rolled her eyes

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Jamie clenched her jaw harder. That was the last straw. She walked over, trying to be calm

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments No one had noticed her. He was to busy drink and laughing

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Jamie took the bottle out of his hand "do you want to get in more trouble?"

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments H looked "at her"who are you to tell me what to do"

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Jamie stood there taken back " well, do you wanna get in more trouble than doing the play with me? Then I guess you should continue" she placed the bottle on the table

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) | 631 comments His friends looked at him for answers. He sighed and says"I need a break" he pushed the girl off of him and walked away

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