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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) I'm just now joining the group, but I successfully completed my climb last year. Actually, I double my original Pike's Peak goal. But this year, I'm aiming for Pike's Peak again, at least initially.

And I'm off to a pretty good start already.

1. Zero-Degree Murder by M. L. Rowland

2. The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

3. Scene of the Climb by Kate Dyer-Seeley

message 2: by Jessika (new)

Jessika (jessika_56) Great job so far!

message 3: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) Thanks so much. I need to get a good start since later in the year, my TBR pile is loaded with books I've bought that year.

message 4: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) I've got my fourth book in for the year.

Geared for the Grave by Duffy Brown:

message 5: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 5. A Tine to Live, a Tine to Die by Edith Maxwell

message 6: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 6. Hearse and Buggy by Laura Bradford

7. Buttercream Bump Off by Jenn McKinlay

message 7: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 8. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein

9. Death is Like a Box of Chocolates by Kathy Aarons

message 8: by Jessika (new)

Jessika (jessika_56) Great job, almost there!

message 9: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) Thanks! And even faster than last year! I might be tempted to go for the next level, but I am afraid that as the year goes along, I will get more and more distracted by books published this year.

message 10: by Jessika (new)

Jessika (jessika_56) Yeah, I know what you mean. But a strong start does help!

message 11: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) Believe me, I am not complaining. :)

message 12: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 10. Buried in a Bog by Sheila Connolly

message 13: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 11. Wouldn't It Be Deadly by D. E. Ireland

message 14: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 12. Fantastic Family Whipple by Matthew Ward

13. Truth Be Told by Hank Phillippi Ryan

message 15: by Jessika (new)

Jessika (jessika_56) Yay! You finished Pikes Peak!

message 16: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) Thanks! I guess I set my sights too low. I'll keep climbing and see just how high up I can get.

message 17: by Bev (new)

Bev | 601 comments Mod
Congrats on making Pike's Peak! See you on the next mountain!

message 18: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) Thank you!

message 19: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 14. A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton

(I listened to the audio, but I do own the book as well and have for years.

message 20: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 15. Snow White Red-Handed by Maia Chance

16. Lullaby Town by Robert Crais

message 21: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 17. Bless Her Dead Little Heart by Miranda James

message 22: by Bev (new)

Bev | 601 comments Mod
Getting close to the next peak!

message 23: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) Inching closer, but I am getting there. Thanks, Bev.

My next inch.

18. The Hero's Guide to Storming the Castle by Christopher Healy

message 24: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 19. The Chocolate Clown Corpse by JoAnna Carl

message 25: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 20. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

message 26: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 21. Red Velvet Revenge by Jenn McKinlay

message 27: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 22. The Hero's Guide to Being an Outlaw by Christopher Healy

message 28: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 23. A Skeleton in the Family by Leigh Perry

message 29: by Bev (new)

Bev | 601 comments Mod
One more to the top!

message 30: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) And I've actually finished it. I need to get the review posted.

message 31: by Bev (new)

Bev | 601 comments Mod

message 32: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) 24. Going, Going Ganache by Jenn McKinlay

message 33: by Bev (new)

Bev | 601 comments Mod
Two peaks done!

message 34: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) Yep! I like setting challenges low in case something comes up that cuts into my reading time, but it is always nice to exceed them.

message 35: by Jessika (new)

Jessika (jessika_56) Nice job!

message 36: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) Thank you!

message 37: by Bev (new)

Bev | 601 comments Mod
Back for more in 2016?

message 38: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) Of course. I haven't started signing up for 2016 reading challenges yet, but this is one I definitely plan to tackle again.

message 39: by Bev (new)

Bev | 601 comments Mod
Mark wrote: "Of course. I haven't started signing up for 2016 reading challenges yet, but this is one I definitely plan to tackle again."


message 40: by Bev (new)

Bev | 601 comments Mod
Mark--don't feel bad about not being able to fit your titles to my little fill-in-the-blank option on the wrap-up post. Just bask in the accomplishment of climbing Pike's Peak!

message 41: by Mark (new)

Mark Baker (carstairs38) Thanks! I tried. I really, truly did because I thought it would be fun. Maybe next year.

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